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Old Feb 28th, 2014, 11:30 AM
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Might as well...

Name: Sylvia Loton

Race: Human

Class: Mighty Godling/Barbarian

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: But seriously, she is a girl >_<Male


Sylvia is a bastard child of the dead god of war. For the longest time she has lived a "normal" human life, serving as either a mercenary of a personal guard to one king or another. Her relations with her father were strained to say the least, her wanting little to do with him, and him disliking a girl, even if his own daughter being a warrior capable of besting any of his mortal champions.

Why Compete for the Title of God? Now that my father is dead, ill have his throne. Ill show the world that a woman's place is not in the home. I will be the new goddes of war!

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Old Mar 1st, 2014, 12:01 PM
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Name: Jacob Grace (and Jackson Dance, an eidolon)

Race: human

Class: Oracle of Life / Summoner / Shadowdancer

Alignment: CG

Gender: male


Jacob is a gladiator fighter, but rather than putting himself in the arena, he pits his eidolon, Jackson Dance, against foes. Sometimes that is not allowed, so he enters his eidolon in his place, or cheats by pretending his eidolon is a person, and he is a sidekick or manager. His style is to entertain as much as to win, to showcase combat as an art form. That still makes him deadly as well as artistic.

But this is not just artistry or trickery -- it is part of Jacob's Philosophy of War. Combat is an art. Death is an evil. The perfect combatant fights and wins without killing. Melee should be like Dance: graceful, beautiful, stunning. Life is the ultimate good, fighting is a way to celebrate joy in life, and all conflict should be resolved by nonlethal means.

That's why Jacob is a summoner. Summoned creatures never die. They just go back home. Failing that, merciful weapons and magics, nonlethal attacks, and similar means are the best way to win a war. He is a Life Oracle as an expression of that respect for Life. He is a Shadowdancer because dancing is his life, and because sometimes a graceful exit into the shadows is the best way to resolve conflict.

Why Compete for the Title of God? Because the multiverse needs a God of War who does not delight in death, who is as much concerned with art as with conflict.

PC Sheet Links Added Secretly:

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Old Mar 19th, 2014, 01:36 AM
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right-aligned image

Name: Manaxus Tarbraxian
Race: Oni-spawn Tiefling
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male
Background: The result of an overly-ambitious union between a power-hungry Oni and a Tiefling looking to get closer to the fiends of old, Manaxus inherited all the cruelty, ambition and viciousness of both of his 'parents'.

Abandoned by those self-same parents at a young age as he became a burden on their designs, he grew strong on the fears of others. He enjoyed the look of revulsion given to him by most beings he encounters. Manaxus views most other beings as pawns in whatever game he is currently playing, fit to be cruelly used and then destroyed on a whim.

He sees that his parents were blinded by there ambition and failed to recognise the threat from other angles. That threat was Manaxus himself. They believed him dead, but were proved fatally wrong as both were beaten and strangled to death.

Why Compete for the Title of God? War is ugly, war is violent, War is domination, War is personal. Manaxus is all these things. He brings war to you, whether you like it or not. You will submit to him, even as your last, choked breath leaves your lungs.
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