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Old May 19th, 2014, 02:41 PM
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Pile of Heroes

People go here! The sheet code is [SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet"][INDENT][NSHEET]38965[/NSHEET][/INDENT][/SPOILERBUTTON] with the number of your sheet in that 5 digit slot.
Link back to the intro thread and all that important stuff is here.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
A satyr rises in the morning, and hangs the coffee mug on his horns, so that he won't lose it.
The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.
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Old May 19th, 2014, 09:51 PM
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Sheet status: Should be complete


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Old May 19th, 2014, 10:47 PM
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Character Sheet

Application Skeleton
left-aligned image
Name: Gabrielle Gafferton, the Incorrigible Skeptic
Age: 23
Gender: Pink.
Cool Thing: The Player's Handbook. "Huh? Oh, this? I've only got it because I need to know what everybody's skills do. It's not like I'm interested in this game or anything."
Background: "Well y'see, Bonnie and I.."

Personality: "Humph."

Other Info: "Wait, are those my reading glasses? I need those! Gimme!"




RP Sample: "Show me ya moves!"

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Old May 20th, 2014, 01:19 PM
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Name: Teresa "Terri" Acciai
Age: 19
Gender: Terri is too a girl's name!
Cool Thing: Her semi-acoustic guitar. (This can be played with or without an amp, though without one it is notably less loud than a standard acoustic guitar.)

Personality: Terri is passionate and enthusiastic, but impatient and perhaps a little flighty. The way she sees it, if something isn't working out, it's better to shift gears and try something else, rather than wasting time and effort on something futile. That usually doesn't mean she'll abandon a task or project entirely; rather she'll try different methods or angles, sometimes without giving one approach time to succeed before dismissing it and moving on to something else. Despite her somewhat rash personality, Terri is actually fairly book-smart. She's pretty good at memorizing details, doing math problems, working out logic puzzles, that sort of thing.

Terri tends to be very open with her feelings, whether good or bad, which is a big part of why she's had a hard time holding down a job. She's very supportive, even protective, of her friends, applying the mentality of a big sister even to people quite a bit older than her.

Other Info: Despite her musical background/obsession, Terri has never played a bard.

Hero Name: FalaschiHero Race: Satyri
Hero Stats: 22 year old male, Lawful Good
Class: Paladin all the way
Appearance: A little on the short side, but stocky and fairly muscular. Tanned skin, mostly white fur and hair with some light brown patches. Very bright green eyes.

Other Info: Like many of Terri's characters, Falaschi sometimes goes out of his way to incorporate song lyrics poetry and scriptures into his speech. His theme song is Kind Hearted Light, by Masterplan. Build-wise, the ability to subdue enemies non-lethally will be a priority.

RP Sample:
Constantly updating my custom pathfinder races for my Ascana setting, would love thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism!

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Old May 20th, 2014, 02:40 PM
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Name: Miles Abercroft
Age: 15
Gender: Blue
Cool Thing: Miles' complete collection of Bone Comics, colored editions, with which he is obsessed. His ADHD means he often likes to read the comic while doing other things, like gaming.
Background: Bugged the group long enough by dropping in on their sessions that they let him join to shut him up.
Personality: Talks way too much, even when it's not in his best interest, but quite good with smartaleck comments. Very ADHD, prone to sudden leaps of logic/interest, depending on how exciting things are to him at the moment.
Other Info: Miles is 5'1" (his parents keep telling him he's just a "late bloomer") and weighs a skinny 95 pounds. Pasty white skin, brown-red hair and freckles, Miles has never had a date in his life, nor is he likely to any time soon. Pops his knuckles when he gets nervous.

Hero Name: Delara
Hero Race: Gremlin
Hero Stats: 14 (not sure how long gremlins live for), Female, Chaotic.. Good(-ish)
Class: Rogue (Chameleon Archetype) 3/Sorcerer (Maestro Bloodline) 1
Appearance: As gremlins go, pretty feminine. Curvy hips, decent-sized chest, full lips, etc. Still mostly average build though, especially compared to a Satyri. Skin is a pale green, with Sandy hair.
Background: She's in it for the shinies and the excitement. Offer her either of those and she can be trusted to do what's needed.
Other Info: Generally will act like her player, unless Miles suddenly sees a reason to exploit her gender to distract NPCs, in which case he will be as obvious about this as you can imagine any teenage boy playing a girl character would be. This will get extremely awkward for Miles though, when he becomes "her."
Characters: Julia, Saru

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