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Old Aug 18th, 2015, 07:05 PM
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Character Creation

This is the place for any mechanics or implementation discussions necessary to build any new characters or modify existing ones. If you're keeping everything the same, you can just tell me here that you will be making no changes.

This will also be where discussion of the nature of friendly NPCs (including hired help and cohorts) takes place.

Character Stats
  • ECL 8. You may replace one or two character levels with CR+ of templates if you wish. Don't use CR+0 templates.
  • Race builder races are allowable - I'd prefer you don't use more than 12 points, but if you want to use more, I'll treat it as a template of either CR + 1 or CR + 2 (my call depending on how the racial stats stack up)
  • 30 point-buy stats. Remember the +1 stat bonuses at level 4 and (if you have 8 class levels) level 8.
  • Choose to either take max on the first HD and roll the remainder or to take average (3.5 on a d6, 4.5 on a d8, 5.5 on a d10, 6.5 on a d12) on all starting hit dice. Regardless of which you pick, you will roll the HD for all levels gained later. If you roll, you can't then choose to go back and take the average.
    • I'll do the math for you. The chances are slightly better than 50% that you'll roll more HP than taking the average, because with that method you get max on the first hit die. But if you don't want to gamble and suspect the Dicelords have it in for your character, the option is there for you.
  • Choose one trait.
  • Note the thread in Information pertaining to Pathfinder characters - specifically, the stats for low and high nobility among humans.
  • I've decided we'll use the fast XP progression.
  • Standard gold. I will give unique family heirloom items to each PC as soon as I know enough about each to do so, as it looks like who a character's family is (and/or was) is going to be important for all PCs.
    • You'll get to pick from three options. Each results in a different ancestry detail which your character may or may not know themselves, but which ties them to the lore of the Inheritance in a different way.
    • Most of these items are wondrous-item type objects which have both an active effect which can be used once per day and a passive effect while carried or worn.
    • If you're not changing your character appreciably, you can keep the item options from the first time around (even the very item you went with the first time). If you are making changes, I'll spin up a new set.
  • More helpful info as I remember to add it, prompted or otherwise.
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Old Aug 19th, 2015, 12:16 PM
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Pretty sure Gav's gonna stay the same. I don't remember what his item was though. I have to find it in the forum.

Already had the leadership feat, so can get the driver cohort without rearranging Gav's mechanics.
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