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Old Aug 27th, 2013, 01:02 AM
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Darren gave the party a few seconds warning before he jerked the steam wagon to a halt, peering out at the figures in the blackness as he wondered, "Hmm... I wonder what the best way to take care of this problem is... ya know, I may be crazy, but... this here machine is pretty nice, though it can use a little fixin'... what say we take this machine, and ram it into their faces? It ain't like we bought it. We're just, ah, returnin' it to 'em, lawful-like."

Dice Initiative:
1d20+2 (20)+2 Total = 22
You call THIS a sidequest?

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Old Sep 30th, 2013, 06:47 PM
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I've been dreading doing this, as I hate to see a game go under. But it seems clear that such is the case here. We've lost most of the players, and poor Darren has been waiting over a month to see what else happens here. Without other actions to go by, I submit a prologue.

With the light of dawn glinting off of the steam-wagon, Darren drove the machine barreling into the handful of men below. Both Madeline and Delth lept from the tumbling machine before it picked up much speed, while Jeremiah made sure his goggles were fastened tightly and braced for impact.

The anarchists fired at the Steam Engine as it raced down on them, a trail of dust filling the air in its decent amongst the pings of ricochet and futile shots. Gun fire from the hill where Madeline and Delth had recovered pierces the largest man, who spins and roars in pain as one of Delth's shots catches him in the arm just below the shoulder, but he refuses to drop. He jumps free from the raging machine, tumbling through the dust beneath the iron supports of the bridge that towers above. One of the men, however, has nowhere to run as he is crushed between the Steam Wagon and the support beam. The bridge groans loudly above from the impact, but doesn't give the slightest hint of movement.

Jarred by the impact, Darren tries to recover his senses. It's difficult to see through the blood that trickles down his forehead. In the collision he seems to have collided with the dashboard, but the injury is surface level at best. Grabbin Severance, he kicks open the door beside him and leaps down into the dust beneath the shadow of the bridge. Jeremiah, who was braced and ready, is already out of the wagon and chasing one of the men who desperately races for one of the bombs already fastened to the great iron supports. The man is caught from behind by a wild leap from the widowman, and the two tumble through the dirt and sagebrush in a cloud of dust.

Another of the anarchists races for the other side of the bridge, but with another ring of shots from up on the hill he drops almost instantly to the dirt. Madeline's shot catches him through the neck and buries itself in the hill beyond him. The figure lays still almost instantly.

Darren is forced to duck beneath a wild, flailing hammer, which crashes into the side of the steam engine with a resounding gong. The large man, who has abandoned his weapon is shaken by the impact but quickly wheels it around for another pass. Thinking quickly, Darren kicks the man's legs out beneath him, sending the giant crashing into the dirt with his mallet colliding a few inches from where Darren stands. Meanwhile, Jeremiah continues to tumble with his own adversary. Head-over-heels the two roll down the hillside before coming to rest against an outcropping of rocks only yards away from a cliff edge. The man swings weakly at the widowman, he grabs the fist in midair, crushing it beneath his own grip before headbutting the man. The anarchist falls unconscious as Jeremiahs head swims from the impact as well.

Delth and Madeline circle around, hoping for a good shot at the giant who is battling Darren, but are unable to get a good shot through the smoke and dust from the disabled steam-engine.

Darren meanwhile brings his own massive axe to bear, swinging it wildly at the giant before him who is doing the same. Darren's weapon chops into the same leg he had kicked earlier, where already stressed bones now fracture and split as the man yells out in agony. His own hammer, however, crashes into Darren's side with the sound of cracking ribs. Darren yells out as well, his cries echoing amonst the rocky heights that surround them. As the brutish anarchist falls to the ground, his leg giving way beneath the weight, Darren musters enough strength in spite of the pain to bring his axe down another time. The blade collides with the man's upper chest, seperating ribs and collapsing lungs. The giant at his feet tries to yell, but can't find the air to do so. Even so, he grabs one of Darren's legs and sends the barbarian crashing into the dirt as well. It seems as if the man is about to stand yet again to his feet, even with Severance protruding from his chest, but halfway through the motion his body begins to shake from the strain. With a death rattle he falls still, back into the dirt as Darren regains his stance--breathing heavy and wiping the trickling blood from his own eyes.

Jeremiah quickly returns, head spinning but surprising un-fatigued from the exertion, as Madeline descends the hill with Delth waving the all-clear from behind.

It may take Darren a bit to get the Steam Wagon working again, if he's able to get it moving at all. But that gives Jeremiah and Madeline, with the aid of Delth's ballistic knowledge, plenty of time to disarm the explosives that have already been fastened. Luckily none of them have even been armed yet.

Though only a single piece in the anarchist's plot, it was a significant one for Grassy Spur, and especially the trains that would be crossing this pass. When they got back, they'd have some good news for Mayor Wyatt, and even a new tenant for local jail, provided Jeremiah didn't crack his skull.

Thanks for the run everyone. Sorry for such a short close, but I didn't want to leave this without some closure, even a brief one. I look forward to playing with all of you more on these boards
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Old Dec 21st, 2015, 07:54 PM
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Kdtompos, Would you be interested in a reboot of this game? I have 4 players looking for a GM on the Paizo site.
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