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Old Jan 31st, 2017, 07:21 AM
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Original Advertisement and Q&A

Game NameCarrion Crown - The Haunting of Harrowstone
Game SystemPathfinder
ThemeCarrion Crown Adventure Path set in the fog-shrouded realm of Ustalav.
FlavourGothic horror, investigation, survival, and the occult. Moderately serious. Good mix of combat and RPing, more of an emphasis on the former.
Plot Summary(This is the first installment of the Carrion Crown adventure path published by Paizo. I am running it basically as written but with some slight modifications to make it more player-friendly and streamlined in my opinion.)

Professor Petros Lorrimor, an old friend and influential figure in your life, has recently passed away and is set to be buried in the small town of Ravengro. Professor Lorrimor was an intellectual and a researcher into all things magic, some of which ended up being dark magic and thus branded him as dangerous by the ignorant. You have received notice of his passing by his daughter Kendra Lorrimor, who has requested of you in writing to attend her late father's funeral as you are mentioned in his will and she would like to honor his final wishes. However, things begin to take a morbid turn before the good professor is even in the ground, and soon the PCs become embroiled in a dark curse that has lurked in the shadows of Ravengro for half a century...

Character Guidelines
For starters, I highly recommend getting the Carrion Crown Player's Guide which you can get for FREE from This will really help you get a feel for the campaign in general, as well as a taste of Ustalav as the setting.

Starting Level - 1. Take average for gold for your starting equipment. Being that it's PBP, we'll most likely advance at different checkpoints throughout the story. This first installment should take PCs up to the 4th level.

Races - PF Core only, but I will also allow Changelings. Dhampir and Orc is normally allowed, but due to the fact that you will be targeted everywhere you go due to being considered a monster, for the sack of the other PCs we'll be passing on that.

Classes - PF Core, plus the following classes: Alchemist, Inquisitor, and Witch.

Ability Scores - Standard fantasty, 15 point buy.

Traits - 2, but one must be from the Carrion Crown campaign traits in the Player's Guide. The other can be a trait from any other category. I just ask that you show a connection to it in your background. No drawbacks for extra traits please.

Hero Points - Typically in Carrion Crown you're assigned Harrow Cards instead of Hero Points. I'm still looking into how to do Harrow Cards if possible through RPGX, but for right now I'm leaning more just toward Hero Points in general. Everyone will start with 1.

Character Selection
I'm tentatively looking for four PCs. I'm looking for a good mix with personalities that should work well together. Here is what your application should look like and some guidelines for it.

Name: Something pronounceable, please.

Race: Any of the aforementioned races.

Class: Any of the aforementioned classes. Some archetypes are allowed with my approval.

Alignment: Secret to me, if you wish.

Party Role: Helps me see where to best fit you in.

Description: Pictures are good but I really like to see good descriptive text.

Personality: How your PC acts.

Background: A brief background of how your PC grew up, how Professor Lorrimor influenced them, and what you have done since then.

RP Example: This can be either as your PC or a post you're particularly proud of here on RPGX. I'm not looking for novels - a few paragraphs is fine.

Then, in SECRET text below, I'd like to see a 10 Minute Background on your PC. This is something I picked up here at RPGX and really appreciate as it makes you dig deep into your PC and really learn a lot about them before you even start. Here's the link for a description of the 10 Minute Background.

DeadlineIt's a busy time of the year, and it might be a while before a lot of people have the opportunity to do this, so tentatively I'm going to say we're looking at January 26th. If I get a lot of quality applications, I might bump it up a bit earlier. I'm presently about half done with where I need to be to get everything ready, so this will also give me some time to put some final spit and polish on things.

If you are not picked initially PBP being what it is sometimes real life does get in the way. I hope it doesn't happen but if it does and I need a replacement player I will most likely draw from the list of applicants first before completely reopening it for applications.

Rulings/Clarifications for Questions
Posting Rate - I'm looking to try to make two DM posts per week. If the group as a whole wants to move a bit slower, I will adapt to that as well.

Regarding Races - Alternate racial traits are allowed provided you can sell them to me in your background. I am fine with most Paizo content.

Regarding Feats - I am fine with most Paizo content.

Regarding Classes - In addition to the restrictions mentioned above, no unchained classes please.

Regarding Experience Level - The Carrion Crown AP is not the most beginner-friendly of the APs in my experience, but I don't want to dissuade anyone from applying.
UPDATE 04/17: I regretfully must leave RPGX due to new employment opportunities. I wish you all the best. :(
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