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Old Nov 1st, 2010, 12:58 AM
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Hive of Villainy

Characters go here. Stats are 2d6+6 or 30 point point-buy(starting from stats of 8), whichever you prefer. You may reroll if you get bad stats(ask first).
You won't get standard starting equipment. Rather, give a wish list of general things: weapons, armor(what kind, if any), knickknacks, and so forth.

Specifics for Specific PeoplesSummoner Runs a Pet-Shop: You get a weapon you're proficient in(with 20 shots of ammo if ranged. 5 shots if it's something like a javelin or throwing knife that doubles as melee). Also Padded or Leather armor, if you want it. Rather than the blanket light armor success, you get a 10% allowance on spell failure chance, increasing by 5% at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter. This stacks with the "Spend a swift action to negate some spell failure" feats.

Duck Magus: You get a weapon you're proficient in(with 20 shots of ammo if ranged. 5 shots if it's something like a javelin or throwing knife that doubles as melee). You get a weapon you're proficient in(with 20 shots of ammo if ranged. 5 shots if it's something like a javelin or throwing knife that doubles as melee). Light armor if you want one. Padded, Leather, or Studded Leather armor if you want one. Your spell failure chance works as written in the class(light armor has 0% failure, and you gain medium and heavy armor failure negation as you level). You can also learn spells in-game from having people teach them to you, studying magic items or getting blasted by them and spellcrafting out how to cast them yourself.

Nature Doggy: You get a weapon you're proficient in(with 20 shots of ammo if ranged. 5 shots if it's something like a javelin or throwing knife that doubles as melee). One generic armor, as long as you have proficiency(must be non-metal). You begin play knowing 5 orisons and 4 first level spells, the rest you need to learn in-game from people teaching you, scrolls, magic items, seeing them cast and spellcrafting out how to cast them yourself, etc.

Sneak-Attack the Goats: You get one weapon(two if they're small, 10 shots of ammo, 4 shots if they double as melee). Also Padded or Leather armor, if you want it. You also have 10gp(not tradeable for items), for reasons only understandable as supernatural greed.

Rules for EveryoneThis might get bigger as we find things.
Feats: Feats will be thrown in their own thread. They'll include feats I've written up, as well as feats that arise when people say "There was something like this in 3.5, and I want. Can has please?"

Extra Stuff: If you get the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can start with another melee weapon.

Attribute Advancement: We'll be using Caput's rules for increasing attribute scores. Basically, you get 1 point per level, which can be spent among stats like yea:
Stat before Advancement Point Cost
13 or Below 1
14-15 2
16-17 3
18 or Above 4
You start with 1 point, as you're level 1, and you can spend it now or save it up for later.

XP Rate: Fast

Languages: Everyone will at least be able to speak crude Common, for the sake of proper communication and such. If you take it as a bonus language from high INT, then you can read and write it, as well as speak in a manner that doesn't cause stuffy noblemen to vomit.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old Nov 2nd, 2010, 02:03 PM
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Name: Kardin Wrrxl (Formerly Kardin Webber, current last name sound like a half-bark, half-growl,. Closest common equivalent would be Rexel)
Race: Torrel
Gender: Male (though he uses trees )
Age: 127 seasons (or about 31 years old, nearing 32)
Class: Druid; Nature Bond: Earth, Sub-domain: Caves

Appearance: The first thing any normal person would notice about Kardin is his fur, which is a deep, dark red not dissimilar in color to blood, and his eyes, which are a sharp orange. Assuming that said normal person doesn't run away screaming, Kardin is otherwise built like an average (albeit large) torrel. He stands 3' even to the shoulder while in his natural form, and weighs around 160 lbs. His tail measures just over 1 ft long, and his head is shaped like our golden terriers, with a bit longer snout (and therefore a few more teeth.

In humanoid form, Kardin stands 5'3" but still weighs roughly the same. His hair is surprisingly straight, and runs down to the bottom of his ribs. Most of the rest of his body is covered with a moderate to heavy layer of hair (including a full beard, think lumberjack) giving him a slightly tan appearance from a distance despite his pale skin. Disregarding the claws and fangs, he comes off as somewhat rugged and/or stern, but there is always a slight hint of a smile (or possibly a smirk) that shows he isn't always 100% serious.

Personality: A 'Git 'er done' kind of person, Kardin isn't afraid of tackling a problem head-on, often literally if the situation demands (and even sometimes it doesn't). He sees problems as something to be overcome, not avoided, and woe be to the person that gets between him and his goal without a **** good reason. That being said, he's not witless, and will hold himself back if the situation looks too bad to be saved or his companions aren't ready to assist. He enjoys his 'work' though, and goes though most fights with a (feral) grin.

Outside of the action, Kardin tends to converse in short, simple sentences, in no small part due to the fact that he isn't overly fluent in common and his jaws in his natural form aren't exactly suited to making 'human' sounds. As a result, he isn't opposed to getting a bit physical (tackles, nips, bumps, and the like) to get his point across if he feels like others aren't getting it. He's generally friendly, if a bit gruff, though he prefers to keep to himself most of the time.

Background: As a human, Kardin was a hands-on construction manager working for a fairly successful company. Although by his job description he could have stayed seated the entire day, he preferred to oversee his projects directly, and was often found checking up on all his subordinates. He had a critical eye, and would often see things others would miss, but he was never overly hostile about it if the employee in question recognized the mistake in question when he pointed it out. As a result he was highly regarded by both his superiors and inferiors, excepting those that were clueless and constantly made mistakes.

Unfortunately for Kardin, one of the latter people turned out to be a little psychotically unstable and happened to take a dislike to the constant criticism. One day when making a final inspection of the foundation dig before pouring the cement base, this person gave Kardin a hard rap on the head while he wasn't looking. It wasn't enough to kill, but the large amount of concrete then poured over him made that a moot point. The good news is the murderer was caught and sentenced to a life behind bars without parole. The bad news... well, that should be fairly apparent.


Opting for a straight point-buy: all 14 base but Charisma, which is an 8.

For my item wishlist:

Weapon: Simple club
Armor: Hide armor
Other: Waterproof backpack, Survival gear appropriate to race, some trail rations depending on starting location.
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Old Nov 2nd, 2010, 04:19 PM
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Name: Nakamura Nagi
Race: Tengu
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Class: Summoner

Appearance:Nagi is based off of the Thick Billed Raven, her plumage being the glossy black. The only difference in colour is a small patch of short feathers that start at the nape of her neck and down to just between her shoulder blades. Her beak is a rather large, hooked affair. Her eyes are a beautiful golden yellow. Nagi runs on the tall side of the gamut for Tengu, especially female, hitting roughly 5'2" in height. However, she still only weighs a light 80 lbs.
Personality:Nagi was a rather quiet individual of a studious nature. She always jumped at the opportunity to learn new things. She has an avid love of reading, often breezing though large books, be they a Fantasy novel or a History textbook, in a rather short time. She wasn't an overly talkative personality, but she could always find a kind word to say when she felt it was needed. Her friends had described her as a very timid girl, prone to needless apologies for the slightest missteps she made.
After her death however, Nagi's personality seemed to toughen considerably. She voices her thoughts more openly now. She also has more of a crueler personality, kind words being reserved only for those she has deemed trustworthy. At the moment, the only being whom she has that level of trust in is her Eidolon, Tarsus.
Background:Nagi was a young university student of 20. She was studying history at a prestigious university, in hopes of one day becoming the curator of a museum. She was studying at the university for a few years now, and she was excelling in her courses. She had gotten a job giving guided tours at a small museum just two months ago. Her life had been a simple but good one, up until today. She had been walking through the downtown of the city that day, enjoying what little free time she had between her job and classes. The downtown core had recently been going through a bit of reconstruction. Many of the old buidings getting refurbished, and new ones being built.She was passing by one of these new buildings, one that promised to be the highest skyscraper in the city once finished. As she walked by she stopped for a moment to stare at it, when the groaning screech of bending, then tearing steel was heard, followed by metallic clanging. She was suddenly knocked to the ground by a screaming passerby. She attempted to rise when pain lanced through her torso. A length of rebar had fallen from several stories up, spearing her through the back. Her eyes widened, a trickle of blood issued from the corner of her mouth, and then there was no more.
But then a voice........

Eidolon: Tarsus
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Old Nov 13th, 2010, 06:39 AM
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Name: Thomdril
Race: Tengu
Class: Magus
Gender: Male

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