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Old Jul 7th, 2013, 07:59 AM
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Character Creation and application storage

Please place your applications from the thread here so they are accessible to everyone who might want to have a look. Anything you might want to keep secret of course belongs in the private threads.

Character Creation:
  • Starting at level 1.
  • 2 Traits allowed, including those found in the player's guide.
  • Average gold by class.
  • Please also include in your private threads both where you are from and where you boarded the Jenivere if it is not included in the application.
  • For your rolled stats, any stat below 6 will immediately be bumped up to a base score of 6.

On break for now.
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Old Jul 7th, 2013, 01:10 PM
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Name: Bodwick (Stat Rolls)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 20
Class: Fighter


Bodwick is just an average Magnimar guy. The only thing that used to make him stand out was his guard uniform, but these days he keeps it packed in the bottom of his bag. Instead, he wears simple, comfortable travelling clothes.




RP Sample

Bodwick leaned on the railing of Jenivere, watching the coast line in the distance. Just his luck to board a ship going in the opposite direction he wanted to go. What little money he had managed to save for his passage north, gone at once for a journey south. He sighed. At this rate, he’d be home sooner if he travelled around the world and got back to Magnimar that way.

On the bright side, he was finally out of the Shackles. Chances were good he’d have an easier time finding some employment and saving up for the journey home. And then of course, there was the matter of the pirate he had left at deaths doorstep. He wasn’t sure why the man had attacked him exactly. He had yelled something before charging him with his rapier, but Bodwick hadn’t understood what exactly. Probably just any excuse to start a fight, stab him until he stopped moving and steal any valuables he had on him. Fortunately for Bodwick, he managed to down the pirate first. While bandaging his wound to keep his attacker from bleeding to death, he had noticed some tattoos. He wasn’t an expert on the local gangs and pirates, but he knew enough that it was time to get out of town fast.

He yawned, starting to get sleepy. He wondered if was due to the boredom of having nothing to do while the ship cleaved though the oceans. It had been nice watching the landscape go by at first, but the scenery only changed very slowly, leaving much time left to fill. Or maybe it was just the combination of his meal and the warm weather? Time to find a hammock. It’s not like there was anything better to do until they hit port.

left-aligned image
Bodwick | Human Fighter | Char Info | Secret

Bodwick is just an average Magnimar guy. The only thing that used to make him stand out was his guard uniform, but these days he keeps it packed in the bottom of his bag. Instead, he wears simple, comfortable travelling clothes.

AC: 18 (Touch 13 | Flat 15) | FORT: +4 | REFLEX: +3 | WILL: +1 | HP: 13/13 | INIT: +3

Longbow +4 (1d8) | Arrows: 60/60
Greataxe +3 (1d12+3)
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	human_archer_male_mugshot.jpg
Views:	352
Size:	9.8 KB
ID:	57040  

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Old Jul 7th, 2013, 03:07 PM
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Aryana Zdarlight
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 147
Class: Magus

Visual: Long, blonde hair. Gray eyes. Fair skin. Easy and cocky smirk. Agile movements. She wears no jewelry, but has intricate tattoos covering her entire torso, legs, and arms. The tattoos are her way of remembering her own history, started when she began to forget her father's face.
Sound: Often hums snippets of songs she half remembers. Her footfalls are sharp and purposeful. Her voice is clear and sharp.
Smell: Oiled leather and tobacco smoke.
Gear: Simple, well kept scimitar and a dagger in her boot. A well-used deck of cards. A dice cup. A tobacco pouch with rolling papers.

Aryana Zdarlight walked the fine line of magnetic attraction and repulsion. What man could resist the piercing gray eyes and the beautiful blonde hair that framed a face with high cheekbones and a wicked smile? What man would stick around when the curved blade she wore across her back left its scabbard and danced a deadly waltz, seeming to be a mere extension of her body? Would she sooner steal you away for a kiss or flick the embers of her cigarette in your eye? Frankly, the answers to these questions didn't matter... what mattered was what cards you held in your hands and what she held in hers.
Background & Concept Elements
  • Aryana is a gambler and an adrenaline junkie. She's spent her life as a vagrant, reliant on her skills at the card table. She enjoys drinking and smoking and the luxuries a bag of coin can provide in the red light district of any metropolis, but she knows her time in any city or township is finite. She lives her life on the road, card table to dice hall, trying to live life to the fullest on the coin she earns.
  • Over eighty years ago, Aryana had an elven family in Erages in Kyonin. Aryana's father was an accomplished spellcaster and held a seat in the local government of Erages. Aryana's mother died while giving birth to Aryana. Aryana grew up watching her father, Errenad Suelanas, maneuver his way through the elven court and politics. He taught her about the hidden machinations in politics and brought her to social functions to be her eyes and ears. She grew up at courtly dances, learning to waltz with her father and feign innocence while gathering information on her father's opponents.
  • Aryana was also taught by her father the intricacies of arcane weavings. From a young age he forced the discipline required for arcane studies in her. Though she left Erages before she was old enough to start wizard studies at the Dolenai Arcanium, Errenad set Aryana on the path to becoming a Magus.
  • Aryana's father remarried in the middle of Aryana's formative years. From day one, Jezrala, Aryana's stepmother, tried to drive a wedge between Errenad and Aryana, jealous of Aryana's closeness with her father. Jezrala also saw Aryana as a reminder of Errenad's first wife. Aryana's stepmother conspired with one of Errenad's political opponents to have Aryana kidnapped and killed. Knowing there was a good chance she would escape, however, Jezrala planted a note on one of the kidnappers, a noted forged to look like it came from Aryana's father's hand, saying Aryana reminded her of a life he no longer had and was a political liability.
  • Aryana turned her back on Kyonin and her family, taking on the new name of Zdarlight and forsaking her family name.
Character Goals
  • I would like to see Aryana be able to love once more. She forms no personal attachments to those she meets, seeing them as simply tools to use or marks to gamble money away from.
  • Aryana would like to someday confront her father for his betrayal, but a part of her realizes she's not ready for that confrontation yet. Another part of her doesn't think she'll ever become brave enough to do so.
Character Secrets
  • Aryana has never loved or cared for anyone after her father. She's never had any sexual relations either, though she does use her femininity as a tool.
  • (unknown)Aryana's father found out what her stepmother did after a few years and has spent the last eighty years looking for her.
  • Sylvia was only beaten nearly to death and was rotting in a ganglord's prison when Aryana's father broke her out. Now the two of them are searching for Aryana together.
Supporting Cast
  • Sylvia Sterling: For a period of eight years, Aryana traveled with another femme fatale by the name of Sylvia Sterling. Sylvia ended up reinforcing Aryana's desire to keep people at a distance, as the sexual tension and mutual caring was cut short when a job went wrong and Sylvia was murdered.
  • Errenad Suelanas: Aryana's father, an accomplished wizard and political mastermind who has forsaken that life and after Jezrala was convicted for her crimes, hit the road to try and find his daughter and bring her back to Kyonin.
  • Marbles Mcgee: A gnome crimelord in Riddleport. Aryana spent three nights winning in his back-room gambling halls and then slit the throat of the assassin he sent to kill her and get the money back. He got one look at her and wanted her for his bride. He's sent thugs, enforcers, and hired bounty hunters to bring her back to him, but so far she has either killed or eluded them all.
Memories, Mannerisms & Quirks
  • Aryana remembers the first time her father took her to a ball. There were sparkling candelabras everywhere and he had bought her a new dress of the highest fashion. It was one of the happiest memories of her life until her father betrayed her. Now she looks back on the memory with suspicion, as if there would be hints of his coming betrayal even then.
  • Aryana has trouble sitting still. She enjoys all sorts of dancing (but especially prefers Varisian dances) and when sitting at a card table she fidgets, tapping her fingers, shuffles her cards, plays with the chips or coins, and smokes incessantly.
  • Aryana has found she prefers the fairer sex, but has never acted on it. She pretends she is a sexual person, especially against men at the card tables, but is wholly inexperienced with both males and females.
RP Sample:
"I'm all in."

A hush settled over the bar. The stack of gold coins that had been shoved into the middle of the table was more money than most of the observers could hope to earn in their lifetimes.

The man with the glass eye snorted. The eye roved wildly around the room, completely independently of the black one focused on the blonde girl who had just shoved the mountain of coins in. With a yellowed grin, the man popped the glass eye out of its socket and began to clean it with his shirt. The black socket matched the black eye's stare, but the blonde elf's gray eyes never looked away. The three other players at the table sat nervously waiting for glass-eye to respond to the shove. They had already bowed out of the hand.

A pile of gold coins sat in front of glass-eye, a pile to match and dwarf the pile that had just been shoved onto the table.

"Time's a-tickin'..." said the elven girl, one corner of her mouth flicking upwards to puff at the cigarette lazily hanging there.


The glass eye re-entered the eye socket and then continued its wild dance around the room. The black eye, rimmed with red, peered once more at the two cards in his hand and the five face up on the table.

"Cards aren't going to change, Shivers."

Shivers snarled and threw his hand on top of the pile. The beautiful elven girl smiled, blew out a cloud of smoke across the table at Shivers, and scooped her winnings towards her. Shiver's filthy hand shot forward and grabbed the elf's wrist, pulling it across the table. The dirty hand flipped the pale, tattooed wrist and a single card, the Ace of Spades, was revealed inside the sleeve of the elven girl.

In an instant the man with the glass eye found himself drawing a bloody stump back from across the table. His good eye hadn't caught the curved blade slicing down on his wrist.

The barroom exploded into chaos. The elven girl cut the throats of two of the three other card players as they attempted to stand. As she scooped coins into a sack she had produced from somewhere under the table, she moved towards Shivers and stuck the point of her blade into his fat belly.

"You're gonna take me out of here and none of your goons are going to try and stop me, understood?"

The many chins of Shiver nodded as she slowly back out of the room, one hand holding her sack of possessions and Shiver's shirt, the other a deadly looking scimitar.

A few moments later, she was outside of the bar, running towards the docks, several men under Shivers command chasing her. Shiver's body lay outside the entrance of the bar. Just another corpse to litter the streets of the Shackles and one that very few would miss.

As she ran down the docks, she spotted a ship that would do. Its mooring lines had all been cast off and it was three feet from the docks.

She pumped her legs, forcing blood into them and ignoring the intense burning in the muscles. She leaped off the dock, throwing her sack ahead of her, and landed in a heap on a coil of rope.

Several tanned and muscled men immediately moved up, ready to throw her back overboard. Before any of them could say "bilge rat" the elven girl was holding out a pouch by its strings, jingling it invitingly.

"I've got gold coins to burn, gentlemen, and I would very much enjoy being free with them in exchange for passage and a little courtesy."

The biggest of the three took the pouch, counted out the coins, and bowed deeply to the elven girl, reaching his hand out to help her up.

"Welcome aboard the Jenivere, Miss...?"

"Zdarlight, my dear. You may call me Ms. Zdarlight."

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Old Jul 7th, 2013, 06:24 PM
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Name: Valin Aaroft
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 21
Class: Druid (Jaguar Shaman)

Description: Valin heavily favors his elven heritage. To the casual observer it would be easy to mistake the young man as a full elf with his shining golden hair, piercing blue eyes, and delicate facial features. But to those who know the signs; the rounded eyebrows, broader shoulders, and think the deep tan of someone who spends a lot of time at the beachdarker skin; Valin is clearly of mixed heritage. Valin carries an odd blend of sophistication and ruggedness in his countenance as if one could easily envision him living out in the wilderness but stopping for an elegant seven course meal in the middle of his travels. He wears clothing colored to fade into nature, but cut so that he would be presentable among fine company. The scent of wood smoke and the open road cling to Valin. Those that engage him in conversation are often surprised by the cultured manner with which he conducts his conversations.


RP Sample:

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Old Jul 7th, 2013, 07:50 PM
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Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Application
left-aligned image
Name: Bella Silversong
Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Age: 25 (Adult)
Class: Bard (1)
Description: 3’2” tall, 42 Lbs, Black hair, Green eyes






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left-aligned image
right-aligned image
Name: Ursula (and Gustav).
Gender: Female.
Race: Halfling.
Age: 23 Years.
Class: Summoner (Master Summoner).
Theme: Waltz Op.34.

Description: Ursula is garbed in dark, earthy tones, which are themselves garbed in an large, crimson cloak which seems many sizes too large for her. Beneath her hood lies a mob of messy brown hair, and her colourless eyes show a level of critique which seems out of place on her otherwise innocent face. Her features are more equivalent to those of a human child than a mature halfling woman, and while she dislikes this so-called 'quality' she abuses it wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. Clasped upon her wrists are a pair of bulky, black shackles which seem out of place on her body, but which she refuses to remove.

RP Sample:

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