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Old Jul 8th, 2013, 02:04 AM
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Miga Jas

When relaxing in town or in the temple.

Traveling or attending to duties.
Name: Miga Jas
Race: Human, Vudrani
Alignment: Neutral Good
Classes: Cleric of Knowledge and Healing
Deity: Pharasma
Background: Migas Jas was born in Nex due to a tragic event that caused a merchant ship to succumb to the Mistmere's waters. It is said that Miga's mother, who was pregnant at the time, was found floating on a wooden door with the skeletal remains of his fathers arms still attached to it. When brought to shore the woman's skin was horribly disfigured and barely holding on to the bones and muscles.

A midwife dressed in all black had mysteriously appeared in the room and was able to deliver the baby safely and miraculously with no injuries. His mother died a few seconds later. The story has it that the midwife then dropped Miga on the footsteps of a gothic cathedral which was a temple to Pharasma. Through the years that followed, Miga would be brought up as a cleric of Pharasma.

As a kid he would help the priests and ministers during the mass. During other times he would run errands or messages. The older he got he got handed more responsibilities which included help healing the sick or delivering babies. When not doing those he would work on keeping the library correctly organized and cleaned. Of course this led to his affinity for knowledge, always though he seemed to be drawn to tidbits of information about Rovagug, his spawns and the destruction they brought onto Golarion. On many nights the young cleric in-training would dream of a scarab that would bite him and than scuttle off into the distance. As try as he might he could never catch the small insect, but always when he stopped chasing he would appear to have been led to a giant beetle out in the middle of the dessert. One day by chance he saw a painting of a giant beetle in the midst of a city. When he asked the artist about it, he told Miga about the city Sothis in Osirion.

On his 18th birthday Miga set out to Sothis. There he was able to receiver more information about Rovagug and Sarenrae's battle amongst other things. Intrigued and wanting to be able to support his research, Miga began working in the temple of Pharasma in Sothis doing the same as he did in Nex. On his spare time he would inquire information under the guise of being a Osirionologist. There he would remain for another two years.

The hobby would require a certain set of fitness for it sometimes required long hikes and heavy lifting. To that end Miga trained to be able to move faster, for the wilderness of the Osirion dessert could be deadly to the unprepared.

The whole time though he felt as if he were missing something. Then one night he dreamt again about the beetle this time though the beetle seemed to had led him to an old logging town...

RP Sample:

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