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Old Dec 28th, 2013, 11:47 PM
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Player Characters

PC characters go here. Please use the template and post your character with modified background here. Please secret to me everything, but role, name, race, picture, and what other players would know if they were in the same house.
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Old Dec 29th, 2013, 12:03 PM
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left-aligned image

Mary Crow-Harkon
Character Name:
Race: Human
Rank in Current House: Adopted Daughter, wife of the late Bejen Harkon.

Known Facts:
(1)Currently, Mary works for the house as a consultant and assistant to Linath, using her contacts and particular skill set to obtain information and other such things as required.
(2)She has been with the house for 3 (almost 4) years.
(3)She tries to maintain a calm, aloof personality around the people she lives and works with. Though she has a penchant for sarcastic remarks, she finds that kindness is much more convenient than the alternatives; as such, she treats everybody with the basic respect that humans (and nonhumans) require... mainly because she might need some sort of service from them in the future.
Mary was hired on as an indentured servant (read: slave with a time limit).
She worked her way up to a position directly below the Councilor a the time.
Mary was courted by Bejen Harkon, and eventually became his wife.
The two were married for a year until Bejen was murdered in a two-bit tavern while defending his wife.
-There is a rumor going around that Mary was the person who killed Bejen's assailants using nothing but a steak knife. Has yet to be confirmed or denied.
Mary is an avid linguist and reader, and often reads to the children of the house (servants staff included.)
The widow hired on an Ogre as her own bodyguard shortly after her husband's death.
She has been seen at various taverns from time to time, ordering two drinks, one for her, the other for her late husband.

What languages does Mary speak?
Mary speaks Clair'Vont, Bla'Vont, Da'Vont, and North Tribal fluently. Either through living as a young princess of the Croix house or through her time on the streets before joining the Harkon house as Mary Crow. The rest of the people in the castle would know that she speaks Clair'Vont fluently, and is capable of dealing with the slaves (Bla'Vont and Da'Vont), however Mary has seldom felt the need to speak North Tribal during her time with the Harkon family. As such, while her languages aren't necessarily a 'secret', they might not be open knowledge either.

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Old Dec 29th, 2013, 12:32 PM
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Name/Nickname: Linath'ak'uech (Song Forge)

Race: Drow
Rank in the House:Spymaster (OOCly) House Bard and Favored morale officer for the House (IC cover)

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Old Dec 29th, 2013, 06:05 PM
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Name/Nickname: Liera
Race: Elf (Drow)
Duties: Councilor
Rank in the House: Slave

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Old Dec 29th, 2013, 07:46 PM
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left-aligned image
Race: Goblin
Closest Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank in House: Quartermaster
Role in House: His assigned role is that of quartermaster though he tends to spend more time with his craftsmen than in the armory itself.
Time in the House: Good has been in the house for two years
Personality: Good with Hands has always been a bit of an introvert and this has only been reinforced now that he lives among the humans. Feeling a bit like an outcast among them he has taken to the forge working with those under him to construct the weapons of war. As a result he is fine when dealing with them he is fine but when dealing with others he tends to stammer and get nervous. When nervous Good will resort to some of his habits to relieve his tension. More often then not when pressed in a social situation he will begin lying to make himself seem more important than he is. If he is simply stressed he has a tendency to swipe unattended objects lying to cover his theft if caught. Generally he is focused on his work and while working can forget other people are even around.

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Old Dec 30th, 2013, 09:49 PM
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Gerard Reinhardt
Race: Human
Rank in the House: Master of Coin
Time in the House: 5 Years
Languages: AdvancedClair'Vont, AdvancedDa'Vont, AdvancedNorth Tribal, AdvancedBla'Vont

Personality: Gerard is outwardly a calm, charismatic individual. He carries himself with an air of confidence no matter the situation. From a distance this can make him seem arrogant or unapproachable. Despite this, his attitude towards others is that of a social gentleman. Gerard treats all those he meets with respect so long as they show him the same whether they are a slave or a noble. He actively makes time to get to know those he associates with and encourages them in their goals and aspirations. Gerard enjoys savoring culture, particularly music and acting.

When working, Gerard maintains his courtesies, but displays a cunning skill in negotiations and social maneuvering. Beneath his social mask, Gerard is cunning, ambitions, and driven in his goals. He carefully invests in people just as much as he does in businesses in order to foster future opportunities. His business tactics vary depending on the situation, but he is not adverse to using less savory methods needed to achieve his desired result.

Known Facts
1) Since joining the house, Gerard has increased profits by 30%.
2) Gerard mingles with all members of the house and takes particular interest in gossip as well as the hobbies and skills of those within the house.
3) Gerard is a multitalented musician and actor.
4) Sometimes Gerard will be absent from the house for days at a time without notice. Gerard maintains these ventures are purely business related, but gossip of his supposed whereabouts are common sources of speculation.

~ To be alive is not to live; living requires reaching beyond survival for something more. Reach for that something and find what dreams breath life into your existence. ~

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Old Dec 31st, 2013, 01:07 AM
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Character Name: Pluck Flowers
Race: Goblin
Rank in Current House: Royal Enforcer

Known Facts:
1) Pluck Flowers is the Royal Enforcer who administers laws, regulations, rules or the like.
2) Pluck Flowers has been with the house for only three crescent moons
3) Pluck Flowers is seen as loyal to the house; those who have spent any time with him have realized ts the house, the institution itself, not an individual, where his loyalty lies. Unlike most goblins Pluck is reluctant to break rules. He feels his words are what defines him and will make every attempt to keep them. This belief also keeps Pluck quiet and his words to a minimum. Unfortunately Pluck is a goblin and his goblins nature gets in his way; he can be messy, impulsive, and spiteful. Pluck is also a bit paranoid, as the new Royal Enforcer, an authoritative figure; he feels he has to be ready for attempts from others to remove him for their advancement.

Pluck Flowers has an appetite for learning new things so if he sees or hears someone with a specific skill he doesn't know he will study the individual for a bit before approaching them.

Pluck will also appear, via a magical item, in the following forms: a human child, adult halfling and adult gnome (This one when around Marro ):

left-aligned image

left-aligned image

left-aligned image

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Old Jan 1st, 2014, 01:08 AM
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Name/Nickname: Ba'al Ove
Closest Alignment: LN
Role: Cleric of Hades
Race: Human
Rank in the House: High Priest,

What does Ba'al Ove do for the House?
Ba'al Ove is the chief priest of House Harkon. His duties include serving as house Harkon's chief religious advisor and personal priest to the Harkon Family. He also leads regular services in the house chapel, along with study groups and leads the major ceremonial activities including any high profile weddings, births, and funerary rights. For most religious activities outside of House Harkon itself there are lower circle priests and acolytes spread throughout House Harkon's holdings and amongst their bannermen. Ba'al Ove oversees those priests activities and makes occasional visits to their parishes to ensure that everything is being maintained properly and appropriately. He makes himself available to any who would wish to discuss their religious or spiritual issues, or even just to discuss how they live their lives. This invitation actually extends to both the members of the community, and even to the slaves who wish to discuss their relationship with Hades.

He also serves as an envoy to the church for House Harkon, and occasionally makes journeys to major cities or even Illeos to report directly to superiors on the state of the house and the church. Ba'al Ove welcomes any members of the Shepherds who arrive in Harkon territory.

Ba'al Ove has a small retinue of servants. Always cloaked and cowled, they rarely ever speak to anyone aside from the priest and they serve him unquestioningly.

How long has Ba'al Ove been with House Harkon?
Ba'al Ove has been the head priest of House Harkon for about 10 months.

Personality: Ba'al Ove is generally calm and good natured. He is always gracious to any who come to see him with crises of faith or life. He maintains a well kept study and the chapel is always neat and ready for prayer. Always friendly but never obsequious, self-assured but never arrogant. He wins friends and allies easily, and converts to the faith of Hades. Ba'al Ove lacks inherent cruelty, and does not view the rites and sacrifices to Hades as cruelty, or the raising of the dead from their slumber as anything but a holy right, a gift from the god of death and undeath. Still, he has become somewhat callous during his service to the cries of mercy from victims and slaves alike. Though he does not go out of his way to cause them harm, he will do nothing to stop their suffering in the course of his daily routine. In spite of his good nature, Ba'al Ove is extremely ambitious, and one day hopes to ascend to the First Circle, or even become the Grand Necromonger of the Order of Undeath. He does not resent being put in a house, as it could very well help him to achieve his goals, but he will do what is necessary to strengthen that house and thus his claim on a higher position in the Church Heirarchy.

What Languages does Ba'al Ove speak?
Ba'al Ove speaks Clar'vont and Vont fluently, years of study in Illeos have allowed him to read and speak the holy language as well as anyone. He also has a strong command of Da'Vont, though is not actually a fluent speaker, and speaks it with a slight accent.

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Old Jan 3rd, 2014, 09:28 PM
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Marrostiltzen Zauber

Nickname: Marro
Race: Gnome
Rank: Magister/Slave

Known Facts:





"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time." - Leonard Bernstein

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Old Jan 5th, 2014, 04:48 PM
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Ueda Daishi, "Great Death"

Name: Ueda Daishi
Closest Alignment: LN
Role: Bodyguard and Loyal Servant
Race: Half-Elf
Rank: Slave

Theme: Flowers

Known Facts:
-Daishi is a former gladiator, and a fairly good one.
-Daishi's loyalty is tied to the Master of the House, Craigor, and he will obey any command given.
-Daishi will only obey orders from those named by his Master.
-Fear is anathema to Daishi, and he is quick to remove its presence, usually with bloodshed.
-Daishi does not understand the point of relaxation; he is rarely, if ever, relaxed.

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Old Jan 7th, 2014, 04:14 PM
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Imperius Aballon VI
Race: Human
Rank in Aballon Family: Second son of three boys. Last brother is deceased

Personality: Imperius is on the verge of being a megalomanic. He has been allowed to do what he pleases to whoever he wants since his 19th year. He can do little wrong to others since he assumes he is their natural better.

Rank is often the first measure he takes of people. However, he does not hold rank as the end all of one's usefulness as he's been shown that even those of high rank can be fools.

That being said, Imperius is no fool himself. He understands the politics that are required from someone in his position, and is able to act appropriately. When it comes to politics, Imperius is second to none.

Background: Imperius grew up as a delightful young boy, always a joy to be around. He was loved by both of his parents, and was given anything he wanted. The second of three boys, he was never very close to his older brother Willard, as he is 7 years older and he always seemed to be doing something "to old" for Imperius.

His relationship with his younger brother Davos was the exact opposite. They were close, and were extremely competitive. Davos would always try to better Imperius, but it very rarely happened, as his older brother was always a bit faster, stronger, and more cunning. The one thing that Davos did have was his looks, and this is where he bested Imperius. They both courted the same girl, and Davos was the "winner". Imperius was sour for many months afterwards.

The summer of Imperius' 19th year, he was at House Aballon's remote country lake house alone with Davos and his girlfriend. What happened next became the talk of the region for years. (What happened next are what most people of the region will attest to, but then again, there is no concrete proof to any of it, other than there were two deaths.) Both Davos and the girl were found dead in the lake, with Davos' body showing signs of a battle. The girls body showed no marks, other than that of strangulation. Imperius still bares the scar of the only injury he sustained that day, a nasty cut along his nose. Imperius has stated they were attacked by a small group of Orcs and Golbins, and he was able to fend them off, but not before his brother and the girl were killed. There were no bodies of Orcs or Goblins found in the area. Imperius has not said another word about this since that day.

House Aballon forever changed that day. His parents grieved immensely, with his mother taking it exceedingly bad. She hanged herself a few months after the incident. His older brother Willard, alienated him even more, angry at him for not being able to save Davos and the girl. His father, Malathorn, became a shell of his former self. He kept to himself, broke off communications with many around him, and very rarely left the castle. With the "fall" of the once mighty head of the family, so fell House Aballon.

Imperius also changed that day, he became the very opposite of the delightful young man he used to be. He always seems to carry this air of anger about him, and typically does not care for the company of others. There are very few people that are close to him, with Balok, his personal assistant, being with him the most.

As for House Aballon, it's days of glory have disappeared. Partly due to the fall of both Marathorn personally, and House Harkon in the eyes of House KaBall. The Castle is no longer the majestic place it once was. Malathorn has done little in terms of leading the house for many years, and it's no secret that Willard is the force guiding House Aballon these days. Their father only a figurehead at most.

Imperius was pledged to House Harkon as House Champion by his brother Willard, as a showing of loyalty to them. As much as Imperius hates the "role", he understand what it means politically for his family, especially when you're talking about Lord Craigor.

His role as House Champion for House Harkon requires Imperius to spend a decent amount of time at Castle Dulfon, and with it carries a familiarity of most of the important staff members of the House. During his down time at Castle Dulfon, Imperius is usually found with his childhood friend Lady Efena.

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Old Jan 8th, 2014, 10:42 PM
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Baronet Lunigen Harkon

Closest Alignment: LE
Race/Age: Human, ~22 years old
Rank/Function: Second son of House Harkon, House Diplomat

Languages: FluentClair'Vont, FluentDa'Vont, AdvancedNorth Tribal, AdvancedBla'Vont



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