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Old Feb 17th, 2014, 04:56 PM
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Mortal Combat


In this thread:

1. Rules for PvP combat.
2. How matches are decided.
3. Match pairings.


1. Stealth: The trickiest one. Here are the rules on stealth.

Despite what the book says, you may make a stealth attempt at the beginning of a match, despite the fact that your enemy can see you from 500 away (provided they made a spot check).

A properly stealthed opponent's exact location will not be shown on the map until they are spotted or attack.

If your opponent makes a spot check to see you, you suffer a -5 penalty to stealth if you stay in the same place you ran to during your first round. However, if they cannot see you from their vantage point and you move to a different hiding place in your second round, you may make a second stealth check at no penalty.

If the opposing player fails to see you at the beginning of a match, you may make a stealth test with no penalty for your first action.

To reduce searching time, an opponent will search for a player not by moving around until they come within range, but will search one of the four quadrants the map is divided into. So if Joe Shmuckatelli is hunting for Susie Rottencrotch and she is hiding, he will not post every single move action but will instead post, in OOC text (along with obligatory IC RP), "My character is searching <name of quadrant> to try and find <opponent's name>."

An initial stealth check is used to hide, but an unawares opponent passing into the threat zone of a hidden opponent is entitled to a second Perception test, albeit at -5.

Two stealthed opponents searching for each other may stumble upon the same quadrant while both being hidden. In this case, a second Perception vs. Stealth roll is made. If both opponents are still hidden from each other, each will roll an Initiative check adding Wisdom and a +1 bonus for the Combat Reflexes, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, and any relevant Skill Focus feats they have. Additionall, the player with the highest overall initial stealth check will gain a bonus to their roll equal to the margin above which they surpassed their opponent's stealth check.


Joe S. has rolled a 38 stealth check. Susie R. has rolled a 32. Both have successfully hidden from each other and cannot find each other. As Joe is looking for Susie, they come within 50 feet, the maximum effective range of Susie's bow. The DM asks for an Initiative roll from both: Joe has 8 wisdom, the Improved Initiative feat, and the Combat Expertise feat. He gets a -1 to his Initiative roll due to his Wisdom modifier, but a +1 for Combat Expertise, and a +6 because his stealth roll was higher. Susie gets a roll as well. She receives no bonus due to her initial stealth check being less than Joe's. However, she has a +2 Wis modifier, a +1 for Combat Reflexes, a +1 for Evasion, a +1 for Uncanny Dodge, and a +1 for Improved Initiative.

Joe's Dex bonus is +3, his Wis is -1, and he has a +7 total bonus otherwise. He rolls initiative with a +9. Susie has a +3 Dex bonus, +4 for Improved initiative, +1 for Improved Initiative, +1 for Combat Reflexes, +1 for Evasion, and +1 for Uncanny Dodge. Her total initiative bonus for this roll is +11.

Both parties roll their initiative. Susie beats Joe by 3, and so she notices her opponent first and gets to act first. If she beats his initiative roll by 5 or more, she can get a surprise round on him.

2. Perception

These are home brewed a little, so bear with me.

Players starting 600 feet away from each other (off the map) on a flat plain must make a DC 10 Perception roll to notice the other opponent. In an urban setting or a setting with mild cover, this roll is DC 15. If the opposing player is in forest, bushes, or behind some sort of cover, the Perception DC is 25. This is ONLY TO NOTICE THAT THERE IS AN OPPONENT 600 FEET AWAY.

Opponents begin 600 feet away from each other, but all fighting must take place within the actual arena area.

3. The Arena

The arena itself, when both opponents enter it, will be surrounded by a visible border of shimmering lights and colors. Any opponent willfully or unwillfully passing through this barrier will lose automatically without any ill effect.

An opponent who willfully tries to run away and passes through the border will instantly lose and will no longer be able to stay in the tower, having to find their own way home.


If an opponent runs, is pushed from the arena, or is killed/rendered unconscious by injury (not by a magical effect), they lose.

The final match will take place in four parts: first is a "first hot" round, where the first opponent injured will be the victor. The second match is a race, where both opponents must pass three obstacles to get to the end to be victorious. The third match will be decided by the victor of both earlier matches (or, in the event of a tie, by both) and will be a skill test. For every match someone wins, they will be given a boon by the gods they are fighting for. The fourth match will be a battle to the death.

Maiming an opponent's corpse or taking a trophy from their body is strictly prohibited, unless it is absolutely necessary for an opponent's religion or powers. Petitioners will collect the bodies of the fallen and perform the necessary funeral rites according to their religion, if they have them.

At any time, if an opponent wishes to surrender, they may utter the words, "I surrender my title" and will be instantly, peacefully, and painlessly slain.


These will be decided randomly, with each character having their name chosen from a lottery. OOC, this will be represented by each player being assigned a random number before each match and a die being rolled to determine their opponents.

Matches will be held in simultaneous, separate threads.

At not time will attempts to sabotage another opponents be ICly tolerated. Unless you think your PC can get away with it. But these are gods, so don't tempt fate.

Violence against another opponent with intent to kill outside of the arena will not be tolerated.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT COMBAT RULE: Even if utterly obliterated by an attack, you may still post a "death quip" upon defeat.

If at any time a very intense individual possibly high on cocaine should run up to your character and randomly shout "MORTAL KOMBAT!" into his or her ear, the character is allowed to kill them.
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