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Old Mar 27th, 2014, 11:39 AM
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NPC, Terms, and Places

The Following is a growing list of Names of NPCs met, some small and some large, in case one forgets a name they want to recall. This post is updated and added to for completeness. If I've forgotten an NPC, or Term, or Place please post a reply and I will amend the list. Also, an alphabetical listing of terms that have been used in-game to flavor the world by myself and players. In addition to these, are place names that the characters, in various parties, have traveled through that are of significant.


Turn 1
Benthis al'Fin : a halfling calvery centurion who finds Fib and Crunan outside the legion and, later, finds Cyrus, Angeli, and Uyrai as they escape what hunts them. Some tension exists between the little man and the Commander, Guntur Eko.
Brightborn : a fabled league of assassins priding themselves in the Art of the Kill who arrange their dead in macabre displays with hidden meanings attached. Rumored to be a cult of Lamashtu
Elizda, centurion : Meets the Five outside camp upon their arrival.
Eskeli Chizoba : Olufemi’s son. Guides Cyrus and Angeli. Gives his life to protect them from the White Hound
Essa, centurion : Light Cavlary centurion who greats the 'Five' in galley tent first night.
Fabiana, centurion : a woman who wield fire by Power. Enlists Eveynil to perform Incendia upon her cousin, a centurion who had died on duty.
Fineeikí : the leading ‘Mother’ of Kaiwhakaora o'te Ringa'ma
Iastra : a thckly built women Majas meets as Piotr and Miakata duels
Livia, centurion : an aquantence of Scipio. On guard for Guntur when he arrives.
Jesup : The yard 'commander'. The Bull. Meet Scipio. An old Immune (see terms) of significance.
Josep, centurion : Optio of fast attack unit who greats the 'Five' in galley tent first night.
Livia, centurion : an aquantence of Scipio. On guard for Guntur when he arrives.
Kaiwhakaora o'te Ringa'ma – The White Hand: An Ancient healing sect Cyrus and Angeli are sent to by Olufemi Chizoba, governor of Mehdiya
Olufemi Chizoba : Governor of Mehdiya, met by Cyrus and Angeli at their arrival at the Cliffs of Mehdiya. He has also been called, at various times, Slave King, Scourge of Flesh Men, privateer, pirate, and the Righteous Hand
Prefect Estarte : the Legion of Spring’s Praefectorus Castrorum
Puna’o’Pirai : the black basalt fountain that seems to overtake Crunan and Fib
Szakadék : a hidden valley of Mehdiya deep inside a rend in the ground called Ishtar’s Edge in which Kaiwhakaora o'te Ringa'ma have lived for ages
Tona Wairua Yotai : the heart of the Yotai ruins. It intervenes against the basalt fountain when Fib and Crunan are overtaken by it
Uyrai : a girl among the White Hand of extensive power


bonus mane : good morning
cibia meridanus : the main mid-day meal
Ceveo : Legionnary obscenity
curia : assembly
Domina Umbran : woman of shadows, a term Guntur calls Miakata
evocatus : a legionnary who has served his time but volunteer to continue to serve
gratias pribi ago : I thank you.
ferramentas : artisen tools
Ignosce mihi : excuse me. Used by Majas to Miakata when his eyes are distracted by her dress and figure
Immunes : a member of the Legion, auxiliary or regular Legion, who holds a special position and performs a specialized task
Incendia : the Burning, either on a bier or mass grave, of brothers and sisters who have died
jentaculum : the morning meal
lorica : segmented armor of the Legion
moyang : a tribal term indicating Great Grandfather. Used by Ikan Khulit.
optime : congratulations
Optio : Chosen man of the Legion, the man or woman chosen to manage supples for a Cohort or unit
parma : shield
praeda : Loot
Praefectus Castorum : camp prefect
pietus : devotion to duty
pugio : dagger
"Salve" : "hello"
semi-spatha : short-sword
spatha : longsword
speculatores : a small Legion unit who act as mesengers, scouts, skirmishers, assassins, envoys, intelligence, etc. Quinque is one such unit for Alida
tenacitus : tenacity
vesperna : the evening meal


The Spire, Raguska : a known oracle in the frozen highlands of Raguska

Sigurna Luka, Mehdiya : the only hospitable port along Mehdiya's coastline. Fortified stone piers lead to an intricate system of platforms and pulleys. Cyrus and Angeli enter Mehdiya from this route by boat as Matthias' fleet attempt a landing and are repelled by catapults from the high cliffs above.

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