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Old Jun 2nd, 2014, 08:16 AM
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[ - Traits - ]

Before you go on...While in the world of Gielinor, the Feats and Traits of your characters are very different than you might be used to on the distant lands of Golarion. The Feats and Traits in this realm may have some similarity to the ones back on Golarion, but they have been tweaked to be more friendly with the new setting and the realms within. Please make sure you've tweaked your character's Skills by viewing the Skills thread before attempting to select your Feats and Traits.

- The Traits -

The Traits in Gielinor can be adopted by anyone of any race/class, and while it doesn't matter what you are, it matters which traits you have since they literally define you. Pick your traits wisely as you only get 1 trait to start off with and cannot change your mind. Also, unlike the Golarian Traits, these traits will influence your gameplay and allow you to open up some new branches in the storyline with some custom actions. Just remember not to pick 2 Traits that contradict one another. If your trait governs something in your life (Such as a place you went to or a long time you spent doing something), you should be aware not to pick something else that contradicts it.

left-aligned image
Blade Poet
" The Pointy End goes into the Bad Guy. " - Harrallak Menarous
You have been taught to master the art of the Blade. You do not only wield the Blade. You are the Blade. You get a +1 bonus on any skill attempt to identify Weapons and their abilities (magical or not.), and a +1 bonus to Damage when using one kind of weapon (Slashing, Piercing, Crushing.)

left-aligned image
Armed and Armored
" In order to become a true master of Armor, you must first sleep in a cuirass, swim in a hauberk, and dance on sabotons. " - Gamfred the Dwarf
You have been taught to master the art of strapping multiple lumps of iron on your body. You gain a +1 AC Bonus when wearing Medium or heavier armor, and once per day, you can make a skill roll without an Armor Check Penalty.

left-aligned image
Arcane Apprentice
" Just remember, it's not the size of your wand, it's who you shoot it at. " - Prof. Zavistic Rarve
You have been taken to the Wizards' Guild in Yanille to learn the arts of Spellcraft and Arcane Wandsmithery, you gain a +2 bonus on all rolls to identify Magic Effects, and Magic Potions increase your magic level by 20% more.

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Pit Fiend
" First rule of Fight Arena, you don't talk about Fight Arena. " - General Khazard
You've begun your life grinding for a living in the Khazardian Fight Arena, learning to fight hand-to-hand for a quick buck. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage when fighting one-on-one against a single opponent. (If the fight is disrupted, you lose the bonus.)

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" Us Fairies might look weak, but we exterminated the Orcish Hordes, we defeated the Dark Legion, and we turn children's teeth into combat mounts. " - The Tooth Fairy
You've had an encounter where you absorbed some Magical Potential Energy from a Fairy, you gain 2 Fey Spells right away with a +2 bonus to Magic Damage when using Fey Spells.

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Metallurgical Practitioner
" Heft well your mighty hammer, for your metalcraft is a divine calling. " - Thurgo, the Imcado Dwarf
You've Practiced the art of Blacksmithing and gained the ability to smith much better armor than usual. Armor Smithed by you gains a random Tier I Non-Magical Enchantment.

left-aligned image
Animal Lover
" Don't get them Wet, and Don't feed them after Midnight. " - Pikkupstix
You're naturally good with handling Animals. You have a 20% higher chance to summon Tier I and II Familiars, and you can tame pets 50% faster.

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