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Old May 16th, 2015, 10:54 AM
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Wayfinder Foundation Records

Here is held a record of each Wayfinder who takes to the field! Yours shall be among them!
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Old May 16th, 2015, 11:53 AM
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Name: Zanserath (Kalashtar) "Zan"

Concept: Zan is a shadow watcher atavist and acts a sleeper agent/operative of sorts that travels through Khorvaire under the guise of an adventurer. Zan's ulterior purpose is to gather intelligence and report on Inspired/quori activity and, when able, interdict and disrupt them, but outwardly be adventuring for the gains and to fight generally for the cause of good. As a kalashtar atavist, he will have a roguish skills to maintain the low profile that is indicative of most kalashtar (actually even more so), but will have a martial skill with a splash of psionics that will encompass the abilities he gains through atavism. Zan will do what he can to mask that he is a kalashtar to all non-kalashtar and even to most other kalashtar that he feels would not have a need to know, instead acting and playing any number of roles dependent on the guise that he has adopted at the time.

Class: Cryptic (Distorter Archetype), this class represents the knowledge and skills as Shadow Watch member with distorter archetype to reflect the shape shifting and perception warping hashalaq Quori of the Serath lineage. The aegis is the shell of Serath/hashalaq Quori and shifts as needed to meet Zan's intent.

Race: Kalashtar

Homeland: Zan was born in Sharn, but as a Shadow Watcher he travels in search of signs or rumors of Inspired or Quori-led incursions or plots throughout all of the lands of Khorvaire. While, Sharn would be the closest thing to a home for him, he stays away for personal reasons to mask his pain and second so that the true actions of his brother and his followers are not discovered by his telepathic kinsmen.





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Old May 16th, 2015, 12:32 PM
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Name: "Kazimir" <Actual name unpronounceable by non-Gnolls>

Concept: What is the Measure of a Monster?

Class: Ronin Samurai

Race: Gnoll

Homeland: Droaam



Sponsor: Artemy d'Deneith (Cavalier). A Dragon-Marked scion of House Deneith, Artemy is a close friend and capable subordinate of Baron Breven d'Deneith. Artemy is singularly capable in the arts of combat and leadership, but notoriously vulgar and crude in behavior. He fought in many battles of the Last War and distinguished himself as a leader and swordsman of quality. After the Treaty of Thronehold ended most of the open conflict between the nations, Artemy turned to training Deneith's standing forces; he is a talented instructor, though often prone to disregarding established doctrine in favor of his own whims. His vulgar behavior is sufficient enough to see that he is rarely brought into the presence of the easily offended, unless offense is the intent of the visit.

Artemy is Kazimir's former instructor and superior, and Kazimir strongly reminds Artemy of a "fluffier, pointer-toothed version of myself as a young man". While Artemy is (thankfully) not directly responsible for teaching Kazimir and the others how to behave socially, he has taken it upon himself to instruct them in the finer points of seduction when dealing with those of noble station. Mostly for his own amusement.

The Wayfinder Foundation seems an odd mix for someone like Artemy, but the Wayfinders often find themselves in need of guards and mercenaries to safeguard their resources abroad. Artemy's ham-fisted volunteering of Kazimir did ruffle some feathers in the ranks, but Artemy is confident that Kazimir has the ability and training to make a good showing of both himself and House Deneith. Besides, there are few among the Wayfinders who would rather have any but Deneith's forces protecting them, even if Kazimir himself is not the... expected vision of the mercenary house.

1. To loyally serve House Deneith, enacting all issued edicts and safeguarding all assets. The needs of the House are of prime importance.

2. Loyalty to the group is tantamount; bonds of fellowship are inviolate, nullified only should harm be directed against House Deneith.

3. Compensation must be received for all services rendered, whether by money, favors, or other payment.

Music - Enter Shikari, The Last Garrison

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Old May 17th, 2015, 03:14 PM
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Thrak the Green

Concept: A druid trying to keep the balance within himself and the world.

Class: Druid

Race: Minotaur

Homeland: Originally Droam, now wanders the outer wastes of the Mournland in an attempt to heal the land as well as he can.

Background: Born in Droam to a tribe enslaved by Naga Thrak was cursed and blessed from his birth. Thrak was small as a baby, not much larger than a newborn Orc. While growing he seemed to do so more slowly than his kin, his only real area of note was how quickly and proportionately large his horns grew. Stories began to be told of old chieftain king's who were regal of horn and smaller of stature and when the whispers reached the ears of the Naga Priestesses the order to kill the runt went out. Thrak's tribe secreted him away, giving him to the first people that they found. The people happened to be a small grove of elven druids in the forests outside of Droam and they took the young Minotaur teen into their care without question or comment.

The first few years were rather simple and incredibly pleasant. The druids found the young Minotaur to be receptive to the magics of the world and the languages of the animals. Unlike his kin he relished the primal power of magic and his new found freedom brought him a peace that few of his kin could ever hope to achieve.

After a decade passed tragedy struck in the form of The Great War. The druids of the grove were called to battle and even the apprentices were required to fight. War removed the inner peace Thrak had achieved, it removed his joy and replaced it with fury, removed his compassion and replaced it with cruelty, and it removed his hope and replaced it with bitterness. The battles were messy, Thrak led multiple charges while rallying soldiers with his mighty bellows and his figure, a titan on the field with enormous horns, standing head and shoulders above all but the orcs despite his small size for his race. His ax glowed with an inner light as he hewed man and beast, his mighty archelon companion acting as an impenetrable and powerful wall that tore apart anyone foolish enough to get within reach.

Six months of battle, six months of blood and pain, six months of death, and Thrak only felt greater rage. It was not until the end of the sixth month that the war became a sorrowful act for the mighty youth.

Death of a brother.The battle was a slow slog, his troops had taken more land than they had given but it was an uphill battle, a hill now churned with blood and liquid fear. Another boulder rocked the ground nearby and the screams of halflings and humans echoed in the open air. The Orcs who formed the majority of the druidic shock-troops howled with joy and a bellow erupted from Thrak. The enemy quivered, the thought of dying brought fear to them and joy to his allies and as such the victor was already known.

As roots ripped the ground apart around them the enemies finally broke but it was too late, the druids and their beasts charged and tore the rooted men to pieces. The battle turned quickly and Thrak and his men finally crested the hill and the sight before them was a nightmare manifest. A row of leveled balista fired as they saw the druidic strike force and the great bolts struck out with terrifying speed. A bolt caught between Thrak's horns and tore his neck backwards, slamming his head backwards and pinning him firmly to the ground. The greatest pain came from within, he felt his bond to Beor snap and with it his mind shattered...

The Minotaur that had taken a bolt between the horns stood up, tearing the bolt that held him from the ground and grabbing it with his right hand and stared at the ballista teams. The first to begin reloading found a bolt punching through their entire rig. Vines with razor sharp thorns tore through the ground and ripped apart man and machine all around the enormous beast. The Minotaur charged and let forth a blood curdling roar as it's horns skewered two men as they fled and his ax took a man apart at the waist. The ax went tumbling through the air and split a man's head like a melon and rooted firmly in his chest.

A sword was torn from it's sheath gutted two men in quick succession before getting stuck in a spine. A spear cut the air with a savage grace and created red smiles on a dozen throats before flying through the air to pin a man through his hamstring. The frothing Minotaur walked slowly to the pinned man and when he got close he crushed the man's skull with one massive hand. As the blood soaked Minotaur looked across the battlefield he saw no more foes, nothing more to kill, and he collapsed.

For a day he slept among the dead...

After the battle Thrak forsook war. He deserted and became a wandering healer and helper, he put up barns and cured fevers, he improved crops and tended gardens, in all honesty he lived for the first time since the war started. It was after the end of The Great War that he found his next purpose, healing the Mournlands. Two days of traveling brought Thrak his most peculiar and now most beloved companion, a sapling treant by the name of Guardian.

A new friend.Thrak traveled the edges of the Mournlands for only a couple of days before he came across the first of many peculiar sights, he saw a wolflike creature savagely attacking a tree that seemed to want no interaction with the angry beast.

Thrak approached the situation with some trepidation but seeing a creature of the wild and what appeared to be a moving tree he knew that his duty could not abide turning his back to the situation at hand. He tried to reason with the wolf-thing but it quickly turned upon him and attacked. The young Minotaur tried to simply keep the beast at bay but it seemed hellbent on striking him and only then did he notice something odd, the creature had some form of worm crawling within it's mouth. He was unsure what the thing was but knew that if it was infected with something it was likely a threat to more than just himself and so he decided that fighting the thing was the only option he had available to him.

Before Thrak could even land the first blow the wolf-thing was hit from the side by a savage blow from a limb of the tree creature. It seemed that while the creature was patient with whatever decided to strike it there was precious little patience for the creature attacking others. Together Thrak and the young treant quickly dispatched the wolf-thing and the worms crawling around inside it's mouth died in a matter of seconds. Thrak thanked the tree in the languages of nature and of fey before he continued his trip through the Mournlands. After a few minutes it became clear that the young treant was following him and so the two continued in companionable silence for many days. Twice more Thrak was attacked by the wolf-things and twice more the young treant came to his aid.

A month after the two had met Thrak did the only thing he could think to do with the protective sapling, he performed the druidic ritual of binding taught to him by the elves and he found himself immersed in the connection between the two. For the first hour his senses were overwhelmed by the information flooding through the bond but as the time grew longer and the freshness of the ritual wore off he found that the spirit of the sapling was much the same as the spirit of Beor, there were subtle differences but the two both had a love of protecting others and worried little about their own lives.

The two returned to traveling and it was now with the companionable silence of two who had no need to speak with one another for their every thought was known by the other.

It was nearly a year after the binding that the two finally left the Mournlands, now stronger than when they entered but still needing to become stronger still if they truly wanted to deal with the heart of the problem in the blasted and ruined landscape and so Thrak did the only thing he could think to do, he returned to the grove that had once nurtured him and taught him the ways of the druid. The trip took little more than a month and when the two arrived Thrak was overjoyed to find that the Archdruid had returned but his joy quickly soured when he found out that Archdruid Idrial was the only one to have survived the Great War. The return was a tearful one but as Thrak explained what he had been doing, and also explained what he needed to do to finish the job he had started, Idrial quickly wrote him up a letter, one to be taken to a group known as the Wayfinders. Idrial explained that the Wayfinders would give Thrak the training and power he needed to deal with the destruction wrought upon the Mournlands and that wen the time came Idrial himself would help the young druid to cure the land of the blight that had befallen it.

Anything Else You Want:Music that I am listening to while writing this.


Update: Out of the hospital, long story short had a blood clot that didn't break up with medicine that wreaked a bit of havoc on my lungs, seem to be past the worst of it just some breathing troubles remain.

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Name: Lady Theyda ir'Wynarn
Concept: Heir to a noble and savage line.....of pirates.
Race: Human (Lhazaar)
Class: Fighter

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left-aligned image

Name: Kynon Rockfoot

Concept: A stalwart, teetotaler of a dwarf. An outcast that was useful as a guard but has decided to set off on his own, unsatisfied with making money for others. Not greedy, per se, but certainly uninterested in people making money off his back.

Class: Paladin - Stonelord.

Race: Dwarf

Homeland: Korunda Gate

BackgroundKynon was born to a family of moderately successful merchants. Being quite young, his older brothers were already quite involved in the business, even when he was young. Instead, he showed an interest and an aptitude for martial pursuits from a young age. His father, seeing the opportunity presented him to House Kundarak and they agreed to train him, if his father signed a contract on his behalf, stating that Kynon would serve in the Iron Gate for a minimum of five years once his training was complete. An act that would sour Kynon's opinion of his father for years to come.

Kynon completed his training and arrived at the gate, where he was soon approached by members of the Platinum Fist, a cult within the guards of the Deep Mine that are devoted to Kol Korran. Once admitted to the cult, he began training in the ways of the Stonelord, learning to harness the power of the stone around him.

The guards were aware of the war, and did have to fight off the odd raid, but they were not embroiled in the larger conflict. Kynon is relatively ignorant of the goings on for the past five years that he spent in the depths.

After his mandatory service, he decided not to sign an additional contract, still angry that his father made this decision for him so long ago. And so he set out to find his riches. A brooding, seldom cheerful dwarf out in the world with no ties, few friends, and family he cared not to see again.

Adventures PastEarly in his guarding career he was on a small patrol with another member of the Platinum Fist when they came across a large patrol of goblin cavelings. The guard routinely dealt with small packs such as this, but rarely with only two guard members. However, Kynon and his companion were caught off guard by them and soon surrounded. With his shield and large mace, Kynon was able to dispatch several of the pests while his companion did the same - a feat that the guards would discuss for weeks in the mess hall. A recruit, fighting as well as a seasoned veteran, outnumbered and surrounded? It was almost unbelievable. The only thing that made it believable was the condition they both arrived in. They were both on death's door, only barely making it back to sound the alarm and collapse in a heap.

It was after this expedition that he was approached by Talrog, an acolyte of the Platinum Fist, about his thoughts on Kol Korran. Kynon has never been much for religion, but in an effort to not alienate anybody as he didn't know anyone there yet, he humored Talron and agreed to learn. He soon found himself hungry for more information about the god's place in the pantheon, seeing so much that he already agreed with. It wasn't long after that that he began learning the ways of the Stonelord.

Sponsor: Faldar Gemborn, also a member of the Platinum Fist but who has never be Kynon. A skilled rogue an ardent follower of Kol Korran who is strongly motivated by coin and isn't above doing some questionable things to acquire it. A cult master at the mines sent word to Faldar that Kynon was making his way out on his own, and that he had directed Kynon to seek out Faldar as he thought the two were quite similar.

Character Sheet

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