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Old Oct 20th, 2021, 05:29 AM
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Mongoose Traveller 2 - Alternate Character Generation

Over the years I've come to dislike the Traveller character generation. Not because of the 'you get injured' thing* but because you often end up with a character that has no relation to the concept you have in your head.

Yes, I fully understand that Traveller is a game of nested minigames and Character Generation is just as much a game as Trading, World Design, Ship Design as well as Tactical Combat and Ship Combat. I also understand many people like the "I'll play what the rules throw at me" concept, but for those who don't I offer the following character generation house rules that keeps some of the random aspects but also starts all the players off the same and also allows a bit more control over what you get.
Like all systems like this the rules are for mature players and not someone who'll abuse it to min-max. This is to allow you to create a concept and not a monster.

Alternate Mongoose 2 Character Generation
- Two Year duration terms (optionally Three Years if all players agree)
- No survival rolls
- GM mandated term limit. Six (6) terms.
- Two skills automatically each term. Roll the first, choose the second
- Roll for commission/promotion as normal but do not allocate skills
- Muster out as normal.
- University still takes four years
- Do not roll for ageing

- Modify the rule for skill limits (page 17, 'Skill Limits'). Add:
'All characters can have at least ten (10) levels of skills'
- Ignore the following section: (Page 17, Commission)
'You may only attempt to gain a commission in your first
term unless your SOC is 9 or higher, in which case you may try for a commission in any term.
However, there is DM-1 applied to a commission roll for every term after the first.'

Skill Changes
Replace the existing Gun Combat skills with:
Gun Combat
- Handgun
- Longarm

*Death in character generation went out with first edition

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