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Old Jan 16th, 2022, 01:27 PM
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December PotM

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Despite the fact there were only four posts nominated this month, it was still a challenge to choose the best one this time. The motivation, reasons to nominate were very helpful and by saying that I want to give some gratitude to the ones taking the time to nominate. Respect for you all, it shows compassion for the site and you are providing the stage for a RPG-member to shine.

This month, please turn your lights to this post, written by Solid Snek. Congrats with your Post of the Month win and your entry even gets straight into the Post of the Year 2021!! Before reading and adding that well-deserved RPXP -> this post was nominated by HotsuSama because (quote) of the vivid sense of place that suits the whims of the flighty poet taking this place in, and creates a suite of both physical details and a palpable sense of mood that the other players can run with. High praise so please go and check it out.

The other three posts nominated are worth reading! Fun fact: two posts were actually bard-characters, could that mean anything? Or nothing?. While Elinir nominated this post written by Black Jim there were compliments made about the depth of a character being shown through trivial triggering a memory. Black Jim managed to create an insight into his character by exactly doing that. The other bard post, 'He is a gambling man' written by Strangemund, nominated by Lazer because of (quote) 'Strangemund has created such a beautifully conflicted and lovable character in Kaz, and each new post adds a little more, a new angle from which to admire this gem'. This character is loved by the other players each post a bit more, which is a very positive thing in a game.
No bard this time, but also worth a read is the post written by Yoshimi --> here. Bananabadger said some words of praise about the 'Yoshimi has brilliantly mastered the fine line between camp, comedy and drama in this over-the-top adventure'. This does trigger some curiosity I assume so click that link, start reading and throw some RPXP around :-).

Enjoy reading, read the reasons and motivations for the nomination over here and don't forget to nominate a post yourself! We need you to nominate and share your admiration and the best place to do so is over here; PotM January.
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