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Old Jan 23rd, 2021, 11:59 AM
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Sulion smiles. "The Underdark isn't quite the start of what we call Drow, the Underdark [OOC - Which is consistent with what Nallaul would have been told]only came after the Demongate Wars as a means to escape notice. Granted, before that they often lived below ground, just not nearly so deep. Aheka was also a very different place too, more dark and desolate, so light didn't bother them so much."

There's another smile as he talks of jealousy. "What can I say? I'm a very giving person. Positively selfless you could say."

She nods along to his talk of Xulolin and Triss. "At least she has no more access to divine magic, but she was taught psionics by one of Zera's children, so who knows what she might truly be capable of? Or if Zera implanted suggestions into her mind through the seer."

Her expression flits about at his last question. As if he had managed to put her in a difficult position and she was looking for a way out. "Ask me again at the end of the night and then I'll give you an answer."
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Old Jan 24th, 2021, 11:19 PM
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"You give yourself too little credit Bane. You are a much better judge of character than I."

Brood nods at his assessment of Morgan. For all his bravado and fanciful conversation, Morgan had certainly shown his worth through his deeds. Everyone she had talked to about him thus far seemed to trust him.

"What of her?" Brood says, turning her eyes towards Eve. Silverforge had been unsettled by the lady. What did Bane think?
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Old Jan 26th, 2021, 06:18 PM
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Nallaul considers her demeanour as, and after she answers. He realises he doesn't actually know if she likes the way she likes her. This could be him being the greatest fool in the world. So he smiles sweetly at her. "I think that doesn't work for me. You can come and find me, chase me instead of me chasing you. Tell me how gorgeous I am. As in human parlance, I'm a catch." Nallaul keeps the tone playful, not being a jerk. "See you later sunshine. Or not. Your decision."
The Arachnomancer makes his way over to Zilira. Smiles at her as he asked. "How is namar enjoying the party so far?"

He's referencing her earlier interaction with her grandkid earlier in the thread.
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Old Jan 30th, 2021, 10:46 AM
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She suddenly broke into a big smile and convulsed forward as she held one her laugh. She pursed her lips with difficulty, holding it in.
"What foul brew it must be! I know of no fruit able to spin one's head so." She snickered. "Not without also twisting one's guts in a knot and seeing nightmarish creatures for hours, at least."
She pondered the idea, wincing amusingly. "But having witnessed drunkenness at play, I believe I'd rather never learn its dance. I do enjoy having a clear mind."

She didn't mind much places like this would scarce or even completely absent where the Children would settle. Taverns were but one of many places where Art could be expressed and the heart of the community would just reside where the community would place it. She thought of the bonfire outside and the current festivities.
"I doubt it will be an issue for them. A fascinating culture, theirs."

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