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Old Mar 5th, 2023, 09:28 PM
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Meet The Judges

This thread is for each of the hosts and judges for this year's competition to introduce themselves as well as to share a little about what they think the ideal submission would look like. All contestants are recommended to read this thread carefully, and note what the judges are looking for, and how they will score you. As per the last few years, there are 'judging guidelines' to help make the judgments not too surprising, create more consistency between them, and help carry some of the load for those judging!



Iron DM 2023 is here - Check it out!!
GM of: Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute (2007 HOF),
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Old Mar 5th, 2023, 09:50 PM
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Savoy here, at your service as one of your hosts!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table in this year's competition. I'll be serving as the chairman this year which is mostly about answering questions, arranging the brackets, tracking the results from round to round, judge wrangling and, doing whatever bananabadger and Ildrahil ask.

Firstly, I appreciate the commitment and hard work that goes into competing in the Iron DM. Please have a sense of humor and humbleness when receiving feedback from us. You're signing up for criticism and praise but its that first one that gets people sometimes. In this year's tournament format, we are all reading A LOT of games. I've asked the judges to score each pairing and using the "win, loss, draw" format and to provide feedback only on the criteria that had the biggest impact on their decision.

left-aligned image

As a judge we want to give guidance on what will help hone and deepen your already strong DM skills and sometimes, we have to dig deep to find something that might help. Regardless, these are just our opinions and always meant to be constructive. Don't take it as a personal hurt or attack.

That isn't why we do this.

My best 'pro-tip' for you is not to get too hung up on the numbers game but to really lean into the judge's comments. There is some real gold in there and if you really want grow in your skills the Iron DM arena, that is exactly what you'll do. Truly, we're here to build you up - both when you advance and when you don't.

A little about myself:
  • I'm a teacher, Engineer and woodworker artist in RL - so I really get into both the details (the pieces must fit together very well) and love innovation. If its not a new take on an old trope, you might want to keep thinking.
  • Be crystal clear on the mechanics. If I have to take more than a few notes on how the mechanics work, you haven't been clear enough.
  • I run OTU & MgT2 Traveller, FATE, all versions of DnD and have experience with a large variety of popular "indie" RPGs. I appreciate the effort that it takes to pick game mechanics that go with the spirit of your work.

- Savoy
Iron DM 2023 is here - Check it out!!
GM of: Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute (2007 HOF),
Traveller: The Third Imperium, Strixhaven: Academy for the Gifted & Game of Thrones: House Ascending
New here? Try a New Player Solo Game for 13th age, CoC, DnD, FATE, Pathfinder, Traveller.

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Old Mar 5th, 2023, 10:48 PM
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right-aligned image

Welcome to Iron DM 2023!

I am here to serve on Savoylen's triumvirate of organizers and to fill in as a judge when needed.

Also, and more importantly, I am here as your fan.

It takes a lot of time and effort to submit these entries. I understand and respect that. I promise to work to make this a great experience for the time you will put into the event.

I'm delighted that this year features innovations such as four short opening rounds of no-elimination play. These are changes inspired by member comments and built on respect and admiration for the formula that has been perfected over the years.

So, let’s go forth—kind, bold, and brilliant!

And ... if you are in it to win it (and why not?), here are my Top 7 BananaBadger Tips.

Now get out there! Whip those ingredients into shape! Oh yeah, and sign my jersey with your name and numner on it, will ya? I'm your fan!
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Old Mar 14th, 2023, 02:03 PM
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Howdy and welcome to the 2023 edition of Iron DM!

right-aligned image
I too am one of Savoylen's staff (<-- read that as gofer and minion) and a judge when and if needed.

I volunteered to do this because I can't wait to read what you all create. I have read them all, every entry, every year since I started on this site. Why, you ask? Is it because I'm a masochist? Is it to help me sleep at night? Could it be as penance for some long ago misdeed? No, it's none of those things. It is because what has been created and what you all will create is amazing.

What you all are getting ready to do is quite an undertaking. You will have to devote time to make each entry the best they can be. But what you create will also live on. Know that you can use what you make here and others will use it. The directions you go and the things you write will serve as inspiration for you and for other for years to congratulations and thank yous are in order.

Yes, in order to make a good omelet you have to break a few eggs and we certainly hope what you create is as tasty as this feta and spinach omelet. There is Spartan blood flowing through my veins and feta is my cheese of choice...don't judge...that's my job here! Please keep in mind as you create the people here judging are all volunteers. Understand that they have real lives outside of here and they will get to your submissions when they can. Also, you can disagree with a judge's opinion but still respect it. Remember, we all have opinions which are informed by many factors, each opinion is unique, and none of them are wrong here. So, break some eggs but lets be civil about it and not break any relationships.

As my friend and fellow adventurer bananabadger said so well, I am you fan. I have no doubt what you create here will be simply amazing. To help you achieve that amazingness, you should take a quick stroll down memory lane and read what some of the others who have come before you have written. Although this year will be slightly different than last year, which was slightly different than the year before, inspiration never changes. Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules.

As far as tips go, I'm going to list a few, starting with the most important:
  • This one is the most important in my book, have fun. If you aren't having fun you aren't doing it right. Having fun is what keeps you going.
  • Make what you create plausible. The folks reading this are human ( I know, no Orcs or Elves, sorry) and human nature to favor things that are plausible in the mind, even if you are reading about a talking tree, a ship firing its gavitron torpedoes in space, or a vampire about to mesmerize her next victim.
  • Use backwards planning where you can. I spent 22 years in the Army and backwards planning saved my life on occasion. Plan your time from when something is due and make a schedule and try to stick to it. Make sure you have time in your schedule for the unforeseen/unknown.
  • Details are great, they help with the plausibility aspect and to explain mechanics. Too many details are bad because they can get you into trouble and often make it difficult to understand the mechanics of what you are trying to convey. If you are the least little bit unsure of what you wrote, you can be sure we will be. Go back and simplify it.
  • Like that wonderful omelet to the right, use the ingredients to help you. Sure, some of them will be challenging but they are also there to spur creativity.
  • Develop your characters but as my colleague said, really develop your big, mean, bad guy. Yes, I am saying think Call of Cthulu...and then go bigger.
  • Learn what all the tools here do and use them to make your creation better, but don't overuse them.
Who is this Ildrahi? Well, I've been playing RPGs for a very long time. Probably as long as anyone here since I started playing before D&D was even D&D. I started playing when D&D was in an appendix in a game called Chainmail. I have played every version of D&D and most of the supplements and game worlds. I have also played games such as Cthulu, GURPS, King Arthur Pendragon, L5R, RuneQuest, Shadowrun, Traveller and so many others I can't remember them all. I retired after 22 years in the Army and yes, RPGs helped me stay sane on a few pretty lengthy deployments. In addition to RPGs my hobbies include hiking, hunting, and reading just about anything but especially fantasy and historical fiction.
”Come back carrying your shield, or on it.”
ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς

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Old Mar 24th, 2023, 11:42 AM
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right-aligned image

Hello there I have been invited by the esteemed hosts and creative team to be one of the judges. I have competed here in the past and, in all honesty, failed each time. So, my best advice to anyone who is trying to be an Iron DM would be to not do anything that I did. Especially check the length of your post and secondly try not to write a story. Yes, a good DM is telling a story but there’s more here than just storytelling.

Finally don’t let any judgement here affect your decisions to DM here or in person. Being an Iron DM takes a special talent and you can still be a great and, hopefully, beloved DM without winning.

Okay now onto who I am. A long time ago a young pony was born in Ponyville, she grew up to become the Queen of all things pony….wait…ahem…

Ysolde is a 49 year old woman with a wife three children, two dogs, four cats, and a large tank of fish. She lives close to a large city on the east coat and this year she’ll be legally since 2015spiritually married for 25 years. She works a boring desk job and her wife teaches in an inner city school which impresses her ever so much.

Ysolde’s oldest twins are in college for engineering and astrophysics while her youngest is in high school. She’s been DMing since the 1980’s in various physical formats and electronic since 2013. She currently prefers the fifth edition as it is closest to the original D&D she grew up with. She’s DMed Cthulhu, Rifts, pathfinder, and many more over the years and has her own personal style she likes to consider chaotic with a dash of order.

Ysolde’s biggest fandom after gaming is My Little Pony, but after that she’s into a host of other fandoms as well. The list is so long she decided not to list it for fear of missing one.

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Old Mar 27th, 2023, 10:39 AM
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right-aligned image
Hi there! I'm so happy to be here, judging IronDM 2023. I have gotten so much entertainment and joy out of IronDM in years past, both spectating and participating, so I'm honored to be invited to put my oar in and help make it go. It's such a unique and interesting writing challenge. If you're hesitant to participate, I urge you to give it a chance! Your judges are here to support you, and while we're scoring you we're also rooting for you and looking forward to reading your work. IronDM can be a huge growth opportunity as a writer and gamer. The ideas you kick around here could be the seed of a future epic adventure, and we are here to help you polish those ideas.

I'm a writer, a literature teacher, a mom of 2, and a long-time PC gamer from the days of original Starcraft and Tomb Raider. I also play the guitar and violin in a folk band, coach a sword dance team, and love to spin, dye, and knit wool. While I have been playing RPGs since middle school, I was a "forever DM" since college, until I came here to RPGX. The people I've met here and the experiences I've had -- wow, what an awesome part of my life, both during the pandemic when I started, and still now as "real life" resumes. One of the most intense experiences on RPGX for me was IronDM 2021, where I came in second.

I made two big mistakes in the final round, which I will share with you, to show you what to avoid.

Big Mistake #1: I came in with a preconceived idea for a setting.
What you should do: Let the ingredients tell you what the game will be. Get your list, think about it for a couple days, let the elements emerge: a cool setting, some interesting NPCs and a villain, and a challenge for your PCs to solve. In my final round, I had this really great idea that I'd never used in a story or game, and I was determined to incorporate it. Bad decision. It sucked up a lot of my word count, and had nothing to do with the ingredients given. I kind of knew it was a mistake at the time, but like a belligerent fool, I insisted. In hindsight, I can see how much better my adventure would have been if I'd come in with a blank slate. Don't let this regret happen to you!
Big Mistake #2: I chickened out on using "other" game systems.
What you should do: Choose the game system that best suits your story. There are a bazillion RPGs out there, each with different quirks, mechanics, and opportunities. In the first three rounds, I picked a niche game, a really old game, and a PbtA game, but when it came to the finals I had a crisis of confidence and reverted to D&D5e. I came so close to using Dungeon World that I had a draft written in that system, but I got worried about my handle on mechanics, and faltered. Don't set yourself up for this regret -- be bold and embrace the variety! As a judge, i don't mind learning about a new (or old!) system that I don't already know.
Okay, a bit more advice:
  • Steal formatting from previous years' entries.
  • Find a buddy to proofread for you and help you edit for clarity.
  • Take a couple days to think before focusing on an idea.
  • Make great characters to populate your adventure.
  • But make sure the PCs are the stars!

Have fun! I hope to see you in the stadium.
The Iron DM competition is open and the crowds are going wild. Round 0 is live!
[A List of Challenging Ingredients] + [Your Imagination] = [Epic Adventure]
Step into the stadium for a site-wide celebration of creativity, and write your way to glory.
Old Apr 3rd, 2023, 08:31 PM
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I'm here to judge for a couple of weeks (not the last one) and do what I'm told. Looking forward to it.

As for what the ideal submission looks like: I'll be sticking to the guidelines, and emphasising fun on the side. Would this be entertaining/engaging for people to play?
Old Apr 5th, 2023, 09:30 AM
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I'm back for another year of Iron GM, and I'm excited to have once again been invited to be a judge, for... an 11th time now. Wow, time flies.

For those of you not already familiar with me from my previous experiences: I've been a published author for close to a decade now, with my work including 3rd edition, Pathfinder, and 5th edition. I've gone through self publishing, and my name is the lead author for multiple 3rd party adventure paths. I'm also a father of two, and although I have a degree in video game design, my day job is in traditional publishing. While I've only published a few dozen pages this last year - I have a lot of experience in what makes a good story, a good adventure, and good structure.

I've been actively gaming since late 2nd edition, and have tried everything I can pull a group together for: from the mainstream 3e, 4e, 5e, oneDnD, and Pathfidner (my personal favorite), to less popular games like GURPS, WOD, and Powered By Apocolypse, to some relatively obscure systems like: Slayers, Mouseguard, Beast Hunters, Kids on Bikes, and Gardens of Ynn. And this only counts the games I've actually had a chance to play - I've read plenty more.

I literally wrote the book on what an Iron GM judge should score on, but personally my biggest recommendation is that you take care that your work is clear and cohesive. Keep your work organized and think the whole thing out from one end to another to ensure that it's realistic. Remember that although judges will be reading it, you should be pretending that it might actually be used by a GM - and while it's okay to confuse or surprise players sometimes, it's always a bad idea to confuse or surprise the GM who is using your work. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the adventure presents the only path forward something that I think a party of adventurers is unlikely to do.

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Old May 30th, 2023, 11:19 PM
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Formatting (and back again) for the name change, but the content still applies.
Originally Posted by Bhelogan View Post
I'm going to do something new this year, but first, my obligatory quote:


Now, for the new part. What I list above is just the basics of a decent entry, but I feel like digging deeper into what makes a great entry would be useful. I've looked over and considered the type of feedback that I have given in years past, and I think there are a few common elements there that take a submission beyond just being good to being great. I am going to try and consolidate all of that here, so without further ado:

Keys to winning Iron DM according to Bhelogan
  1. Formatting - This is a chance to show us your BB Code-fu. Formatting of your entry should make it pleasing to the eye, and make it easy to follow. Formatting that is either ugly or detracts from the flow or organization (despite being extra pretty) will hurt your entry. Most Judges (but not all, we have some oddballs out there) are going to use Drake (no background) as their theme. So, when in doubt, double-check how your formatting looks with that theme.
  2. Ingredients - A perfect ingredient usage is one where the ingredient is key and central to the plot, easy to spot out, but still feels organic to the entry. It needs to be used in such a way that it cannot have a substitute, and still be the same adventure. If it feels like it was added ad-hock just to be included, or if it could be replaced with just about anything else and not impact the story, then you will not get full marks for its usage. Sounds difficult? It is, but that is what separates a decent entry from an amazing one. I appreciate a table at the end of your entry stating what the ingredients were, and how they were used. Don't make me hunt through your entry five times trying to figure out if something is there. Ingredients can be used literally or figuratively. A mixture of both can be a lot of fun.
  3. Word Count - Nothing will kill an entry faster than going over your word count. Being significantly under though is almost as bad. Use ALL of your words, and make them count. If you try to do too much with your story, segments will get thinned out, often putting them in a state where your entry would be better without them. If you come significantly under your word count, it may be better to flesh out something you already have, than to try and add something extra to the entry.
  4. Use Available Resources - This kind of ties into word count, but, if you can point to a specific resource for a stat block or monster (e.g. Frostmare - Monster Manual page 245, swap fire resistance and damage to cold resistance and damage), you will save a significant amount of word count vs. trying to build and include a whole new stat block for the creature. Using bolt text to point to an official printed reference is a common practice in printed D&D 5E modules, and is acceptable in Iron DM.
  5. Second Opinions - Where possible, try to get someone else to read over your entry before you post it. Not one of the judges, or competitors, but someone you trust to give you an honest opinion. If they say everything looks great and you are ready to go, fire them and find someone else. You want them to spot things that you don't see. Simple spelling mistakes, clumsy sentences, flow, and missing information, are all things that a second pair of eyes can spot that you may miss. I am no English major myself. If I am spotting major spelling and grammar problems, then there are some serious issues in your entry.

And, don't forget the Pro Tip: To win, you must score more points than your opponent!

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Old Jun 1st, 2023, 05:02 PM
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left-aligned image
HI, I am Fillyjonk, and I’m really excited to see what you come up with. I’ve been spectating Iron DM since I joined the site, and I am delighted to have an active part this go-round. I love the creativity I have seen on display in years past.

I’m a novelist, a mom, a scuba diver, and a lifelong avid gamer (not in that order) who has taught writing seminars and workshops all over the country. Homebrew/original one shots and scenarios are my favorite thing. In the last two years, I have playtested two original one shots; You can see one I wrote, Battle of the Bards, in the Hall of Fame Games forum, and The Banshee Bride, a collaboration with lostcheerio, is in the Finished Games forum. My long-running Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign is so fraught with homebrew that in eight episodic chapters, only 1.5 have actually born a resemblance to any content in the module; I love writing adventures, collaborating on adventures, reading original adventures, talking about original adventures, so I will be reading your work with a lot of joy and interest.

As a judge, my first job is to help you recognize your strengths as a writer/game creator. My second is to provide constructive criticism so you can play to those strengths and hopefully move forward in the contest. I’m a sucker for plot twists, clever encounters, and a creative use of the elements.

IRON DM IS LIVE! Play here. LRN2PLAY here. Chat here.
BOOK CLUB PICK! Discuss Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century here.

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right-aligned image

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Ah, the creativity to come! The weaving of stories and systems together will be absolutely wonderful and fun. If you are partaking in this journey of IronDM there will be much to explore with your writing and imagination tempered by logic and sensible rules. Perhaps you will join to polish your skills or to simply share your vision. Perhaps you are here to test your wits and gain guidance by those offering their time, sharing their joy for gaming.

When I arrived at college in the mid-80's, my first goal was to find a D&D group . Before I was out of college, I was dragged to my first LARP, terrified it would be over the edge. I've co-written LARPs, rules, worlds, mythologies, and a Vodou magic system. Way too many years were spent playing in the World of Darkness, then Buffy the Vampire Slayer, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, more WoD, and back to D&D with 5e. Finally. Phew. Back into the light! What I'll be focused on the most, more than likely, is the Player's Perspective and Storytelling. How do you express your excitement and pleasure with writing your game, using the ingredients? What tone is set? Is there cleverness or humor in what you write or is the game all business from square one? Will there be particular attention paid to the environment? How will the players feel heard and really know they are the ones who are to shine in the game? I cannot wait to find out!

I look forward to reading what you all prepare and present, and encourage current and future DM's, GM's, Storytellers to join this difficult but worthy challenge. Thank you for inviting me!

Posting: Slow and/or waffley due to RL.
"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes." RBG

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Enter Dragoon
left-aligned image

Oh hello, I'm AnotherDragoon and I can't wait to be a part of Iron GM. I've always read along and marveled at the talents displayed here so when offered a spot at the Judge's table, I couldn't refuse. As a player making the switch to the other side of the screen I will be your biggest fan so, please don't take any judgments personally only one of my favorites can win.

I have only been playing for around three years. Never could convince any friends to play and was somehow oblivious to play by post, but I've been reading every rule book I could get my hands on since the mid-Nineties. I'm a dad of two young children and two dogs, who knows his way around a kitchen and enjoys reading, music, plants, and PC gaming when I can scrape out sometime. I love all the creativity we get to put into this hobby together.

So, how to impress Ol' Goonie? It's not all that hard, honestly. First, formatting matters. As plenty of chefs have told me, you eat with your eyes first. That, of course, translates to: Presentation is everything. Formatting matters. You can write up the most innovative and amazing story ever but, if it's a struggle to read or hurts the eyes it's just not going to be as appealing as something plated a little cleaner.

Next, show me something I haven't seen before. That's the simplest and quickest way to get my attention. I love stories and my favorite one is the one I haven't heard yet. Anyway, don't forget to have fun. That's what this is all about, a celebration of the talented folks that make the games we play possible!
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Hello! Glad to be part of this year's Iron GM.

I have been GM'ing for quite some time and tend to run more games than I play in. I'm also a bit of a glutton for punishment, as I have a soft spot for the lesser-known games (which tend to garner less potential players--but I try anyway). However, my penchant for fringe rulesets has put quite a wide variety of formats in front of my eyes. From this experience, I can heartily agree with many of my fellow judges, that formatting can make or break your submission. Even the greatest idea in the world may not score well if those reading it cannot follow it (I'm looking at you, Mörk Borg)

Beyond formatting, I love games and modules that try to do something creative and different. The trick is doing that something well. I enjoy seeing contestants using the ingredients in unique (but logical) ways.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

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