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Old Aug 20th, 2023, 08:56 PM
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Outplay 2023 Final Judgements

left-aligned image
Entering into the Outplay 2023 finale, we have two competitors. Let's review their stats and see how they break down:

First, we have the veteran competitor, having won Outplay in 2019. With a join date of April 2012, a post count of 7155, averaging 1.73 post per day, and an impressive RPXP 14491, we have Qiksilv! Quicksilv plays an engineer from earth known as Samuel Adams.

Second, we have the young upstart, joining in Januray 2023, a meager post count of 743, but an impressive 3.40 post per day, and a quickly growing RPXP of 2801, we have squirmonkey! squirmonkey players the Counselor from Mars, David Albright.

Purley by the numbers, this looks like a lopsided match. A 1st round knockout would not be a surprise in the least. As every sports fan knows though, the numbers don't tell the whole story. That is why we play the game!

To see how things turned out, we turn to the judges:

OOGM Notesavoylen had a family emergency that kept him tied up this week. As a result, we are excusing him from posting judgments, however, he was in agreement with the end result.

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Old Aug 22nd, 2023, 11:05 AM
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Round 4: An Invenstigation
right-aligned image
The ship lurched to a sudden halt as it made impact with the ground once more, tossing its occupants about in such a manner that they were hard-pressed to avoid being injured ... well, injured any more than they were already. They barely had time to process the full consequences what was going on around them when the rear hatchway of the vessel flew open. The muted clanks of magnetic boots echoed down the hallway of the craft as they approached the bridge. They were here. The colony's armed space marines, a force to be reckoned with. A company of uniformed soldiers in sleek, imposing armor flooded the room, fanning out to take positions surrounding the current occupants of the bridge and leveling their plasma rifles menacingly to cover everyone.

At the head of the group was a familiar figure, the diminutive officer who had delivered crew evaluations for the simulation. ""Hands where we can see them!" they barked out in a voice that might've been a bit too delicate to command respect ... were it not for the dozen or so plasma rifles that hummed with energy, the barrels glowing faintly.

"President Perez is hopping mad at the whole lot of you guys right now. She was this close to charging in here and liquidating all of you herself. Lucky for you, she sent me instead to sort our who's responsible for this mess. Now, someone or something on this ship has been transmitting audio of everything that's happened over the past thirty minutes or so, and I'm actually of the opinion that at least one of you should be rewarded for keeping this dookie-storm contained. So here's how i see it:..."

Investigative Report on 'The Incident'
squirmonkey as Counselor David Albright
Enjoyability/Creativity10David has been so fun to read throughout the entire competition, and this conclusion to the story felt so complete and satisfying. That fact that you both collaborated so closely on everything made it just that much sweeter. You write an amazing villain. Hats off to you.
Clarity, Formatting, Technical8I found myself going back and forth a lot more with the rolls in David’s posts than Sams, having to remind myself what CN we were rolling against, counting up successes for myself and looking for the presence of crits. The math always worked out in the end, but iIt would be helpful if that was all explicitly laid out in the summaries. I was also a little thrown by Day 2, when David made a humanity roll with job training justified as an attempt to fake a panic attack, when the real mechanical action for the round seemed to be searching for weapons. It left the tast of trying to justify gaming the system. Other than that, it is clear by now that you have mastered the mechanics of the Outplay system and figured out how to take advantage of them to drive the story, as evidenced by your exquisite breakdown in the planning thread of how the results of the final roll would play out. Also, the back-and-forth with Bhel to verify the validity of your actions was an excellent example of how players and GMs should work together..
Grammar/Writing10If there are any issues with grammar or syntax, I didn;t spot them.
Plot Advancement/Character9This week started a little shaky for David’s character. The intense xenophobia felt a little sudden and the transition from machiavellian plotter to action hero was jarring, but boy did you finish off strong. David’s descent into mania was a terrifying pleasure to behold, and he truly took his place as the central character of the story. Day 5 was an incredible conclusion to the anti-hero’s journey that tied everything together for him in a satisfying little bow.

Qiksilv as Samuel Adams
Enjoyability/Creativity10Sam continues to make me smile every time I read his chapters in the story. He is such an amazingly relatable and compelling everyman caught up in circumstances way bigger than he ever wanted. This week we got to see him try out some new roles, being the voice of reason by negotiating with hostile aliens and talking down the equally hostile doctor. Seeing him as a fish-out-of-water was a risky challenge, but you managed it artfully.
Clarity, Formatting, Technical9I love that these post summaries are always the clearest and easiest to follow. Amazing job detailing all the circumstances leading up to your rolls to justify the potential outcomes while still leaving an opening for GM adjudication. There were a couple spots where minor glitches with formatting interfered (incorrect links, the dice roll-edit kerfuffle), and I am still trying to figure out why you didn’t make any rolls on the final day. That being said, when you do roll, you integrate the mechanics so artfully into the narrative that it flows seamlessly for the reader
Grammar/Writing9There were a couple minor errors with syntax, but nothing that got in the way of readability.
Plot Advancement/Character9Sam was probably the most consistent and well defined character in this competition. Everything he does is so believable based on what we know of him. His motivations are clear and relatable, and his individual voice is so clear and unique. It felt a bit like he gave up the spotlight at the end of the week though, letting David become the focus of the story. I know this was a result of the intense collaboration you guys did to create a compelling and satisfying story, but it was a bit of a risky move for the final day of a competition..
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Help Me Find a Home for These Characters

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Old Aug 24th, 2023, 05:56 PM
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Two excellent sets of PbP writing, gameplay, and collaboration. I am astounded.

You took us on a wild ride with David and it was spectacular. There was never a dull moment. I love this conclusion for him, and it was an especially skillful use of character development. We saw the, ahem, many faces of David over the course of this competition, and this big finale really tied a lovely bow on the whole thing. I liked your use of just the right amount of visual interest. And, of course, that shiner was really something special.

I enjoyed each of these posts and admire the talent you put on display. You adjusted to feedback and kept upping your game week after week. At times I felt like Sam disappeared into the background, but in re-reviewing I found he'd just been doing his ultra-competent thing, not going after the spotlight, and carrying the story forward thanks to your excellent writing. You were also a role model for excellence in formatting with the Summary section.

So, here's how it goes:
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Old Aug 25th, 2023, 11:41 AM
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Round 4 - Final Judgement

The writing and collaboration put on display during this competition is something all pbp players should aspire for. The whole swath of players who have participated in this competition have woven a fantastic story!

Everyone should be proud of the time and effort they have poured into their posts.



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Old Aug 26th, 2023, 08:33 AM
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And, tallying up the scores the results are:

Yes, that is correct! We have a tie score! This year, we have co-champions, Qiksilv, and squirmonkey! Congratulations to the two of you, not only for making it to the finale but for writing such a collaborative narrative together that our judges were so impressed with the collective work that a single winner was impossible to determine. Were this an earlier elimination round, I would serve as a tie-breaker vote. In this case, though, I happen to agree with the judges.
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