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Old May 21st, 2006, 05:40 PM
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Game Rules guidelines

Hello Everyone,

In an attempt to be both fair and clear, this thread will contain forum rules not specifically stated in the Site Rules. All rules there do take precedence. Its always wise to re-remind yourself of the posting policies of this site on an occasional basis (and this does include moderators too, so if you think I need reminding, please do not hesitate to tell an Admin).

This post will update infrequently, but we will try to keep it as up to date as we can.
  • Posting Information from other Sources: When posting other information from outside books, or requesting said information, we follow the basic idea that most books are not part of OGL content (if they are not in the SRD, it is not OGL safe). This means that you should paraphrase the content to keep the site and yourself from getting into trouble. If you find it easier, direct people to your question by putting the page number and paragraph (for example: in the PHB2, pg 82, paragraph 6, I'm confused about why it doesn't work.). Even if quoting it does not violate any laws, at RPG Crossing, this is not appropriate nor accepted. If you aren't clear on what is acceptable and what isn't, please do not hesitate to PM any Mod or Admin to help answer the question for you.
Anyway, thanks for reading this, and we look forward to reading more interesting discussions on the rules of the game(s).

For questions, please send a private message to a current staff member/super moderator.

The RPG Crossing Staff

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 03:11 PM
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When posting a new thread, if asking for advice and/or rules clarifications regarding a specific RPG, please make sure to reference the system in the title of the thread. Thanks.
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