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Old Jan 25th, 2022, 05:32 AM
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Ranger spells [D&D 5e]

So, upon reaching 2nd level, I get to pick two ranger spells. Every discussion I see emphasizes Hunter's Mark as the hands down best spell to select. Can someone explain why? Yes, it makes being able to hit better (I think). It may even give you advantage in combat...but just you. It definitely gives you advantage on tracking the target of your Mark. But Ensnaring Strike, if they fail their save, gives your entire party advantage, not just you. Wouldn't it be better for a team game? Helping your party succeed in their attacks?
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Old Jan 25th, 2022, 10:44 AM
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Many people see it as essential because in combat Rangers serve much like fighters, doing consistent damage (whereas Paladins are better for big bursts of damage, and Barbarians are better at simply taking a beating). But Rangers can often feel outclassed by Fighters in the damage department. For example, they lack the number of extra attacks.

So Hunter's Mark makes up the gap. It buffs their damage just a bit on each hit. But it buffs ALL their weapon damage. It gets them closer to the frontier of what a fighter can do, damage-wise. It's exactly the same as a Warlock's Hex. If you want a melee warlock, Hex is really important to keep them competitive. Without those small buff spells, Rangers and melee Warlocks can feel discouraging - like a glass cannon that can't even be a proper cannon. Hex and Hunter's Mark are about doing consistent bigger damage. That's their role.

If you don't want to be "consistent damage dealer", then Hunter's Mark isn't really important IMO. That said, I'm paying a bard who focuses on de-buffs and let me tell you, it feels bad when your de-buffs (like Ensnaring Strike) fail because the monsters make their save. That's a risk you run with effects that permit a save. Sometimes you give the whole party advantage. Sometimes you're useless for a turn. Hex doesn't permit a save (though it does require concentration). Again, it's a spell about consistency.
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