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Old Apr 7th, 2019, 05:21 AM
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Character Sheets Group Two

Sheets and Character Descriptions below:
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Mephis Goldenfur

Appearance/Personality: Mephis is a rather handsome individual, provided you like prefer the Gracine form. He stands a few inches above five feet, with short horns that neatly sweep back over his coiffed mane. His fur, a rich russet hue, seems to shimmer in the light, giving him his name of Goldenfur. To strike a counterpoint to his appearance he is often seen in flashy, nay gaudy clothes, generally overflowing with silks and jewelry. Were he in another profession he might seem very much the typical swashbuckling pirate. As is, he appears a touch eccentric, his flamboyant nature serving as a screen to hide his rather shrewd mind.

His natural grace quite nearly matches the nimbleness of his mind, and certainly he fancies himself to be the quite the wit. Perhaps it is merely the social nature of his race, but Mephis seems born to talk with others, easily slipping into the tongue of another, no matter the complexity involved. He is curious to a fault, but perhaps never more so when there is a young faun (or other shapely female) to be discovered betwixt his sheets. Though he likely could, he does not brag about his prowess, for he knows such actions are impolitic.

Background: Mephis was born within the capital city of Lindisfarn, raised amongst the machinations and complexities of court life such as it is. He was always quite the social young billy, dancing with the nans, young and old. When Agragj, one of the Initiates, singled him out, none was more stunned than he, though as he learned more about his talents he came to realize that his success was but one aspect of his magical leanings. The old goat recognized the performer within and encouraged Mephis to explore the idea of performance. Through acting Mephis found his soul, learning to channel his passion. Agragj helped Mephis find the connection between performance and innate magical leanings, creating a relationship that at times bordered on more than a mentor.

Given his natural talents he was inducted into a troupe, where he often was cast as the leading billy. In his spare time, when not chasing young does or performing, he found that he had quite the knack for set construction, but more than anything he loved constructing little dolls that he would give to the kids. Life would have continued apace, for Umberland was far more cosmopolitan than the furthest reaches of the island and an Initiate could have quite the successful life acting as a professional mourner, a role that Mephis was all too happy to play. Having begun to grow his fame as a performer, known for acting just to the point of disbelief in his mourning, he often found himself invited to the parties of the nobles. That is until he could no longer control himself and directed his intentions on the younger daughter of the Aprémont family.

It would have been bad enough that he seduced her, but apparently his seed was strong and Mephis found himself the unexpecting father. Her family, who had been planning to induct her into the Pelons, was enraged. To have her chances as a priestess ruined, and by an Initiate no less? Mephis learned of the desire by her family to hunt him down and to have him weathered, a prospect that sounded very displeasing to him. Skipping town on the first non-Gracine merchant's ship he could find. Mephis managed to barter with the To'Ari captain and found himself dropped off without fanfare in a port town of Haze-Lo.

He puttered about, performing off handyman jobs within the area, a wastrel with nary a piece of coin to rub together in his pouch. Eventually, finding the tasks at hand complete (but in reality finding the food of the skinks unbearable any longer) he caught transport with a caravan headed into Getta territory.

In Poyne he found a familiar sight, understanding the court structure quite well and settling in with good graces. He managed to attach himself as a mediator for a middlingly wealthy Poyne merchant by the name of Velmik who enjoyed putting on airs about himself. Becoming a bit of an emissary for Velmik, he found himself shuttling between Urarj and Poyne on a regular basis. The exchange was mutual, Mephis had a home and money, his frequent traveling affording the opportunity to escape detection from the Aprémont's bounty hunters. As for Velmik, Mephis' natural charm and ability to understand others helped to create a steady stream of income that boosted him into the ranks of the newly minted lords.

When the opportunity arose for a lucrative deal in Ezenian lumber Mephis found himself summarily shipped out. Having just settled the deal (with a quite favorable bonus for his employer) Mephis readied himself while waiting for his transport to leave.
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Character Description
right-aligned image
Name: Prince Brucían Pough
Age: 34
Race: Grauhn

Appearance: Brucían is a member of a race of previously unseen whale-like anthopomorphs known as Grauhn. He is rather large, standing eleven and-a-half feet tall and weighing almost six hundred pounds. He could be considered humanoid with two arms and two legs, although his face points straight out from his body, meaning when he is standing upright his head points vertically with no neck to speak of.

Personality: With a confidence that can only come from a young, headstrong prince of an unchallenged kingdom Prince Pough strides into every new day with a cock-sure attitude that he can best anything he is presented with. He speaks properly and boisterously, and his voice carries a melodious quality that most others can't help but find enchanting. Exploring a brand new world full of wonders he and the Grauhn have never seen before is a dream-come-true for Brucían.

Brucían is careful to not let his boldness give way to pretentiousness, however. He is always friendly and quick to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, regardless of station. His craving for attention doesn't let him turn his nose up at anyone; he would much rather a lowly serf be grateful for his gregarious nature than think of him as too stuffy.

Background: Brucían was born into the Pough dynasty, the Grey sub-species and widely considered the most powerful of the Grauhn royal families. Raised as any prince would be, Brucían was taught art, history, etiquette, and formal military training with the Grauhn weapon of choice: the trident. As the seventh son of King & Queen Pough XI Brucían wanted for nothing, and in fact became quite mischievous as he had virtually no responsibilities outside of his schooling. Even into young adulthood he could be found gallivanting with young ladies and attending the whole gamut of parties, from royal soirees all the way down to barroom brew-ha-has.

When the rifts opened to the upper ocean and the landmasses above, many prophets decreed the Moon Mother had sent an invitation to the Grauhn to reveal themselves to the world above and that the next age was upon us. The Grauhn have no idea a second, "Blood Moon" had emerged, and will most likely view this with panic and fear. The Council hand-picked one ambassador from each sub-species to journey to the surface. Each ambassador was chosen for their overall leadership skills, adventurous spirit, and theological understanding of the Moon Mother. They were expected to make formal introductions, and begin negotiations to treat, trade, and form alliances with whomever they found as well as commune with their Goddess and ascertain her wishes for their people. Brucían saw this as an opportunity to finally prove himself as the important, powerful Prince he always knew he was. Although the Council had faith that Prince Pough would serve the Grauhn well, they were relieved to give him a purpose and a direction that took him decidedly out of the kingdom so he would stop aimlessly carousing day and night.

left-aligned image
Ally: Before setting out on his quest and as was due someone of his station, Brucían was bequeathed a squire... of sorts. Imogen was serving out a life sentence for robbery involving one of the royal families' shipping businesses. The Grauhn penal system is rather progressive and after ten years of exemplary behavior, Imogen was granted a modified parole. If she served Brucían loyally and diligently during his time on the surface, she would be granted the opportunity for a leniency hearing. For Brucían's part, he was glad to have someone who could shed light in the dark places and her skillset might just come in handy for whatever lay in store for the pair...
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Character Description
Name: Cassius Philippos
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Character Sheet:

Appearance: A 5’10’’ wiry human stands enfolded within black academic robes. His face is heavily obscured by his hood, drawn down almost to his nose, with glimpses of grey eyes underneath. He does not appear to have any facial hair and his skin looks quite pale. His body is also typically obscured by his robes, but at times one notices cloth armor and leather boots worn underneath. On the rare occasion that his hood is thrown back, his face appears pale but not sickly, common by human standards, forgettable in fact. His black hair is drawn into a tight ponytail at the rear of his head.

Personality: Upon first meeting Cassius, one would immediately notice his calm demeanor and precise language, befitting a master philosopher from Myrna. However, this exterior precision is balanced on a razor’s edge with interior chaos, of which Cassius is only partially aware. The more one gets to know this philosopher, the more they subtly notice Cassius’s fight against himself, his struggle against his inner urges and desires. His driven nature and fierce loyalty help balance out this inner struggle. Cassius is driven to find answers to life, to the world. This is what originally led him to become a natural philosopher, and has also led him to seek out answers for his current inner demons. This obsession to find answers leaves him typically researching, reading, and thinking. This can result in a somewhat aloof persona, at times. However, Cassius's aloofness is countered by his loyalty to friends and colleagues. A loyalty that has found him come to physical and intellectual blows with others for the sake of his friends.


Myrnish Narrative: Cassius Philippos was a tenured master of Natural Philosophy, Occultism, and Xenology at the southern Myrnish Academy. To be a master of one field of study was to be esteemed by one’s colleagues. To simultaneously be a master of three was considered an oddity. Cassius, however, was not intentionally odd, he just easily remembered things. His memory was so large, in fact, that it was said he could remember anything after reading it once, and this was true. This is why Cassius was also known as “the bookless,” because of his penchant to carry around an entire library in his head and nothing in his hands.

Cassius was a devoted natural scholar, so devoted that he was open to questioning widely held Myrnish assumptions. One such assumption Cassius quietly questioned was the assumption of Myrna being the center of the universe. Cassius’s study of Occultism and Xenology gave him the intuition that the actual center of the universe was the Broken Bridge, with its many non-human races. Similarly, Cassius questioned the widely held Myrnish philosophical assumption that non-human races lived without a “soul.” Cassius’s study of other races - specifically the Ux and the Gracan - led him to view non-human races as containing a soul, even if that soul differed in unknown ways from the human soul.

Cassius was devoted to the Southern Mynish Academy, and largely benefited from his tenured position as master lecturer of his chosen fields. For example, it was the academy that stood beside him when he ordered books on the occult and Broken Bridge races to continue his studies. While this was viewed strangely by other masters, it was supported nonetheless. In return, Cassius viewed his duty to the academy seriously, and generally exceeding expectations placed on him for research, service to the academy, and teaching.

Cassius’s devotion extended to his friends and colleagues. He would selflessly put their well being above his own, almost to a fault. This selflessness balanced out Cassius’s studious nature. In fact, Cassius was not above engaging physically to protect a friend’s honor or person. As Cassius was not physically gifted, he did not typically come out “on top” of these skirmishes, but his friends appreciated his selfless loyalty.

His service to the academy at times called for him to travel to other human nations to discuss and debate pertinent topics, such as his positions on Natural Philosophy and Xenology. It was on one of these voyages, a trip to Saurolo, that his ship was lost at sea.

Shipwreck Narrative:

Cassius would later write to his colleagues back in Myrna about his ship wreck, his apparent rescue, and subsequent need for a sabbatical and continued research into the Broken Bridge. He would obtain an academic robe from an Uxian academic in Kashmar, and begin his journey southward, searching for answers and understanding.

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Appearance: While the males are more colorful than the females among the avian race of the Inaripat, Tihomir's dazzling blue and white streaked body paired dazzling green eyes makes even many of the males in his caravan look plain in contrast. His lithe frame outlined by heavy plumage gives him the look of somewhat plump dancer, and his long, golden legs carry him on a stride that look as he is always in step with a choreographed ensemble. He stands at a fairly average height for his kind, and only slightly taller than the other males at just over four feet tall, though as the Inaripat can do, he can make himself look taller, broader, shorter, or smaller by manipulating his brilliant plummage. The avian cloaks himself in music nearly always, whether on a small stringed harp, his reed pipe, or simply his melodic voice. His gentle tones can fill the air gracefully, hardly noticeable to those around except as a pleasant, far off sound or as a great fanfare impossible to ignore. He is most often garbed in colorful, loose fitting wraps that can be tied back or tucked during flight, with small pouches woven into the folds. Various trinkets can be found in these pouches, and when asked, he claims the pockets themselves are his most prized possession.

Bio:When one’s first memory is the faces of a crowd looking up at you on a stage, one might learn to live all of life as if he is on a stage. Tihomir was born well after the Inaripat found success as caravans of performers, selling laughter and tears to the many races of the lands, and even among his own people was a natural when it came to the stage. Whether song or poetry, drama or comedy, Tihomir had been able to bend the will of most any crowd before he had molted his down feathers and learned to fly.

Besides learning the nuances required to master the performing arts, Tihomir picked up many other skills from his own people: carpentry when building props and stages, how to address high society, carving depictions and art into various materials, and firing pottery shaped by his own hands being among them. Though, like many of his race, knowledge of magic captivated his mind more than the crafts that accompanied his arts. His most important skill, though, was learned when he met Shkieversin the Rak'Ari.





Rune NameRuneAssociated WordSecondary AssociationDifficultyBase Energy Cost
UruzStrengthenRepair, MakeHard1
ThurisazþTransformGateway, TensionHard3
RaidhoSenseKnowledge, NameHard2
GeboFoodOffering, GiftEasy1
HagalazWeakenBreak, Harm, EndHard1
PeorthoMagicMystery, SecretsHard2
EhwazMoveTravel, ProgressHard0
MannazBodyHuman, Self Average3
Blank Rune DestinyMagic, UnknowableVery Hard4

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