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Old Dec 31st, 2017, 12:00 AM
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The Wayfinder Foundation

GMPost a description, background, and bio of your character here, once it is completed!

And no pictures, please.
Tentatively getting back to it...

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Name: Ky Ravsen
Origin: The ruins of Cyre
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: Ky is a true daughter of Cyre. Tall, lithe and elegant, Ky moves with an innate grace which some might attribute to her being perhaps a dancer or actual lady, though in truth it is a skill inherent in her blood and practiced each night she spent out 'acquiring' items. Chestnut coloured eyes and ebony hair frame a pale, delicate boned face, leaving one to almost assume Ky to be fragile, though the steel to her eyes suggests clearly otherwise. Ky typically allows her hair to fall freely about her shoulders, the waves tumbling just barely beyond the nape of her neck, though when at work, the tresses are pulled back into a tight bun, preventing any interference.

Personality: Gregarious, outgoing, chatty and charming, Ky is a delight to spend time with as she seems to always have a way to keep a conversation going and everyone included. At times she might seem too chipper even, that some may worry she is not as serious as she ought to be considering the danger which can face anyone while attempting to remove the fire-ball trap from the door, spikes in the floor or assorted ceiling based dangers. She often seems to be almost everyone’s friend, but if one stops to think, they may realize it is rare that Ky provides anything personal about herself, indeed in that regard she is utterly vague about most personal details save the most obvious. If pressed or directly asked, a flash of darkness in her eyes, perhaps a tightening of her jaw before she will flippantly change the conversation onto anything other than herself.

Background: Ky was the only child of an alderman within her small home town. A position which offered her in the earliest years a measure of comfort even as a war raged about them, and rumours of death or destruction seemed to always carry in the wind. While her mother had died during childbirth, Ky had never lacked for love or attention, nor was aware that there was anything other than the constant whispers of adults speaking of things they wished to shelter the children from. It was a small town, and as most small towns might come across, the war had reached out and begun to nibble at their edges. Wayward soldiers, brigands, rebels, whatever else one might consider may accompany battles and unrest, all began to apply a greater pressure upon the town. There had always been troubles managing goods, trade was not always consistent, but now even things grown by locals, made by locals were going missing, and with it, so too did the occasional lad or lass not return from the fields.

Despite this, there was always the facade, the pretense that nothing was wrong in the world, still the Spring dance, the harvest ball, the festivals and so forth, all as if somehow they could deny the death that drew ever closer to their home and without knowing, the destruction lurking in their entire homeland. Ky was only twelve, on the cusp of becoming a lady and on the edge of leaving childish things behind. She had known for two years that there were secrets the adults kept, and had become aware that war was a real thing to hide from the littles, but she did not truly understand what it would mean to her and her survival. As an alderman, her father had done his best to not only let his little girl partake and live in the world that he felt a daughter of Cyre should live, but also lead him to make the important decisions to aid and help his people survive themselves. He had left one early evening to head to one of the outer farms and never returned. Whether beast, bandit, marauder or something else, it was never known, nor were remains ever discovered. One moment Ky had a loving father and the next she was an orphan, just one more lost child within a generation of lost children all marked and made, birthed in the blood of the War.

It was not long after that her now nameless town was driven to ruin, some say it was bandits trying to survive themselves or betrayal and enemies, yet in truth, the truth as in many cases, did not matter. The end result was Ky's home was left to broken tinder and ash. Refugees, she was taken along with an elderly woman who had taken pity on the girl, though there was a streak of stubbornness, anger and denial within Ky that did not allow here to merely move along like sheep. Somewhere between home and 'there' Ky slipped away from the caravan of weary refugees and began to truly learn what it meant to survive. Gone were the warm fires, the simple fripperies that even a small town had offered her. Survival was the game, and Ky learned it was something she excelled at. Not the kind of survival in lighting fires, hunting and gathering her food, but as a slight girl who was always quick of hand and foot, she learned she was a skilled thief. War was a time for thieves, from merely managing hand to mouth survival to being outright hired by the wealthy, the elite and even the military, thieving was a skill in high demand when weaving or other such womenly skills were not.

Day of Mourning: It is with an almost morbid humour that Ky thinks upon the most tragic of days, though in her heart of hearts, she realized that her true Day of Mourning started the night her father vanished and intensified upon the day her town had been torched to the ground. It was with that weight already upon her shoulders that the day utter destruction befell her homeland, that it became the true conclusion of the Day, which had lasted years for the young woman. As with most days, for her it had been like any other, borrowing her meals as she passed through the small market in the town she currently lived within, and working to retrieve an item from one merchant to return to another. It was a moment she realized after the fact, she had been preparing for from the very moment she had slipped away from the refugees and had begun to make her own mark upon the world. Some may call it an accident, terrorism or merely the forgone conclusion to a war left too long burning, though Ky, she felt it within her soul, it had been Betrayal. From the Origin of a war she never truly understood to the Conclusion, Jealousy had begat Betrayal and Betrayal had begat Death. It was a notion which had shaped everything about her life, never trust and never be betrayed. The concept and embrace of the Wayfinder had been alien and utterly foriegn to her initially, but through the persistance of the trio who had brought her into Its fold, Ky learned trust, a trust which though hard to earn, once given, offered fierce and utter loyalty to those who walked beside her.

Member of the Wayfinder Society: Ky might have continued as a mere hired-thief, retrieving items, wealth or even from time to time, individuals for those wealthy enough to pay, had she not stumbled into the same ruins as members of a retrieval team from the Wayfinder Society. It had been weeks in the planning before she had actually decided on the night to make her move. She knew only that the item she had been hired to retrieve was of great importance, and she suspected powerful as well. The man who had hired her had slipped something regarding magic, though she had not blinked, but accepted the job. It would pay well and that was all that she truly cared about. Ky had uncovered several traps and tricks about the ruins, each discovery heightening her belief that this was more than the usual retrieval of a family heirloom. Perhaps luck had something to do with it, but before long she had arrived outside the small chamber and shortly after, she had entered and found herself in possession of a petite chest. Ky had only made it back to the doorway when she came face to face with a trio of... of trouble in her mind. The ensuing stand off, or more stare-down had ended in a grey haired dwarf laughing and declaring that it was clear he and his companions had not only retrieved the item, but had found their newest member for their group. Intrigued, Ky found herself not returning to claim her pay, but instead returning to the Wayfinder Society and then introduced into a world and mindset that seemed to have been perfectly created for someone like her.

It was only recently that she came to understand just why the trio had scooped her up and brought her back with them. Argrim Turvask had not only been sent to retrieve the item within the small chest she had been ‘caught’ with, but he had been the original guardian of it, having placed it within the walls and confines of what had been, prior to the destruction, the manor of a minor lord and warder. While she was never informed of just what she had nearly stolen, she did discover that her ability to have cleared the warded traps had immediately impressed Argrim. To this day Ky is still not sure if she actually had such impressive skill to have overcome all of his impressive magical and nonmagical traps, or if she had, by some divine luck, managed to find the only hole in the defense which allowed her to achieve her goal.

While she spent her first year or so in the company of the original trio which had ‘found’ her, it has been recently decided that Ky has been considerd ‘understood and trained’. Ky personally believes that the powers that be finally trust that she actually will do as she is told, more or less, and typically return the items she has ‘found’, more or less, sometimes with a bit of prompting or a gentle reminder, as a gal cannot always remember which pocket has which item in it.
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Kova Yarabree
Name: Kova Yarabree
Age, Race, and Gender: 35 year-old Halfling male
Profession: Wizard (Divination School; Opposing Necromancy and Enchantment)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Regular Trait: Your childhood was either dominated by lessons of some sort (whether musical, academic, or other) or by a horrible home life that encouraged your ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand. You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.Focused Mind
Eberron Background Trait: You make it a point to know everyone and to be connected to everything around you. You frequent the best taverns, attend all of the right events, and graciously help anyone who needs it. Because of this, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information and Knowledge (local) checks. One of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.Well-informed
Unique Trait: Your intense curiosity about the world around you tends to stave off mental distractions as you take in the details of your surroundings and process them with a discerning eye. You receive a +1 trait bonus to Perception checks and Perception is always a class skill for you. In addition, you receive a +1 trait bonus for all Willpower saves to disbelieve Illusion spells.Ardent Observer
Languages: Galifarian (Common), Talentan (Halfling), Dhakaani (Goblin), Draconic (Dragon), Quori

Appearance: A little over three feet tall and thin for a halfling, Kova might be easy to mistake for a human child were it not for his prominent, furred feet, neat clothing, and serious visage. He keeps his blonde hair cropped short, though it is thick on top and can sometimes look unruly. Kova's large sea green eyes tend to dart around his surroundings, taking things in when he is not otherwise engaged. He dresses neatly in clothes that don't necessarily identify him as a wizard and carries himself in a refined but casual manner. Only the wire-rimmed glasses he dons whenever reading or examining things up close mark him as a studious sort. In motion, Kova is usually slow and deliberate, showing little of the fidgetiness commonly found in his race. Though his voice is a soft-pitched tenor, he speaks firmly and steadily when he has something to say and his Neutralcalm, Goodamiable, self-assured manner gives him an air of benevolent authority and quiet intellect. All in all he has the look and feel of someone you'd go to if you needed a question answered.

Personality: What Kova lacks in halfling apetite he more than makes up with in halfling curiosity. He finds virtually any topic fascinating and seeks to learn what he can, when he can. One endless source of fascination for him is other people--their stories, their viewpoints, and, to his occasional peril, their business. As such he enjoys engaging in conversation, though he TRAIT: Focused Mindlacks much of the excitability and flightiness of his folk and will sooner relax with a bottle of good wine than slap shoulders over a beer. When in new environments, Kova often clams up, TRAIT: Ardent Observerpreferring to watch and listen and learn. Sometimes, odd things will command his attention and he may insist on slowing down to carefully examine the roses, but in general, his observant manner is more likely to be an FEAT: Improved Initiativeasset than a problem. As with many fields of endeavor, tactics interest Kova. In battle he is careful and calculating--interested in victory through sound thinking and not personal glory. As such, he will seek to create opportunities for his larger allies where he can. The sober and intellectual lens through which Kova views the world has largely kept him free of irrational fear, but he is secretly terrified by the idea of being physically isolated from others. This is likely because the one thing he enjoys as much as seeking knowledge is sharing it.

Background: Togu Yarabree was a mighty halfling warrior who roamed the Talenta Plains on his deadly deinonychus, bringing ruin to whatever army he had quarrel with. His son Merro, not wishing to follow his father into the early grave to which that path led packed up his young wife, round with child, and made for the nearest city without an army blocking the road to it, Sharn. Merro was Kova's grandfather, and through his wife's familial connection to House Ghallanda, he secured himself a position at one of the many House taverns in the city. From childhood, Kova worked in a Ghallanda inn--the Lounging Lamia--a relaxing and upscale establishment managed by his father in the upper reaches of the Middle City. Long (and deliberately) forgotten was his family's nomadic heritage, and the Yarabree's generally held that folk outside the city were backward and dangerous; to be feared and pitied.

In is 30th year, Kova was tending bar at the Lamia. It was the only work at the inn he could stand because it afforded him not only the chance but the duty to TRAIT: Well Informedconverse with the patrons and learn about them and the goings-on in the wide world. His siblings were the ones with a real future in the business. Kova showed an aptitude for ferreting out information, one that brought down stern warnings from his father about Ghallanda standards of discretion and respect for guest privacy. So, Kova was careful about what he did with what he learned.

It was during this year that two patrons came into the Lamia, several weeks apart, who would change Kova's life forever. The first was a human wizard named Nividia. She was taken with Kova's patient and understanding demeanor and endeavored to teach him a simple cantrip, Mage Hand. To her surprise, he mastered it instantly, prompting her to loan him some books on the subject of magical theory. Her tip was Arcane Bonda small jade ring bearing the simple enchantment that it grew and shrunk to fit any wearer. Nividia never returned for her books, but meeting her had intensified Kova's interest in learning magic.

The second visitor was a portly and jolly man from the Upper City named Belmarr, who began to frequent the Lamia. Kova, like most of the regulars and staff, was taken with his good nature and loose purse strings... but perhaps Kova alone noted something off about the man. While his tales and anecdotes were always amusing, over time Kova began to note small inconsistencies in them that called into question their truthfulness. In addition, Belmarr occasionally showed strange ignorance about the city he claimed to have grown up in, sometimes even pronouncing words oddly. After a few weeks, Belmarr began to meet with people at corner tables... always city officials or soldiers by their clothing. This began to set off such warning bells, that Kova decided to forsake the famous Ghallanda discretion and talk to someone: the son of a City ministry official who was also a regular. The word went up the chain of bureaucracy and within a month, Bellmar was arrested as an enemy spy and his various contacts were also brought to justice.

When life closes a door, it opens a window. Kova's father had little choice but to quietly dismiss his son. War or no war, House Ghallanda would not permit itself to gain a reputation as people who spied on their patrons. But as a reward, the ministry official who reaped the credit for Kova's catch offered him a position in the city's intelligence network. Learning of Kova's aptitude and desire to learn magic, he arranged for the halfling to begin training immediately for magical service to the city, with a focus on School: Divinationdivining magic. What adventures awaited Kova as a Sharn intelligence operative, the world will never know. Right as he Wizard Level 2, Scribe Scrollcompleted his training, the Treaty of Thronehold was signed and Sharn's requirements for spies shrunk dramatically overnight. Instead, his patron steered the young halfling wizard toward the Wayfinder Foundation. When he learned that this was a network of explorers who searched the world for new and lost knowledge, Kova knew he had found his place.





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