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A Summary of Events

The Year is 264 according to the Broken Bridge Calendar.

Group One:

Month of Peace (~Jul,Aug)
Day 1-20Taytomac:
  • Jo'Seph stops a murdering Getta in Perchold worshipping a god called 'Tannis'
  • Raaz robs a Commander Tehua in Perchold, finds a strange note reading: "The sickle cuts the wood soon. The Metal will be blamed and removed. There will be nothing between Earth and Water."
  • The customary military Parade of the Taytomachian Nobility goes sour with the crowd voicing their discontent over the wasteful rule of the King.
  • News is making the rounds in Cruyt that a far away country, Djeba, has been taken over by a lone Pirate Captain kidnapping the Royal Family.

  • Ase stumbles upon a lone Seene Priest of Saatus who prophecies that he has a major part to play in wars to come, tells him he needs to travel to Purano and find another Seene.
  • A major Mana surge of unprecedented strength in the last century is felt during a duel between Bezra and a magical Rival.
  • Voitleja apprehends a Human Killer and Mage who made use of some sort of Gemstone or Crystal.

Day 20-30Vinione:
  • Jo'Seph investigates Free Hospital dedicated to Tannis, finds no direct evidence of wrongdoing.
  • Raaz, Jo'Seph and Ase hear about a supposed assassination attempt on Prince Tay to Wei, third son of the Taytomac King.
  • A Human Army attacks Managh Island in the North of Vinione with "Crystal Ships" and Magic.
  • The small town of Meshkou is conquered by the Humans on Managh Island. Atale and Pataya are witnesses and help with the evacuation efforts.
  • The Zaqrah Irregulars are formed and launch towards the North. Raaz is made aware that there might be the spy of an underground criminal organisation amongst them.
  • The town of Bura is besieged by the Humans in the south of Managh Island. Immediate Conquest is avoided after Atale and Pataya manage to signal the Dimi fleet and naval battle ensues. The two are taken prisoner.

Day 30-40Vinione:
  • The Zaqrah Irregulars attempt to steal one of the ships adorned with crystal while the Dimi fleet launches a diversion attack with the help of heavily armed ships supplied by Prince Tay to Wei.
  • The Ship is stolen by the Zaqrah Irregulars, but burnt down by a Traitor in the Ranks soon after - though knowledge about the crystaline substance could be obtained beforehand.
  • Knowing their crystal power source would not have recharged in a single day - and bolstered by newly arrived help from Vinja - the Armies of the Free Cities decide to lift the siege of Bura immediately.
  • The newly appointed Captain Raaz and her Squad are tasked with killing the snakebeasts the humans have brought to tunnel under Bura with a potent poison.
  • When the landing at the strategically most convenient place is made unwise by a wall of mist conjured up the Army has to make a costly landing elsewhere.
  • Raaze's squad detach themselves from the main army to pursue their own objective.
  • Raaze's squad is successful in killing the snake/insect hybrid, later identified as Rhemorazes, while the Dimi army attacks the besieging human army above. The squad is successful, but only at the cost of the lives of half its members including Raaz and Pataya.
  • Jo'Seph and Atale leave Zaqrahs mercenary band before being invited by Prince Tay to Wei of Taytomac to join him in witnessing the final confrontation in the human war.
  • The human army is decisively beaten at the ruins of Meshkou. Members of the former army are branded and marked before being imprisoned or sold into slavery.
  • Jo'Seph, Atale and the remains of Raaze's squad are offered employment by Tay to Wei. They are to form an inner group of soldiers and experts supporting him in his endeavour to rebuild a long-abandoned castle founded by the ancient Taytomac, situated on a supposedly cursed island southeast of Kangomac. They both accept the offer and are taken towards Ling-Te.
  • In the town of Boling Shujin the contract killer is asked to assassinate the "midwife", a leader of a human Tannis cult that has been helping specifically Gettan women through difficult pregnancies. The children born under this help are supposedly altered or deformed.
  • Shujin finds that the Tannis cult is sitting underneath the city in an expansive cave network. He gains access to their inner sanctum by pretending to be the husband of a woman experiencing difficulties during her pregnancy.
  • Shujin successfully murders the midwife and leaves via an underground stream after witnessing one of the 'deformed' Gettan children. The most dominant feature seems to be its hairlessness.
  • In Ling-te K'Leysha, dancer in Yampuds entertainment troupe, finds that almost all of her colleagues have fallen desperately ill after a performance in the hall of the local chapter of an uxian magical guild, the arcane tower.
  • The troupe and K'Leysha are suspected by the local Baron Sho and his underlings of having poisoned the visitors of the Arcane tower as it is revealed that a large number of people that had been there the previous day have fallen ill.
  • K'Leysha and the Troupe are brought to the Arcane Tower, where she meets Candrama, an envoy of Prince Tay To Wei. Candrama helps get K'Leysha involved in the investigation on who is behind the strange ailment.
  • K'Leysha and Candrama find a note with scribbled handwriting on it and evidence of immense magical currents having run through the tower the night before.
  • The handwriting is identified by one of the Mogh as belonging to Saeedee, an Ux that holds membership in both of the two Uxian magical guilds.
  • K'Leysha and Candrama confront Saeedee in the cellars of the Tower. The Mogh is conducting some sort of ritual involving blue crystal.
  • It is revealed that the Mogh has been trying to replicate the blue crystal, which increases the magical power of those that hold it. He is succesful, however his artificial stones are orange. Soon after he is convicted of crimes and imprisoned by the Prince Tay to Wei.
Magarha, Yepac, Hetmon, Taytomac:
  • Butangon is fleeing Lindisfarne due to persecution, passes through Magarha and finally ends up on Yepac.
  • In Yepac Butangon meets and antiquities-dealer, notices that one of her items has a particular ghost tied to it that tells him of an artefact hidden nearby.
  • To put the spirit tied to the antique to rest Butangon travels to a nearby holy site, where the former weapon of a god has formed a broken cycle of stone out in the ocean.
  • Finding the artefact buried nearby, a strange eye with deadly magical properties kept in a gilded box, he retrieves it and takes it back to the arts-dealer.
  • Visions suggest to Butangon that he needs to travel to the north, most likely Taytomac, to investigate the eye further.
  • Butangon sets out, and in passing Hetmon finds that the island has realigned itself with Haze-Lo over the Broken Bridge.

The drowning month (~Sept, Oct)
Day 1-30Taytomac, Kangomac County (mostly Bon Island):
  • In Ling-Te K'Leysha and Butangon are also hired by Prince Tay-To-Wei into his circle of advisors and elite guards. They join the others in the task of clearing the site of the abandoned castle of Bon situated on a bare rock close to an island of the same name.
  • The now returned first vanguard of scouts relay stories of savages living in the ruins. Additionally there are rumours that the abandonment of the castle was due to a taint left behind by the outrageously villainous behaviour of the last occupant, a usurping king only vanquished by the ancient namesake of prince Tay to wei.
  • The elite guard including Jo'Seph, Atale, K'Leysha and Butangon set out to the island of Bon, find the ruins atop an incredibly tall spire of strange rock in the bay of the island. The climb up the mountain takes a whole day, with little equipment being brought along.
  • Learning from the story of the vanguard scouts they camp in an abandoned hall containing an idol of the "third", an evil Gettan god beyond the natural order of duality in their culture.
  • A large squad of Xvarts and Norkers, two kinds of dwarvish little brutes, appear and besiege the group in the hall, which they will not enter for superstition and fear of evil spirits. An Ettin appears, apparently an underground king living inside this rock. He speaks of some kind of Keita people living even further down in the bedrock, which he calls some variation of the "deep ones". The heroes present their case, wanting to pave the way for the Princes arrival at the site and subsequent rebuild of the castle, and the Ettin disappears to tell his deep masters.
  • It is found that due to a lack of food on the mountain the Xvart practise cannibalism.
  • The Ettin reappears to offer terms: The heroes are to descend into "midway hall" to have their minds read so that their claims can be verified.
  • In the midway hall the group meets the members of the "order of alciros", blue-skinned Keita that had sworn to protect this ruin half a millennia ago and have since lived in these parts.
  • The leader of the order, bearing the title of Lossos, reads the mind of the heroes, save for Shujin and Wahka. It is revealed that Butangon has secretly been carrying a mystical artefact with him, the eye of a god in a gilded box.
  • Said eye frees itself from its container, blasting a ray of malevolent energy around the area. Several people are wounded and a hole punched into the mountain before the box is closed on it again. Butangon is killed by the Ettin King.
  • Even with all this, the Lossos agrees to meet with the Prince Tay To Wei, after which the heroes leave the area, but not before leaving some food for the Order of Alciros.

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Group Two:

Month of Peace (~Jul,Aug)
Day 30-60Kateba, East of Ezen:
  • The Grauhn Prince Brucían surfaces and is received by the Viceregent.
  • Mephis becomes Bruciáns translator and they are both invited to accompany the Viceregent to go to the Capital for a Ceremony to get rid of the blood moon.
  • On the journey the group stops a lynchmob from killing two foreign mages.
  • Brucian and Mephis arrive at the castle to find that the eldest son of Gekyu the First, the Heavenly King of Ezen, has died of an accident recently. The ruler appears morose and intoxicated (or drugged) during a mock trial of the 'murderer' of the Prince, a peach tree which produced the fruit on the pit of which the Prince choked.
  • The Ceremony to rid the world of the blood-moon is performed under the guidance of one of the Heavenly Kings wives, Una. As a result of it an otherwordly creature of malleable flesh is summoned to the palace.
  • While trying to fight off the summoned monster the palace of Myoho is set on fire. The flames spread to outside of the palace-compound.
  • Brucian and Mephis flee the palace on stolen mounts, riding north.

North of Ezen:
  • Baltus family farm is raided by a roaming Tsing Goun Clan. His family is killed.
  • Cassius is picked up by an Uxian Trader in the Tsing Goun Steppes. He is taken south with them.
  • After stumbling upon a Carnival that had successfully repelled the same clan that destroyed his ancestral home Baltu attacks a Prisoner the Caravan had taken. He is himself taken prisoner, and Cassius accompanies him.
  • Baltu wins his freedom through mortal combat.
  • Cassius meets Aurranda Meleroso, a human woman from a country called Saurolo, who is a refugee from a border county which had been recently taken by another human nation called Compieu. She is travelling with an entourage that includes Sir Vindo, a Sauroloan knight.
  • Urnabuk, the ringmaster of the Carnival suggests to Cassius that he might want to seek out a wise man called Mayouni in Urarj for insight.
  • Cassius feeds on the innskeeper of the tavern they are staying at in the nameless village north of Myoho. Baltu follows and witnesses this, prompting Cassius to 'come clean' in a vague way.
  • Brucian and Mephis meet Cassius and Baltu on their flight away from the capital. The Uxian mage Arour has a means to take them east, where they could meet the wise man Mayouni in Urarj.
  • The group decides to wait and see if a friend of Arour, Nefernay the To'Ari watercaller, has also survived the catastrophe at the castle. Waiting in a portside town she appears a few days later, greatly wounded but alive.
  • The group sets sailt east on a ship sent by Arour's magical guild. Powered by magic they make good time getting to Urarj, where Arour has them sail for the capital before returning to his own guild.

The drowning month (~Sept,Oct)
Day 1+Urarj:
  • The group sails to Khabor, the capital of Urarj, only to find that a gigantic tree has sprung up under the temple district, lifting a whole building up into the air and wrecking much of the quarter.
  • They meet with the guild masters, the nominal leaders of the city, and are given leave to climb the tree and sell some goods.
  • After climbing the tree the group finds that atop the tree sits an ever-expanding "jungle", which is only barely kept in check by a small camp of workers chopping away at it. They hire some workers so that they can make their way towards the centre of said lofty jungle.
  • After half a day of sluggish progress into the jungle the group stumbles upon a group of bell-shaped sentient flowers that seemed to have "swallowed" up a previous expedition, puppeteering their legs sticking out of their mouths to carry the flowers about. A fight ensues, which is eventually won after the heroes discover that the plants are very vulnerable to having their new legs destroyed, after which they are more or less unable to move.
  • The group makes it to the centre of the jungle, a clearing that holds the preserved temple dedicated to the Uxian Gods of Kul-Vin, and his daughter Tehra. There they see the empty camp of a previous expedition. Some strange seed-shaped creatures appear and beckon them to come forward, even though they seem to be afraid of Cassius.
  • TBA

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