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The Posse

A Brief NotePlease post your character information here. This could be your completed application along with any die rolls for character creation. Also please add any secrets you'd like the GM to know and dangle over your head

Please keep all this info contained in one post so there’s only one post per player. This will keep us from having to scroll through a long thread looking for pertinent information.
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Sample statblock, feel free to copy for your own use if you'd like to!

He/Him | I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Currently GM'ing: 1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West (it's publicly viewable!)
Current Characters: Prince Brucían Pough | Rolf da Minek | Kyai Applecore

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Theme Songs

left-aligned image
Name: Dr. Ouzo (please, I really must insist, just "Ouzo" will do)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Colonial Empire, originally a Spanish emigrant

Appearance: He was known as Dr. Ouzo and he was a poor man's gentleman.

On the occasion that a stranger would seek him out, at that kind of hole-in-the-wall where musicians couldn't compete with the natural orchestra of drunken shouting matches and guffaws at the same stories told over and over, where they had to mop the floor more than once a night, the bartender could point right to Dr. Ouzo's resident bar stool. With a raised chin and dying cigarette permanently between his fingers, he stared deep into the nothingness that was the wall behind the bar. Joining him was almost a quiet respite from the rest of their surroundings. "Dr. Ouzo? Like the drink? Is that your real name?" The stranger was likely to ask.

The dusky gentleman took a long, looong drag of his cigarette before finally turning his head, just barely, more as a gesture than for any vantage. He gave the stranger a good sideways look from under lowered eyelids that'd long greased over due to excess. With short breath from holding his lungs full of the poison, he said, "The more important question to ask is: am I a real doctor?" Then the man known as Ouzo hissed a long, looong trail of smoke out from the side of his crooked grin. As he took another slow drag, and the phoenix tail of his cigarette rebirthed in one final, desperate wildfire along the rolling paper, Ouzo looked the stranger up and down, then up again, before his grin widened. He put the cigarette out with all the others.


Ouzo is of average height and average build. Unlike so many after the Attunement, he seemed to remain an ordinary human. He has dark skin, darker hair, and keeps himself well enough groomed. His trousers and mostly-buttoned shirt are plain and his vest is just busy enough to be forgettable. When he's on the go, he wears a worn, single-breasted duster that, when it hangs open lazily by a few buttons, resembles the collar of some great, ostentatious cloak.

He seems like he could be young but it's difficult to determine his age by looking at him. He may once have had striking features, but his eyes have begun to hang heavy from too much drink, too much smoke, too little sleep, and some burden carried from long ago. Though through it all, those eyes have still kept their vivacious, laissez faire sparkle.

Party Role: Fast-Talking, Skulduggery, Illusion Magic, Medical Malpractice (read: not a healer)
Level: 1
Powers: Illusion Arcana (Figment, Displacement)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Life is short and capricious. Opportunity, survival, and indulgence are all fundamentally the same thing. And the best way to achieve them is with information. Stealing it, selling it, and applying it. Ouzo still has a good streak in his heart but that good seems to have less and less a place in the world. And goodness doesn't get you paid or keep you safe at night. Though if a townsfolk were crossing the street unawares as an out-of-control carriage came barrelling at them, Ouzo would attempt to rescue the townsfolk purely on instinct. But as they picked themselves up out of the mud, he might try to slip a few bills out of their pocket, or scold them for not paying more attention and claim that they owe him... or both.

Background: Focus: Stealth
Talent: Extraordinary Power Replacement/Illusion Arcana
Profession: Focus: Deception
Talent: Scouting
Drive: Talent: Intrigue/Deception
Improvement: Relationship
Goals: Short-term goals might include: gathering compromising information on three different figures of interest to sell to his contacts; increasing his relationship level with his contacts (including role playing out those number increases); “acquiring” a full set of new gear upgrades; "acquiring" a quality set of loaded dice or playing cards, and; gambling his entire cut of an job‘s payout all in a single bet.

Long-term goals might be more complicated.

Backstory: Not much was known about the man named Ouzo. He came and went like a stray. He liked cloudy liquor in excessive quantities. And he often smelled of Andalusian tobacco and the latest, trendy bottled musk that must've rubbed off on him in passing. Beyond those few facts, there was only rumor. A lot of rumor. False gentleman. Debonair scoundrel. Disgraced doctor. Wanted charlatan.


And when anyone suggested that Dr. Ouzo happened to resemble one of the grainy, tweed-and-bowtie-wearing figures from the newspaper photograph that broke news of the scandal, he flashed them a devil's smile and wittily changed the subject. If the topic were pressed however, Dr. Ouzo bought them a drink and strongly suggested that was enough story time for one night. His jaw set. His brow furrowed.

Just enjoy the free drink and be on your way. No really. He insists.

Recent History/Story Hook:

Super Secret Fieldset for Secrets, GMs Only

Dice Rolls

Ouzo's StatblockName: Ouzo | Level: 1 | Health: 15/15 | Fatigue Accumulation: 0 | Conviction: 3
Force: 12 | Speed: 13 | Defense: 13 | Toughness: 0 | Weapons:
left-aligned image
Bourbon 8mm SA
SA Handgun, reskinned, custom

This prototype semiautomatic handgun was an early design by Archduke Karl Salvator of Austria. He named this model after his wife, a princess of House Bourbon. Because he forbade anyone from referring to the invention by name outside of his workshop, it was believed that the nickname was not one of endearment. Archduke Salvator personally gifted the pistol to an elite member of the Pinkertons who'd traveled overseas to assist with a matter that was rather... sensitive, in nature.

Damage: 2d6, Ballistic/Wound
Range: 55 yards
Capacity: 4
Reload: Minor
Resources TN: *
Requires: STR 0

Special: -1 to hit
Bourbon 8mm SA, holstered | Armor: none
ACC: 0 | COM: 3 | CON: 0 | DEX: 3 | FIG: 0 | INT: 1 | PER: 2 | STR: 0 | WIL: 2
Background: He wasn't always on the down-and-outs. But whatever brought him here, don't ask him about medical universities.

Random Benefit: Focus: Willpower (Courage)
Focus: Stealth
Talent: Extraordinary Power Replacement (Illusion Arcana) 1
Ability: +1 WIL
Outcast | Social Class: Outsider | Profession: No, he couldn't be. Could he? Just look at that smile.

Focus: Deception
Talent: Scouting
Criminal | Drive: Talent: Intrigue (Deception)
Improvement: Relationship (TBD)
Quality: Gregariousness
Downfall: Overwrought
Foci: Deception, Stealth, Courage | Resources: 2 | Shoulder satchel
Set of fine clothes, worn condition
Single-breasted duster
Set of common clothes
Deck of playing cards
Deck of playing cards (earmarked)
Set of dice
Random key
Loose tobacco
Matches... lots of matches
Bottle of whisky
Andalusian Hand-Rolled (special cigarettes)
Bourbon 8mm SA
Equipment | Ouzo's special stache of fine cigarettes, kept safe in a metal cigarette case within his breast pocket. They're not just normal special. They're SPECIAL special.

Andalusian Hand-Rolled 3/3
Talents: Your magic is rarely what it appears to be.

Novice: In general, illusion spells resisted by Perception affect machines and artificial sensors as well as living beings, whereas illusions resisted by Willpower (such as hallucination) have no effect on sensors like camera or microphones, only on a living mind.
Illusion Arcana | Novice: You can use the lay of the land to your advantage. If you fail a Dexterity (Stealth) test, you can re-roll it, but you must keep the results of the second roll.Scouting | Novice: You understand how to navigate the waters of social situations. Choose one of the following Communication focuses: Etiquette, Deception, or Seduction. If you fail a Communication test with your chosen focus, you can re-roll it but you must keep the result of the second roll.Intrigue (Deception) | Powers: Displacement

Requirement: Illusion Arcana (Novice)
Cost: 3PP
Time: Minor Action
Target Number: 11
Test: Perception (Seeing) vs. Force

You create the illusion that you—or another subject you touch when you cast this spell—are about a yard away from your actual position for the remainder of the encounter. You gain +2 Defense against melee attacks and +5 Defense against ranged attacks while under displacement; attacks targeting an area are unaffected so long as you are actually in the area. Any attacker who misses the subject at least once while displacement is in effect can make a Perception (Seeing) test against your Force as a free action on the start of their turn. Success means they see through the illusion and perceive the subject’s true position, although the spell remains in effect for others.
Displacement | Figment

Requirement: Illusion Arcana (Novice)
Cost: 2PP
Time: Minor Action
Target Number: 10
Test: Perception (Seeing) vs. Force

You conjure a single simple visual illusion no larger than 2 square yards in size, such as a person. This figment can look like anything you’ve seen or can describe (in the GM’s judgment). It has no substance and makes no sound. Anyone with a reason to believe the figment might not be real can roll a Perception (Seeing) test against your Force to see through it. You can impart motion to the illusion by taking a minor action each round to manipulate it, and the figment spell lasts for a minute; spend the cost again to extend its duration for another minute.
At the Expert degree, you can conjure an illusion up to 4 square yards in size and cause it to move without taking an action to do so. At the master degree, you can conjure an illusion up to 8 square yards in size, and also cause it to make any sounds associated with that thing or creature.
Reputation: Though his misdeeds are many, stories of him amount to mere rumor.None (0) | Memberships: none | Ties: Though Rhii and Ouzo have never met, they may come to realize that they are seeking the same thing.

"Anything on a pair of sisters circlin' 'round the lake at Stockton. Locals there're wagerin' on a drought next year - some real ant-chokers o' duststorms - and these gals're shorin' up the shores fer themselves."

Skilled trigger-fingers with plans in motion. Sounds like his agents have all the information they need. Besides, not my kind of show. He knows that.

"Marshalls've seen some gruesome lately. The real ugly stuff. From Doolittle to Big Cabin, so there's a chance it'll head up this way. Need to know who it is and where they headin'. Some talkin' 'bout the return o' Knucklebone Boone. Hah! Those old skink bastards back sittin' pretty at their desks just wishin' they could catch their ghosts."

The best I could do is trail rumors. Not faster than any deputy eager for a shinier badge. Why is he telling me about deals that he knows I won't be interested in?

"And then, there is somethin' a pinch political. Some suits back east want eyes on some kinda Tuner creature. Somethin' that, one second over here, and
POP, now they're over there. Maybe they're just real fast. Maybe they sweat some fancy drug into the air that makes your eyes all numb. Don't know what it is, how many they are, or what they want. But when the higher ups ain't sayin' much about it, you can be sure it's 'cause they got a lot to say about it.... if this nasty's from another world, you can be sure they got six teeth fer every god forsaken horn."

Ah. I see now, my friend. This... this is something.
Rhii, Nao and Ouzo once encountered each other in passing while working different "jobs." They may have unintentionally developed shared enemies in some local gunfighter gangs, law enforcement, or brothel/gambling den bosses.

They'd crossed paths only the once, just briefly and purely by chance, but in that moment, they recognized something special about the other. Some greater mischief. Some danger, though not towards one another. They didn't know the other's name, but getting caught working a job in the middle of a brothel shoot-out made one difficult to forget.

It was a hot afternoon. The kind where the heat was pale and the air stuck to your skin. Ouzo sat at one of the few tables set out in the brothel's foyer, playing cards with some goons and drunks. The Spaniard made sure he was losing - but only by a little - to keep inconspicuous. He needed to cause a distraction, and any plan to do so would need-

Shouting from a back hallway. Clients were arguing. Then gunshots. Half the brothel drew heat and the whole place burst into bullets and fleeing screams. Saved him the trouble of having to make up a distraction, at least. The chaos was cover enough to sneak through to a particular back hallway, throw up an illusionary wall over the doorway, and began rifling through the madame's office. Ouzo grinned. The guestbook was right where his contact said it'd be. Clutching it to him, he emerged from the illusionary wall, and-

- came face to face with one of the girls. Only she was holding one of the troublemaking gunfighters in a strongarm, much larger than her, as a living shield. She held a fan at his back, which for a moment, shimmered and revealed itself to be an ornate shotgun. Something that wasn't just picked up at your local general goods.

They exchanged looks that were simultaneously knowing and curious, she with her illusionary gun and living shield and he with his illusionary wall and stolen ledger. Then a bullet tore into the wall near them, spilling out from the foyer. They both flinched, and in the next moment, were ducking off in different directions with their prey in tow.
Nao, Li Jie and Ouzo have been meeting every few weeks to few months to exchange information. Sightings of conspicuous magicks, rumors of artifact trafficking, encounters with supernatural beings. There's usually a lot to glean just by virtue of Li Jie's questions on whatever he was investigating at the time, even before hearing the conclusions to each of his adventures. They always met over too many drinks in some rowdy saloon, regardless of the town they were in.

And though it was a symbiotic business relationship, they'd found kindred spirits in one another as foreigners to the New World, researchers in their own rights, and lovers of drink. Despite the revelry and common ground, however, Ouzo knew their relationship was primarily one of business. Utility. Gain. Li Jie may or may not see their exchange of information as free-flowing but Ouzo knew better. Each rumor, each fact, each omission of a seemingly innocuous detail was valuable and had its own price. They were friendly, to be sure. But friends...? It was much easier to say it aloud than think it in the silence of his own head.

The two would part ways after one or two days of discussion and binge drinking, with Ouzo often turning around to (quietly) sell Li Jie's findings, rumors, and stories to other contacts.
Li Jie | Relationships: J.J. Gittes, Senior Inspector
We have suffered equal adversity together.

How Dr. Ouzo came to meet a grizzled, Senior Inspector of the Pinkertons is unknown, but they only meet once every couple weeks and always exchange pleasantries at every encounter. "How's the knee?" Ouzo might ask J.J. as they took seats next to one another at the bar, not bothering to look at the other. He knew the answer every time. "Bad storm's rollin' in. Be sure to bunker down," J.J. might say to Ouzo before leaving. Something suggested there was a lot hidden beneath the surface of those painfully dry pleasantries.

J.J. (2/2), Johann Gaspar
Bound together in shame and truth.

His once broad shoulders were now hunched forward, broken by years of hyper-focus and making himself small. The German native, now greying, hopped between apartments throughout the Colonial Empire, a few months per stay. He whittled profusely: out of soap, wood, chalk. Anything he could get his hands on. He carved symbols and iconography and likenesses. Almost mad with his craft, he never stopped. Though it was enough to pay the bills, just barely, he often left an apartment full of shavings and carvings and half-completed visions. Like Ouzo, he was just another nobody.

Gaspar (1/1), Mysterious Silhouette

Who is this mysterious figure?

??? (1/1)
Goals: Short-term Goal 1: Acquire a shotgun, some fireworks, and a set of high quality, loaded dice.Ready For Anything | Short-term Goal 2: Acquire some chloroform, some dynamite, and a respectable amount of counterfeit money. You know... just in case. Ready For Everything Else | Short-term Goal 3: Gather valuable information on 1 to 3 different renowned figures to sell to his contacts.It's Who Ya Know | Short-term Goal 4: After acquiring Resources but before using them, gamble the entire amount gained. In the end, it doesn't really matter if you win or lose, does it?It's All Just a Game | Short-term Goal 5: Gain two Ability Foci from any combination of: Persuasion, Medicine, Research, Empathy, and/or Occultism. Maybe the Academy wasn't all pseudoscience.Which Animals Are Most Like Each Other? | Long-term Goal #1: ???

Recess | Long-term Goal #2: ???

La Fin
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Gerhard is now a GM-controlled NPC!


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Li Jie - Demon Hunter
right-aligned image
Li Jie
Mashup of a ceramic Zhong Kui doll
and the cover Cowboy from the
T.V. Olsen book “Gunswift”
(It’s hard to find Chinese Demon Cowboy images)
Name: pron. Lee Gee
Surname first
Li Jie
Race: Tiefling/Half-demon
Ethnicity: Chinese Australian
Image/Appearance: Jie has skin of an unearthly brown shade giving him a weathered complexion. In truth, his half-demon heritage has warped his natural features, giving him brown skin, piercing, crazed dark eyes, short backwards curving horns and shocks of stiff hair and beard. Jie’s hygiene is lacking as being on the run leads to alternate priorities. People meeting him for the first time usually keep their distance, which is fine for the aloof Jie.

Years ago, when he’d first arrived in Australia from Guangdong province, he wore the ordinary garb of his people but now he wears commonly available clothes and a cowboy hat to cover his short horns.

Jie carries his father Jian’s dao, his most prized possession.

Until recently Jie has lived in Australia among rough miners. His accent speaking English is a strange mélange of his native tongue and the Australian drawl with just a faint echo of American frontier-speak creeping in.

Party Role: Magic, investigation and knowledge of the supernatural. I like to play casters that can solve varied problems so ideally would like a broader spread of spells. I envisage Jie as having an intimidating persona and use stand-over tactics versus evil folk and creatures.

Level: 1

Powers: Power Arcana if we’re to not vary from the ruleset. I imagined Jie might have detection and abjuration powers as well as a magical attack. Maybe that will wait some levels.

Alignment: Chaotic Good. Jie ran from mob justice, killing many on his way. His scruples are good, but don’t cross him. He’s a protector of good folk and an enemy of bullies, corrupt and… demons. As he’s shown before, he has a terrible and unforgiving wrath.


Background: LabourerGold Prospector.
Profession: InvestigatorBounty Hunter, Demon Slayer and Protector.
Drive/Goals: ProtectorRedemption through protection of good people. A strange motivation to mimic Zhong Kui. Coin to send to his family. Coin for drink. If ever there was an evil demon lord oppressor, he’d be hot on its heels.

Role-Playing Samples:


Character Stat Rolls


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Rhii is now a GM-controlled NPC!

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Originally Posted by MoldyNolds
Nao Fujimoto
left-aligned image
Name: Nao Fujimoto

Race: Human + ? Originally from the Colonial Empire, Japan inspired.

The shape Nao most prefers is that of a Japanese female samurai, wielding a long shotgun. Nao appears to be somewhere in her 20’s but it’s hard to know for sure since she gives a different answer for each form. She goes by the pronouns of the form she’s currently inhabiting but always refers to herself as Nao, with a little smirk as if there is a hidden joke in her name. When she is in her main form she has long black hair that she keeps in a ponytail tied in an intricate knot. Her armor is reminiscent of ancient samurai, with a slimmed down and feminine flair. When she shifts, her clothing and armor is incorporated so she always has some sort of covering and protection. Her weapon also changes to meet the needs of the shape she is in, since she considers her clothing and weapon to be an extension of herself.

Role and motivation: Versatility. In her main form she is primarily a sniper. She doesn’t let people know about her shapeshifting until she trusts them or has a reason to shift, mostly because she has had bad reactions from people in the past when they’ve found out. Nao is Chaotic Good. She feels stifled by rules and laws, believing that they were not made for people like her. This is not arrogance on her part, but a feeling of not belonging, or that she is excluded from the society the laws are for. She wants to find a place to belong and identifies with the underdog and outcast. As such, her moral code means that she is fine stealing from or duping those she feels are privileged or abusing their power. She will kill when needed, but doesn’t like it and will always try to kill cleanly. She believes in justice but knows there is a fine line between that and revenge, and she has seen the soul draining effects of revenge.

Profession: Bounty Hunter. Most people underestimate her preferred form and she can shift to whatever form she needs to capture or kill her bounty. That’s not to say that every bounty goes smoothly; when she was first learning the trade, she got duped out of a few bounties. Since then she has become guarded and doesn’t trust easily. Many of her bounties are supernatural beings and when she hasn’t come into contact with a particular yokai (a broad term from Japanese, covering all supernatural beings, not just demons), she has to adjust her plans on the fly. She has a good base knowledge from her family’s records of yokai, and she carries around a scroll that is a sort of yokai encyclopedia. She adds notes to it whenever she encounters a new one, since many are not part of her family’s tradition, or have very different traits than what her family thought they should have. She is always searching for others with shifting ability or who have gained some sort of talent at the time of the world becoming weird, in an attempt to figure out what happened to her.

Backstory: Nao comes from an old demon (yokai) hunting family, but at the time she is born it was purely a title. Nobody but her still believed in demons until they showed up again; even Nao couldn’t have said why she so vehemently believed in them but it put her at odds with the rest of her family. Her siblings teased her for it and her parents were disappointed. She is the fourth child of eight and one of only two daughters. Growing up, she played with her brothers and found the lessons for being a proper lady boring and restricting. She was and still is a free spirit and found the tales of their ancestors and their hunt for demons fascinating and exciting. When the world became weird and filled with demons once more, Nao learned that she had the power to shapeshift. Her family took it as a sign that she had been possessed by a demon herself and tried to exorcise her. She stole some family armor and escaped but was struck from the family registry and disowned.

The first few years on her own are hard, as she struggles with her powers and having no one to rely on. When she hears that demons have settled the far West, it is only natural that she travel there, since she is searching for why she has an ability and also in hopes to live up to her family tradition. She discovers that her clothing and armor change with her when she shifts and through trial and error modifies the armor to fit her preferred form. One day when fighting off a possessed bear, the ceremonial dagger she has worn since receiving it on her seventh birthday shifts into a sword. With much practice, Nao is able to change her weapon intentionally. Fascinated by the gunslingers of the West, she tries many varieties of gun, and seems to enjoy the long barreled rifle the best.

She falls into bounty hunting by chance when she subdues a brigand who mistook her clothing as a “costume” for the ladies of the night. He has a good amount of coins and jewelry on him, as well as his own wanted poster. When she turns him over to the local sheriff, he doesn’t believe that the “little lady” was the one responsible for the capture, so she throws the brigand in the hoosegow, ties the sherriff up and helps herself to the amount of bounty promised by the poster.


Nao's Statblock

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