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Old 01-19-2019, 10:44 PM
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"”I would hold your horses if I was you girl.”" Momon said with a chuckle. "”It is at least ten at night. Leave now and you won’t be to the farm till 2 in the morning, that is if you don’t get lost! Nay, I say you take the night and get an early morning. If you leave by four, you can be there by midmorning.”" Momon shrugged and turned to the door. "It appears there are no more questions for me so I will take my leave. Peaceful sleep to you all."

With Momon out of the building and the group split in two, it left nothing but to catch some shut eye. Each person when about their nightly rituals, and soon everyone drift off to be alone. Baron took the moment to place a torch in his attic causing the sole window in the room to glow. Not long after there was a slight knock on the Baron’s contact, conversation was brief. If anyone else wants to take part, we need some roleplay/rollplay to see how much you might have heard.door.

Continue to your respective adventure thread.
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