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Old 01-22-2019, 08:20 PM
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QuillHaving dispatched the sailor, Quill's attention was again drawn by Occipitus' pronouncement that the pirate vessel was approaching from the port side. The Captain was yelling, ordering that someone should go up the mast to the crow's nest; the sailors were either too busy with their tasks or too concerned with the storm to obey.

Quill had been climbing things since the time he first scampered up the ivy surrounding the old Duke's estate as a small child. He was not the fiercest of warriors but he could climb. He leapt into the rigging and pulled himself up ropes slick with salt water till he had a view over the crashing foam. The gale was more intense here; he felt the sway of the ship as it rose and dove against the waves.

Once again he was glad for his waterproof cloak. The nondescript garment kept him relatively dry, though the intermittent squalls of rain soaked his boots and pant legs where ever the cloak didn't cover.

Narrowing his eyes against the blasts of rain, his brow partially protected by the waterproof hood, Quill peered into the night looking for the ship Theo had prophesied would come.


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