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Old 02-12-2019, 07:03 PM
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Lance Byrne

Heir of BoozeWhich Legend has taken route in me? The Valravn
How does my Legend go? A raven eats the heart of a dead king and transcends itself, only to seek redemption in its actions.
What am I in my day to day life? A disgraced heir to a brewing fortune.
Why did my Mythos manifest through me? Because my ascension in life came at the cost of death.
What is my secret pain? That I could be responsible for my father’s death, but I’d never know the truth.

Byrne Barrels is a local brewing empire well-known in the City and outside alike. Its titular drink, ‘barrels’, is a light beer popular among many denizens of the City regardless of social status or class. Much of this has to do with it being a long-time staple of the City since its founding days, and many have a brand loyalty to it that borders on it being an institution. It goes without saying that Byrne Barrels is a ludicrously successful business in of itself, and has its fingers in many other ventures within the City.

Led by Alexander Byrne, his company has become the face of local business in the City. Beyond accumulating wealth, he had spent much of his time outside of work contributing to the City with his various donations and charity work. One such charitable action was the adoption of a young inner City boy. This boy, Lance Byrne, ended up becoming Alexander’s only suitable heir, as he had no wife and very little blood-related family still living within the city. While his adoption was big news in the City, he was quickly forgotten once the news cycle slowed down.

Lance’s young life involved a lot of adaptation. Having lived in foster care for most of his life, being adopted by one of the wealthiest men in the City shook his life up. Suddenly, he had to know how to act proper and how to represent his father in an appropriate way. Lance picked up this way of living quickly, almost too quickly- he quickly grew to be a Casanova, using his father’s wealth and his own charm to charm his way to what he wanted. With no other discernible skills and a lack of self-control, Lance quickly fell into scandal after scandal, drawing the attention and ire of the City’s news.

His relationship with his adoptive father soured quickly with these scandals, which put himself in a kind of unwanted limelight. With their relationship strained, Lance slowly dropped out of the public eye until something big shook things up. His father was found dead one night outside of Byrne Barrels’ Headquarters. With only Lance in his will, he quickly acquired the vast majority of his father’s wealth. Though much of it would only be acquired once he was 30; he had enough of his wealth to essentially do as he pleased.

Lance quickly rejoined the headlines, once more acquiring scandal after scandal- made worse by the fact that there was no one and nothing stopping him from doing what he wanted. Though his father’s empire chugged along, people were losing faith in its leaders with Lance at the helm. His board of directors especially doubted his abilities, and as time passed they allowed him less access to the company. His scandals and spending caught up with him, and slowly the City’s appreciation of Byrne’s Barrels began to falter. It wasn’t long before Lance began to feel the squeeze by his board of directors, on top of some of his scandals catching up with him. With his existence under heavy scrutiny and his access to funds slipping out of his hands, Lance once more faded from public view. While still attached to B.B., his connection hangs by a thread and the good will of some of his board of directors, who were personal friends with his father.

With his position in life fading, he looks for answers to questions he had buried long ago: What happened to his father?

Logos: Heir to a Sinking Booze Empire
Theme: Defining Event (Death of a Patriarch)
Tags - A) regret, D) CEO of Byrne Barrels (B.B.), E) the city’s movers and shakers
Weakness - B) the company and it’s investors
Identity - Top of the world, but at what cost?

Theme: Personality (Casanova)
Tags - A) just wants to have fun, C) smoothtalker, G) vintage watches
Weakness - D) frozen stiff
Identity - The world’s much more fun if you don’t have a doghouse to worry about.

Theme: Possessions (Sitting on a Fortune)
Tags - A) my million dollar company, C) a sweet car, H) throw money at it until it works
Weakness - D) my board of directors
Identity - Anything within the city is mine!

Mythos: Valravn (Drenched Bird of Death)
Theme: Mobility
Tags - A) shadow form, C) slipping into shadows, F) becoming non-corporeal, H) enveloping wings
Weakness - A) bright lights, B) strained body
Mystery - Will I be redeemed?

Trevor de'Foss: friendly board of director member
Linda Gaune: not so friendly board of director member

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