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Old May 24th, 2024, 04:15 AM
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PotM April

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And yet again, the judges were impressed by a post... Dworin nominated this post for valid reasons the judges could completely agree with; 'This particular post really surprised me, though, so I feel it deserves the highlight.
When Yoshimi's character found the child of another character, that one complained about having to translate Sophokles, saying that it is dull. This prompted Fidelis (Yoshimi's char) to do an imprompu solo performance of Oedipus Rex which is extremely fun to read and really makes for a very lively scene. One little boy's feeling about homework will be forever changed!'

So... CONGRATZZZZ to Yoshimi for writing this engaging post It definitely deserves some RPXP love <3

More posts made us proud to have such talented writers among us, and we would love to share this. Please read and enjoy, and click those scales at the top right of the posts
  • psuedenim nominated another Yoshimi post; mentioning that 'there had been many good posts in this game; funny, amazing Lore, wonderful NPC's, great character play, depth - the works. This one though, this one raised praise and comment from everyone in the game' you can find this post over here
  • Rockerboy nominated a post written by EMIW, 'The thing that stands out for me with this GM post is the description. Reading it paints a picture in the mind, along with the nautical terminology and theme carried throughout, it was very vivid to read as a player in the game; and since I usually have trouble visualizing word format, I appreciated that this instance had me seeing it in my mindseye fairly clearly.' Curious? Check th post over here
  • Kaigen nominated this post, written by Star Moth, letting us know that their reason for this nomination was the fact that 'first impressions are important, and the impression Star Moth gives us of Cui Fan is snappy, concise, and establishes the character's shortcomings without being precious about it.'
  • EMIW did not only write an awesome post, but also nominated this post, written by Dworin. Reason for nomination: All of my players have been incredible, but this time I felt driven to nominate this particular post - Clovis' decision in this post to follow the Seneschal led to a well-timed Nat 20 Stealth check, allowing him to follow close enough to hear a lot of very important information. While being new to D&D, Dworin is clearly no stranger to great PbP RP and nuanced character work, reacting nicely to the impressions gained from his Insight check. The decision to split the party (even more) is never an easy one, but in this case it was well reasoned and it paid off.

It is safe to say, some Games have so many nomination-worthy posts, written by players who invested time and energy to provide a layer of depth into their character and into the story told by the DM. If you recognize this vibe in the posts of your players, in your own post, or in your DM-posts --> do not hesitate to nominate!!!

Links to posts written in May are welcome in this thread, we are looking forward to read and admit them <3
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