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Old Aug 22nd, 2015, 09:11 PM
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Game Procedures

Wiser men than me once put it best: "Be excellent to each other." Above all others, that is the golden rule. We are all in this together.

Rule 0: What the DM says, goes. I try to stick to the rules, but if I have an enemy do something it normally can't, I probably intended it that way. Bring it up with me in your private thread if you really must, but don't nitpick. Go with the flow!

Rule 1: The post rate is a rigorous once/week. Please don't make the other players and the game wait on you. I understand that most people do not live attached to their computers. If you cannot post for whatever reason, please try to let me know. You'll be NPC'd for the duration of your absence; I'll try and keep you consistent with your character but you won't be doing much. If you have anything you particularly want your character to be doing, PM me before you go with instructions.

Rule 2: Do not roll dice in the game thread. Please. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing that ugly dice roller splattered at the bottom of every post. Use the dice thread and hyperlink the results in your post, or use tt tags.

Rule 3: Due to the nature of the game, PvP is a probability. However, it will be occurring under my oversight. Remember this, we are not here to determine a 'winner'. We are here to have fun and tell a story.

Rule 4: Creativity will be rewarded, both in combat and out.

Combat InfoFor the ease of combat and my benefit, I would appreciate it if during combat you guys all put a little OOC note at the bottom of your posts containing relevant character information. Please put this behind spoiler tags so it doesn't inflate the post.

If you need a template, you can use this one I shamelessly stole borrowed and modified from Moozuba. Or you can make your own if you'd rather, as long as it has all the information required.

Chewbacca110/11027 Normal2724 (FF 22)21+2 melee attack & damageWookie Rage (5 rounds)5

Also a combat post should include all actions taken, as well as link to appropriate rolls in the dice thread or rolls made in tt tags.

So a full combat table may look like so:
Bleach d20: Trouble in Paradise (HoF: 2015) [Co-DM] || Purge (HoF: 2017) [GM]

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