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Old Sep 1st, 2021, 04:15 PM
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Name: Maiele Tolas
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Barbarian (Wild Magic)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Maiele is rather bullheaded, and is more likely to do something j u s t because someone told her she c a n' t. Once set to a task, you're darn tootin' that she'll see it through, perhaps even to her own detriment.

Appearance: Maiele is an attractive young woman in her early twenties. Her wild brown hair cascades down her back, and she keeps it out of her face with a red bandana. The barbarian has the tell-tale sign of her elven heritage, being that her ears are subtly pointed. Her physique also shows the hard earned muscle of living rough, along with the small scars and scrapes of a battle-tested warrior. Maiele's attire is utilitarian and without frills. Their gear is in working condition, but very obviously in need of replacement. The one thing that stands out from this barbarian's warrior look is the fact that Maiele carries a satchel of Arcane scrolls, along with the spell components and focii of a caster.

Background: Faction Agent (Half-Elven Renegades)

Ideal: I'm loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care.
Bond: Someone I loved died because of I mistake I made. That will never happen again.
Flaw: If there's a plan, I'll forget it. If I don't forget it, I'll ignore it.
Hometown: Shining Falls

Maiele was born to a Elven mother and a Human father in a small community deep inside the High Forest. Her mother was a rather accomplished wizard and her father a skilled swordsman. At a young age, Maiele showed the signs of magical talent, but it often waned and wasn't very reliable. Regardless, her mother taught her how to read magic and even tutored her to some success to perform rituals. In the meantime, her father instructed her in the arts of war, and Maiele gravitated to this far more easily than the magic. In particular she excelled at the use of two-handed swords, just like her father before her.

It was around the time Maiele first went through puberty that she experienced her first Wild Magic surge, much to the horror of her parents. In times of intense emotion, a primordial and uncontrollable swell of arcane energy would well up in Maiele and cause a multitude of bizarre and dangerous effects. Naturally, the already tumultuous time of being a teen was compounded with the threat of blasting holes through people's faces... Maiele decided to spare herself the trauma of accidentally wild surging her parents into piles of ash, she ran away on her own.

The High Forest is a place full of many factions, but one took particular notice of Maiele. While traveling the Forest, Maiele was ambushed by a scrappy band of half-elves and humans, who demanded to know who she was. Being the lippy teen she was at the time, Maiele demanded to know who t h e y were. They explained that they served the Princess Tianna Skyflower, "true heir of the Kingdom of Eaerlann". Having been educated by her wizard mother, she had heard of this ancient and defenct Kingdom... and despite her better judgement, she was impressed. The ambushing party continued to explain that the Princess had heard of her unique magic and could use such an assent in "reclaiming the Kingdom." Naturally for the hotheaded Barbarian, this is all that she had ever dreamed of. A place she could be accepted, where her magic wasn't a threat, but an asset. Heck, she even saw the benefits of getting in good with a Princess.

Maiele fought and lived with the Half-Elven Renegades for four years, growing close with her brothers and sister in arms. She even developed romantic feelings for a fellow warrior named Qilu, a half-drow girl her same age. The "Princess" had begun to trust Maiele, and wanted to test her leadership quality. So she gave her command of one the cells, and told her to start conducting raids along the Delimbiyr River for more prisoners they could ransom. Naturally, Maiele chose her girlfriend and right-hand, Qilu, to accompany her on this mission. It was routine at this point, all this raiding along the river. That's why they let their guard down, and that's why it all went h o r r i b l y wrong. Normally the Renegade's modus operandi was to kidnap wealthy merchants traveling downriver towards Daggerford and ransom them. They never wanted to hurt the people, they just needed the gold. "Rebuilding a Kingdom is expensive" the Princess would always say.

Well this time around, these particular merchants weren't as they seemed. In fact, they were Zhentarim traveling down river themselves, but instead of cargo they had slaves in their hold. But it was too late, and Maiele had already given the order to board them and capture who they could. Qilu and the others joined in on the attack, but were caught out of position by the more superiorly skilled Zhentarim guards who were posing as the deckhands. It was a bloody slaughter, and to Maiele's horror she saw Qilu being run through by one of the agents. It was this traumatic scene that set off an unprecedented Wild Surge to spring forth from Maiele's chest and wash over the deck of the ship... But all that happened was she had paralyzed herself with the random and everchanging Wild magic.

As she fell to the deck, the Zhentarim jumped upon her and shackled her, throwing her down with the other stock. Once the self-paralysis subsided, Maiele screamed and screamed for Qilu but no avail. In fact she would never see her again. The next few weeks were a blur, but she remembers the dread in her gut. She remembered the growing hatred for the Zhentarim.

Before she knew it, that Zhentarim ship had made it's dark journey northward into Neverwinter to offload their slaves (her included). However, by a stroke of luck or divine providence, she was able to slip free her bonds and escaped into the night of Neverwinter harbor. Maiele in her grief traveled the area there around Neverwinter for some time, regaining a footing, and honing her resolve.... She'd avenge Qilu, and she'd eventually have to return to the 'Princess' to face the music. Now, though, she needs to train, and lucky for her she'd heard rumors of Dragons, Orcs and evil cults.

Those'll do, she thought.
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Old Sep 2nd, 2021, 04:14 PM
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Name: Zilezi Fistic
Race: Dwarf stuck in Half-elf body (Dwarf part is flavour only)
Class: Barbarian-Totem Warrior-Bear

Personality: Zilezi was a selfish butt for a long time but now does his best to fight this. He is still stubborn and loves to scam people but understands the value of loyalty and tries to find friends wherever he can. Zilezi isn't a big fan of taking orders, however a well thought out plan can easily convince him to do what is needed of him. He hates all creatures, who have too much power. Even though a few months have passed, he still hates his new appearance and avoids seeing his own reflection.

Appearance: Zilezi is currently stuck looking like a young, half-elven woman. He has shoulder-length, blonde, unkept hair and blue eyes. His new face is quite pretty, but a permanent frown and coldness makes it way less welcoming. Over the course of last few months, Zilezi, through diligent workout, brought some muscle to the body to feel a bit more comfortable in it. For some reason, he decided to keep clothes of the previous owner of the body. Most often he is dressed in blue-white garbs of Kelemvor Paladin, with a long skirt and scale mail. His weapon of choice is a well polished halberd that he uses as a mirror, when he enters his rage.

Background: Charlatan

Favourite Schemes:
I convince people that worthless junk is worth their hard-earned money.
Personality Traits:
1. Sarcasm and insults are my weapons of choice.
2. I pocket anything I see that might have some value.
Friendship. Material goods come and go. Bonds of friendship last forever.
I fleeced the wrong person and must work to ensure that this individual never crosses paths with me or those I care about.
I can't resist swindling people who are more powerful than me.



Zilezi Fistic used to be a small, dwarven forger but became a scammer after the death of his wife. His previous line of work wasn't enough to keep him and his son in their lifestyle, so he decided to earn a living though even less honest, dangerous means and after a while he started to like it. Scam after scam, he was getting more full of himself, slowly cutting ties with his old friends, who tried to lead him out of all this. A few years into his new carrier, he tried to trick a powerful wizard into buying a piece of amber, attempting to convince him that there is a dragon trapped inside and... of course it didn't work out. The wizard not only killed Zilezi but also denied him a peaceful rest, instead sending dwarf's soul into the body of a creature he would hate the most: a young, weak, devout, female half-elf.

Zilezi left a letter and a bit of money to his neighbours, asking them to take care of his son and left his hometown. With almost no ties or friends left, he began to wander the world, hoping to never see that wizard again... at least until he is strong enough to beat his ass.
With time, he began to adjust his new body to his standards, building up muscle but still couldn't accept it. Mere look into his new reflection is enough to bring him to rage.
He hopes that one day he will get his body and revenge.
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Old Sep 2nd, 2021, 09:06 PM
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Name: Joric Jassan
right-aligned image

Race: Half Elf
Class: Rogue/Swashbuckler
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Far Traveler
  • All Eyes on You: This far north along the Sword Coast, his accent, mannerisms, figures of speech, and most definitely his appearance all mark Joric Jassan as foreign. Curious glances are directed his way wherever he goes, which while a nuisance, gains Joric the friendly interest of scholars and others intrigued by far-off lands, to say nothing of everyday folk who are eager to hear stories of his homeland.

    Joric can parley this attention into access to people and places a random local might not otherwise have, for Joric and his traveling companions. Noble lords, scholars, and merchant princes, to name a few, might be interested in hearing about his distant homeland and people.
Personality Trait
Over the centuries Jorik's homeland of Southern Tethyr has been heavily influenced culturally by its proximity to Calimsham. As a result, most of the folk in Southern Tethyr are almost indistinguishable from the Calimshite peoples further to the south and Joric is no different.
  • Besides speaking with a heavy Calimshite accent, Joric also wears the traditional garbs of his people, complete with desert style keffiyeh which Joric wears religiously. Despite knowing that it would be better to blend in, Joric's noble upbringing forbids him from hiding his foreign roots.
  • Above all else, Joric will never forget nor will he forgive what happened to his father and his family back in Tethyr. While well aware that he has neither the means nor the expertise to exact his revenge today, he is acutely aware of what he must do. As a result, when given a choice, Joric will always attempt to make which ever decision or take which ever road will lead him closer to his ultimate goal of avenging his father.

In Southern Tethyr it is considered low class to lie directly to another's face. As a Tethyrian noble, Joric considers such an act beneath his station and will become highly irritable and confrontational if publicly accused of a lie. With regard to the actual act of lying, Joric will almost certainly not lie, especially to adversaries or those he considers beneath him.



"We'll have to go out through the kitchen!" - Tanis Half-Elven
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Old Sep 9th, 2021, 11:12 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Garpo Gladhammer (a.k.a The Flying Garpo)

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Class: Fighter - Battle Master

Personality: Garpo can be grouchy one day, and then cheerful and garrulous the next. Drink brings out the cheerful side of the dwarf. After a few drinks, he’ll begin to tell stories and laugh. After a few more drinks the artist emerges. His art form is brawling: bar fights, boxing, wrestling. You name it, he’ll do it as long as he has spectators. He taunts and teases, leaps on tables, flexes his muscles, kisses his arms, winks at the ladies, and calls to the crowd. And he doesn’t just fight; he dances, he kicks, he punches, he bites, he loses himself in the ecstasy of the fight. And when he wakes up the next morning, bruised and battered, and hung over, he smiles and goes back to sleep. But eventually, the days bleed into one another, and he begins to ask himself questions about what he is doing and whether he shouldn’t be getting on with things. And then he becomes quiet, and seems to be vaguely trying to think of something. At times like these he needs a friend to break him out of his mood with a joke or a friendly wink. Most times he’ll head off to the tavern and the cycle will repeat itself. But lately he’s been longing for something more...

Appearance: Garpo stands a little over four feet tall, with a flowing auburn beard, and light grey eyes. His head is shaved and tattooed with what seems to be a maze. He wears iron beard rings and iron earrings that he crafted himself. His arms are thick from years working as a blacksmith’s apprentice and covered with tattoos similar to the ones on his head. When he is dressed for battle, he wears a dark gray chain mail shirt and heavy leather boots, he wields a heavy war hammer, one side blunt and the other with a spike, and in his other hand he holds a wooden shield with a metal crest baring a maze-like pattern matching his tattoos. When Garpo gets angry, he tenses his muscles, and gets a cool look in his eye as though he is holding back an explosion. And when he gets cheerful, his muscles relax and a mischievous twinkle enters his eye. He doesn't hide his emotions well and it's easy to read his mood from his body language.

Background: Gladiator

Personality Traits: 1) I know a story relevant to almost every situation. 2) I love a good insult, even one directed at me.

Ideal: Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. (Chaotic)

Bond: I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person’s.

Flaw: I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.

Hometown: Ice Mountains (north of Citadel Adbar)



Looks like a fun game - thanks for considering my application!

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right-aligned image

Name: Gael, Red Maned daughter of Mairead of the Red Tiger shield maidens.
Class: Barbarian (Ancestral Guardian)
Race: Human (variant: shield master feat)
Physical Description:
Her red hair shines as if lit by morning sunshine even if it is cloudy out and Her green eyes challenge all who meet her gaze. She wears practical clothing of quality leather and furs, well suited to life in the wilds. Second only to her fierce eyes is her red shield that is rimed with a tiger claw design. In the center of the shield is carved a tribal design of an angry tiger.

Background: Outlander
I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn cubs.
I get bitter if I'm not the center of attention.
Ideal: If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my whole clan.
Bond: I guide the spirits, not the other way around.
Flaw: There is no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.

Concept: Angsty shield-maiden in search of self while also haunted by tormented spirts.

Her story:
Raised by the shield maidens of the Red Tiger tribe, her red hair marked Gael from birth as an ancestral guardian. The songs told of an ancestral mound that was desecrated, dug up and destroyed by a greedy dragon who sought revenge on the red-headed warriors entombed there. When the mound was destroyed, it untethered the spirts of the mound. It is said that when these spirits choose their champion, that person is marked by a red main.

The shield maidens were highly regarded within the Red Tiger clan in their own right. They clamed the region around the Rainbow Gorge, the exit if the River of Rauvin, as their territory. Red Tiger clan Warriors from the Cold Wood would venture to the falls to trade or ask for the maiden's aid with important hunts or raids. As one marked to be sacred ancestral guardian, young Gael was groomed from birth to be a great warrior. While she was granted the best teachers, never went hungry, had the best clothing, slept alongside the most senior maidens, she was never an equal. She was not seen as a friend or just Gael, but always a red-mane, a chosen one, a potential conduit to the lost great ancestors.

After two decades, she was strong enough to undergo the awakening ritual, a physically intensive ordeal that would awaken the spirits bound to her. She had not been prepared for what that actually meant. The spirits attacked her like ferocious tigers rending her soul. They were not benevolent guiding entities, but rather raw untethered rage. Her nights were full of being hunted by wraiths, their screams haunting her waking days. Her whole life she had been taught that this link was a gift, but it was, in fact, a curse. Those around her changed as well. Now that the spirits had been awakened, she could see through the veil masking her tribe's own selfish desires. Gael was little more to them than a conduit to their ancestors; spirits they hoped might grant guidance, status or power. There was an undercurrent of envy as well, and the more Gael was unable to grant what the maidens felt entitled to, the more she felt like their gaze on her was like that of the great cats they hunted. So she left. Her nightmares subsided, just a little, with every league she traveled away from her ancestral homeland.

Confident and fearless, and at times, a little residual entitlement. She makes rash decisions, trusting in her own ability and spiritual purpose a little too much. She is a protector at her core though, and always puts the need of her allies above her own.

What is their over-arching goal? To get control of the spirits and carve out a meaningful purpose. She was chosen, but is up to her to understand why and what to do with this spiritual bond. Her short term goal is self discovery, away from the influence of her tribe. Her long-term goal is to one day return and be the leader they wanted in her, but only if she can do so on her own terms.

Another goal might be to possibly soothe the spirits. Maybe the dragon took ancestral shields from the mound. If she recovers them, maybe buries them again, the souls might once again be at peace. (possible plot hook)

Also, the perceived judgment or desire from her clan may or may not be real. It is possible the spirits influenced her a bit, but she is unaware of this.

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Applications will be closing tomorrow, September 14th at 10 p.m. CST. Great job to those who have submitted theirs. If you're lurking and thinking about applying, get yours in soon.
Status: Active.
Who, Me?

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1/2 Applications for Campaign!
right-aligned image
Name: Jallen Oathbound
Race: Feral Tiefling
Class: Way of the Astral Form Monk
5e Background: Courtier
2 Personality Traits: I believe that everything worth doing is worth doing right. I can not help for it. I am the perfectionist. / When there is not much going on, I would like to eat. My gut would indicate, maybe I like it a bit too much.
Ideal: Aspiration: I work hard to be the best there is at my profession. (Any)
Bond: I hold no greater cause than my service to the one I have given my oath to.
Flaw: I am horribly jealous of anyone who outshines my handwork. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by rivals.

Personality: Jallen is a perfectionist in whatever he is doing, nothing but the best for those that he works with. This includes cleaning, the area around himself and his allies, doesn't matter if it is inside of an inn or outside sleeping on rocks, he will make sure that it is clean and well kept for his comrades. He makes sure that their clothes are taken care of, beds are made, food is prepared and served, he knows what his comrades like and dislike and makes it so they do not have to deal with the latter. He also has great knowledge of the inner workings of the politics in this area, and has made connections with many nobles who he had offered his services to along his journey. Whenever he has some time off doing nothing, he often is seen having a snack or two, he says that it helps keep him energized for anything that may come up.

To keep his mind off the death of his family and friends, he dives headfirst into his work, hoping to make his mother, in paradise, happy that he has not let this tragedy take over him, and that she knows that she will be avenged. He is dependent on serving other people, it is the only thing that he knows, so is loyal to the very end for those that take him in and allow him to be part of the group.

He is a great bodyguard, using his abilities to support front line fighters, protecting their backs, as well as using his long ki channeled arms to strike at their opponent from a distance, overwhelming them with their strikes and taking them down quickly.

When he sees someone doing something similar to what he does, he gets quite jealous of them and treats them as if they were his rivals, he will then proceed to make sure that he does better than them at what they do, to prove that he is much better and needed.

His ultimate goal is to kill the dragon that decimated his home so that he can let his mother rest in peace, and also to maybe learn more about his father, who seems to have some interest, as his astral form is in his image.

Appearance: Standing at a standard height of 5'10", Jallen is fat, but still a solid individual, he has blue skin with long white hair and two dark, navy blue horns that protrude from his forehead and goes back over the top of his head. He has a well taken care of moustache and a full beard. He has two fanged teeth that stick out from his mouth. His eyes are a warm, dark brown, complimented by white, thick eyebrows. The rest of him are that of a typical Tiefling, but a few things that stand out with him are that he has three scars, he has two holes that are on each side of his cheek, a scar from an arrow. The other is that he has two scars in an "X" shape across his chest and a burned spot on the back of his right hand that looks like it has been burned multiple times.

He dresses in fine clothing, a large long sleeve shirt, buttoned up all the way, french-tucked into his pants with well tailored tight pants, long socks and fine travelling boots, over top is a brown leather trench coat, with gold buttons, his colour lay-out matches that of his comrade that he has made his oath with to take care of. The clothing covers the scar on his chest and often wears gloves to cover the scar on his hand.


Backstory: Jallen was born to a noblewoman that lived in the west, a town known as Dorem (made up), being a Tiefling, he was hidden from those that would use him against her in his early age. Her, and her closest allies, family and friends, claimed that the child had died at birth, and he was hidden away for a time. She did love him, and had her best teach him to become a Courtier, someone who was a confidant of nobles, this would allow him to be close to his mother, but not allow him to become a scandal and ruin her position and their lifestyle.

Under the tutorship of his mentor, he learned quickly of his new trade and was eventually introduced as his apprentice, in his town, the Courtier was also someone who was like the secret service to their noble, they had to be trained to protect them at any cost. So he learned the basic skills of martial arts, to stop and put down anyone that would dare try to make an attempt on his mother.

But what they were not prepared for, was for the might of a dragon, screaming across their homeland, it struck them down, melting down everything that he had ever loved. He only survived because of an energy releasing from within him, creating a barrier that protected him. When he awoke, he was alone, everything around him was decimated, he travelled to his mother's closest ally and let them know what had happened, his sights were set on vengeance. He also learned more about the barrier that grew around him, learning that he can summon it by tapping into his own ki. The form was that of a demon's claws, glowing a reddish colour, he felt something when he would summon it, he wondered if it was connected to his father.

He was told that they would not be able to do anything against a creature such as a dragon and that it would be foolish and a senseless death if they were to just chase and fight it. They did mention that there were strong warriors and magic users along the east, down the Sword of the Coast, there, he might find the means to avenge his home. So, with the help of his ally, he was given the resources to make his way to Waterdeep, there, he began to use his knowledge of how things worked to find out that there was word going around about a party of people that were beginning to take it upon themselves to hunt down another dragon, Cryovain. This caught the interest of Jallen, and he began to learn more about the group. He travelled along the area in order to find out more about them, following the trail of rumours, confirming them and continuing on, it seemed that they were on a path that would lead them to be able to fight the strength and power of a dragon, and he intends to join them.
As always, good luck and have fun!

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Fingers crossed
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Good luck, everyone. Great applications!
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Stop the Earth, I want to get off!
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Apologies for slipping this in right before the deadline, I have been following this thread for a while and ruminating over several character concepts. Somehow I only noticed that Artificers were allowed last night, and so this app (which is a pretty major rework of an application to a previous game) is mostly the product of a feverish few hours of work. Thanks for considering me, even though I can see that you already have a very tough job ahead with all of these other great apps!

Name: Anton Sheer
Race: Skill Expert feat; Dex +1, Stealth expertise, Investigation proficiencyVariant Human
Class: Armorer Artificer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28

Background: Guild Artisan
Personality Traits: I just assume I’m the smartest person in the room, it saves time.
When I get an idea I just have to follow up on it right away.
Ideal: The strong need to protect the weak.
Bond: I was selfish. I should try to work on that.
Flaw: Some consider me to be arrogant but they’re just jealous.

It’s a typically tragic tale, all very boring. My parents didn’t love me enough, blah, blah, blah. Then they died, now I’m alone and I wish I could make up with them. There, you get the gist and I’ve spared you the details.

What? Oh, you want the details? Well, how very diligent of you. Okay, so how detailed do you want me to be? How about this; it was a cold winter’s day and snow was piling up in miniature drifts against the walls of the buildings in the Trades Ward, when a harmonic chorus of celestials was heard over the wailing of a newborn… no? But wait, it’s just getting good, guess who the child was? Me!

You guessed already? And still no? Okay, okay, I’ll hurry it along a bit. Waterdeep was home for fifteen long and, in hindsight, happy years. Well, not too unhappy anyway. My parents were… well, I can honestly say they tried their best, which is more than some people can say. We were pretty well-off. I never worried about wearing a hole in a pair of boots. I always had food, a place to sleep, and something to occupy my time. It wasn’t perfect, most of my friends were much richer than me, so I never really appreciated what I had. And my parents worked. A lot. They thought the best way to look after me was to give me a project, so I was apprenticing with both of them before I could walk.

So, inevitably, I decided to rebel. As soon as I hit fifteen I packed a bag and took a coach to Baldur’s Gate, ostensibly to study at the High House of Wonders. I mean, really; can you picture me as a priest? Well, obviously it didn’t work out. But I did spend a lot of time, and a lot of my parents’ money, at the, ah, more congenial of the city’s establishments.

I guess I just never really understood that we weren’t actually rich. I mean, sure, the trough had never runneth dry before, but what I didn’t know was that my parents had been very careful with their money.

I… wasn’t.

I ran up a few bills and some debt collectors got involved. Some heated messages were passed back and forth, you know, and so I got cut off. Just like that. And I can tell you, Baldur’s Gate looks a lot less welcoming when your pockets are empty.

I guess some of my creditors got the idea that they could force my folks to pay up if they held some kind of collateral. But they were in the Gate, and my folks were all the way back up in Waterdeep. What kind of collateral could they get? Yup, you guessed it, it was me. I was the collateral. A couple of guys grabbed me and stuck me in some cellar and sent off a ransom demand.

Now, by then I’d started to get a rough idea of how much money my family didn’t have, so I was understandably worried about the ransom not being paid. I felt that maybe I should take matters into my own hands. I planned out an ingenious escape involving two oil lamps, some manure and an old bag of grit, and just to make sure nobody came after us I made sure that the kidnappers were there when it exploded. I… may have gone a little overboard, but I was under duress!

Anyway, it didn't matter. My folks had already pulled money from wherever they could, got themselves into debt they couldn't pay. I got to watch them struggling for the next few years, aging right before my eyes. They… went within a couple of months of each other, which was probably for the best.

I didn't want to stay in Waterdeep after that, and for some reason Baldur's Gate held no appeal either. Weird, huh? So I hit the road, figuring I'd stop somewhere, settle down, maybe start a… cart-making business? Or a blacksmith, maybe. I'll admit, I never really thought that part through, I suppose I imagined it would all just work out despite all the evidence I had to the contrary. What I did discover, though, was that I had a knack for solving problems. Bandit problems, goblin problems, even orc problems. It comes down to brains and preparation, mainly. Well, that and a bunch of sharp metal.

You could call it atonement, if you want. I see it more like… being the best possible me.

Anton likes to look his best. But he doesn't like to look like he likes to look his best, he prefers to look like he just happens to look great even though he couldn't care how he looks. This is pulled off by making sure his clothes are well tailored, and his hair and beard are kept just on the more manageable side of scruffy.

He's not an imposing man, standing only about average height, but he certainly exudes an air of confidence which can, in the right light, be mistaken for authority.

If you like Anton you would call him confident. If you don’t like him you would more likely describe him as arrogant. Either way, you notice him. He’s someone who is used to being the centre of attention and he finds it difficult when he isn’t.

Underneath the brash exterior, however, is a sensitivity which few ever get to see. He genuinely cares about others, so much so that he dedicates his life and his considerable talents to helping them. Detractors would say that he’s just a narcissist seeking attention but he actually risks it all so that others don’t need to.

His biggest asset is his brain and he is one of those annoying people who just seems to grasp things really easily. It would be much less annoying, except he will happily rub the noses of people right in their own ignorance as he shows off just how brilliant he has been. This can be off-putting for people, but once he respects somebody this side of him virtually (honestly, almost entirely) disappears.

He has a dry and sometimes dark sense of humour; basically, if he's not being sarcastic at any given moment he's probably being ironic.
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