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Old 06-12-2017, 12:00 AM
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Outplay 2017 Commences!

The game is once more afoot!

Pit your skills against other players in your choice of three different systems! This year's Outplay has brackets for:

Dungeons & Dragons 5e,
Mutants & Masterminds,
and Pathfinder!

Can you apply, explore, and fight your way through our adventure this year?

Can you dazzle our dizzying array of judges?

Do you want to mix in with a bunch of other great players trying to outdo one another?

Whichever of these you might be, join us!

More information:


Application threads (round 0) are in the main folder, by game type.
Round 0 starts now, and will close on June 25th.

New to Outplay?
Outplay is an annual player-focused competition that pits groups of players in a single-elimination-style tournament together against common sorts of challenges a player might face.

Round 0 works a little differently, and tackles the most important challenges a player might face: creating an interesting character and showing him in action. Just like last year, we will be making round zero anonymous, so don't worry that your name doesn't have the same pizzazz as some of the site dinosaurs. You'll be judged based on how awesome your character is.

In each of the following rounds, the players work together in a party of four to overcome the challenges the GMs put forward to face you. The final round will be a special challenge, where characters from all systems will be able to compete simultaneously.
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