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Old 07-10-2017, 01:12 PM
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Explosive Runes Magazine #22 is now available (free PDF)!

Issue 22We are happy to announce the publication of the 22nd issue of Explosive Runes Magazine!

Explosive Runes is the magazine published by RPG Crossing and a good read for anyone who enjoys online gaming here on RPGCrossing.com. It is an invaluable tool that can help you enhance your games, increase enjoyment, and improve role playing skills. The current issue contains short stories from our Library Competitions; news, contest winners and reviews of the 2016 year; original artwork from our resident artists; hints and tips to help your gaming; a short adventure for 5e gamers (from our very own Avner), as well as an interview with an Outplay Competition Judge!

Explosive Runes magazine is a must-read for anyone involved in online role play gaming who wants to develop his/her skills and maximize their enjoyment from doing so. It is even a great read for those who just follow games and donít play.

I've also opened a discussion thread for those who would like to talk about the issue.
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Shirts from the December drive have been shipped and are arriving on doorsteps!
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