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Old Nov 17th, 2022, 12:15 AM
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Hey everyone who applied! You're all clear to go! I've dropped the link below, feel free to drop your character in the character thread and start up with some rp introductions!
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Old Nov 17th, 2022, 07:59 PM
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Time is ticking for the Universe and entropy reigns... so much that bits of it can acquire sentience.

right-aligned image

Character Parameters
Name: Rust (A.K.A. decay, ageing, decomposition... entropy)
Playbook: Extinctioner

Rust shaped itself as a vaguely humanoid figure made of rust particles taken from the hull of the station. Its shape suggests a human in what can vaguely be identified as a helmetless tightly fit space suit.

Entropy has no gender, no species and no culture, so Rust adopted an approximate form to that of its surroundings. It will talk in the most spoken languages of the station and understand the concepts that the population of the station understand...but from its own absolutely alien point of view.

Entropy has no goals, so Rust also adopted the goals of its social surroundings (i.e.: the players) and will work towards accomplishing such goals. One goal is characteristically its, though: its curiosity about existence is its only genuine trait.

Scientists wonder how can a deep space station rust so much, but find no answer. All the better for them, as it would make them shiver if they knew.

At the end of time itself, entropy is almost tangible. Space is created faster and faster not only between galaxies, but, at a much slower rate, also between stars and among other large distances, so much that precision devices that depend on fine distance measures are now equipped with dynamic rangefinders.

Entropy is everywhere... particularly in Elystar Station, where a very small portion of the energies that accompany entropy - some related to what scientists called "dark energy" far back in the past - coagulated into a Boltzmann brain and acquired sentience.

This little bit of entropy, now a being on itself, slowly coagulated around the station, causing its metallic parts to decay into rust and from this rust acquired its material shape.

Far from being the omnipotent, yet impersonal entity that is entropy at large, Rust is an individual that, even though connected to the larger phenomenon that slowly consumes the Universe, has the benefit of a mind of its own, but pays the price of being finite, with limited powers... well... "limited" does not mean "little".

Rust can destroy about anything, as it is literally "made" of entropy, but its reservoir of power is limited and, if exhausted, Rust will dissolve into fine powder (literally "rust"), which it will be able to retake when recovered from the strain. The entire outer hull of the station is its reservoir of matter to form its body from.
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