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Old 07-17-2012, 10:33 AM
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The Necromancer's Task


Though you would not normally associate with such a person, the necromancer Lanith Night has been a surprisingly good benefactor to you over the years. Once an enemy, now Lanith is a moderately effective contact and sometimes ally to you and your adventuring troop.

There was the time you were almost overwhelmed by an invading army, when the necromancer's forces appeared and saved you from capture, torture, and death. It was not very comfortable fighting alongside zombies and ghouls, but it did save your life, and from that point on, your relationship to the aspiring lord Lanith Night has been, complicated.

Though he has shown that he wants you alive, it could all just be part of some greater scheme that you cannot yet see. You still don't trust him, and rightly so, he is a necromancer after all. You've chosen to side with caution when dealing with this man, and any of his associates. You don't think it would be a very good fate ending up a minion in his army one day.

So, when you found the key that enters into the invisible wizard tower of Mortimer Spellbeard, which may hold a piece of the Argus Staff, and Lanith Night offered to help find the tower for you, you questioned why he might assist. Upon careful research you discovered the history about the 2 wizards: Mortimer Spellbeard and Vintagin Arcanus, who lived over a thousand years ago. The staff you search for may very well be the bringer of life or death to an entire plane, you have no choice but to trust Lanith once more.

Crevan Knowledge Arcana 42

A DC 30 Knowledge History or Arcana check will reveal that Mortimer Spellbeard was a powerful dwarven abjurer who was likely responsible for inventing the clockwork golem. Vintagin Arcanus was a powerful Elven Wizard who was known to have invented the use of pocket dimension, which is now known as the portable hole. Vintagin was said to have been a master of planer manipulation.

A DC 35 Knowledge History or Arcana check will note the obscure reference to both Mortimer and Vintagin's creation of the Argus Amplifier, a powerful artifact said to enhance arcane magic in hundreds of magnitudes by stopping the flow of magic for a brief time across the entire plane and transferring it to the user.

A DC 40 Knowledge History or Arcana check will note that the Argus Amplifier is said to be capable of “burning the gates of heaven themselves” as was noted in Tin's Anthologies of Ancient Lore 3rd edition. Tin also noted that, “the artifact is in the form of a wizard's staff, once completely assembled, and that each of its three components are indestructible. The staff is said to be 5 ft long made of adamantine, with a large metallic set of spinning rings at its apex, known as the crown, and within is a glowing sphere which radiates with a powerful blue light.” You also remember someone once saying that the staff is made with the “tears of heaven” whatever that is.

Fearing the amplifiers incredible power the wizards dissembled the staff into 3 parts and hide them around the world. It is said that two of the pieces are hidden within the wizard's towers and the third piece left to mystery. Currently no one knows of the location of either tower.

Lanith has sent word that he has found the hidden tower of Mortimer Spellbeard and you should meet him in the city of Absalom as soon as you can. It's not everyday you travel to the largest city in existence. 300,000 people live there, and the ancient secrets this metropolis holds may rival the entire wealth of the rest of the world!

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