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Old 10-12-2017, 12:40 AM
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The Search for the Princess

It had been a normal day at the home of the Super High Intensity Team, Bobbyknock serenading the girls with his self acclaimed skills at the harpsicord when a message came, inviting the quartet to a metting with the Meisarch, highest ranking among the five rulers of Amn. After a brief heart ache where Ranna killed one of Remy's trees and a new Orc Gardener was procurred, they went to the meeting. At the meeting they were greeted with a mission that was hard to pass up. With a promise of 50,000 gold pieces for the safe return of a missing princess, they agreed and returned home to prepare.

The next morning, the intrepid party assembled to fulfill their promise, but first, they sought out the erstwhile courriers, already day drinking away their woes away. With some very convincing arguments from Remy, the three guards, Tomrin Firth, Ellen Firth, and the halfling Noor Navien, agreed to lead them to where they last saw their princess before carrying the message back to Athkatla.

The day was not without strife, though, as an early spring rain storm caused the group to pause and pitch tents to weather the storm in. Once the storm abated, the group continued on, but hours had been lost from the journey.

On, the party continued until very nearly sundown before they finally saw the tiny town that the princess had spent her first night on the road. Rolling plainsland stretched from horizon to horizon, filled with coarse grass and grains of all sorts, rising in their early planting to nearly knee height. Lanterns glowing warm and yellow stood beside the doors of the sandstone wall that surrounded the small roadside town. The two human fighters carried their torches aloft, still swaying on their feet as if they had somehow been drinking all day long. The halfling, if he had been in his cups as his companions, was hiding it well.

By the time the party came to the gates, they were greeted by a pair of soldiers. At once, it was easy to tell that they were of the same kind of armor as the three former guards of the Princess, their armor, however, was clean and in good condition, unlike the trio that now led the group.

"Greetings, a little late to be on the road, isn't it?" One of the gate guards inquired.

"Got caught in that storm there, mate. There room in the inn?" Tomrin said, swaying. The on duty guards wrinkled their noses in distaste.

"Maybe... Best ask at the [i]Withering Stump[i], Danalee might have some room left. Hard to tell with all the caravans passing through day in and day out. Be aware though, she can tell if you've had too much and cut you off, not like those big city barkeeps."

"Noted, love," Ellen said with a wink as she led the way, sauntering past her brother and Noor. She walked with purpose, her path weaving, but heading in a single direction to a building at the center of this tiny town, a three story sandstone building with a wooden sign that showed an ancient stump with a broad bladed axe sticking out of the top. All the other buildings, of similar construction, were single story, most had signs with no words, but pictures that showed what wares they offered. The buildings stood far apart, allowing space for caravaners that were traveling through to set up their wagons and sell directly to fellow travelers along the thoroughfare.

Ellen pulled open the door and waved everyone past. Noor bouned right inside before turning back to the party. "Why don't you good folks have a seat and we'll arrange lodging for the night and maybe some warm food."

The room was brightly lit with colorful lanterns and a large fireplace. A bard stands upon a raised platform, playing a violin and dancing about. The people around the area of the platform sat entranced with their mugs of ale sitting on the wooden tables before them, more or less untouched. A few tables sit unoccupied, nearer to the bar. It was as if everyone wanted to be closer to the aluring musician. Her costume was bright jewel tones, hugging her lithe, well tanned figure as she danced and played.


Torina entered the tavern with the others and noticed the silence immediately. Her head swivled to the performer at the far side of the room. "I don't trust the silence.
It's also far too bright in here. There's no places to hide."
She angled toward one of the tables near the bar, turning back to her friends and arching a quizical eyebrow as if seeking approval for her choice of table.
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Old 10-13-2017, 08:41 AM
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Remy looked about the inn with a smile, it was bright, homely and with good lively music that was a far superior to the torment they were oft subjected to. With her black leathery wings tucked in behind her tightly, she followed Torina to the table at the back with a suppressed sigh. She would have preferred somewhere in the middle, far enough for privacy but close enough for the enjoyment of the performance.

"Perhaps if you did not scowl so much at people you would be greeted with less silence and feel more welcome. And it is just lovely in here, I like that there are no dark spaces, nothing more distrustful than a dark space with someone lurking with ill intent." she said with a shudder at the last. "Silence is peaceful Tor, tis the dark I do not trust."


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