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Old 07-31-2013, 02:48 PM
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Kit Richmond, cowboy

Name: Kit Richmond
Concept: Cowboy
Backstory: Kit gripped the rail tightly as New York harbor disappeared behind him. He grabbed his Stetson and clutched it tight to his chest as a gust of wind threatened to blow it off his head. Kit couldn't help but laugh. How did a New Mexico cowboy end up on a steamer across the Atlantic? Of course, the answer was obvious. All Kit Richmond had ever wanted to do was impress his father.

Walter Richmond was born to homesteader near what would become the New Mexico/Colorado border. In 1861, at the age of 16, he joined Kit Carson's New Mexico volunteers fighting for the Union army. Walter rode with Carson for 3 years, then spent the rest of his youth and most of his adult life emulating his hero. Walter Richmond spent decades exploring the New Mexico and Arizona territories, working as a guide, tracker and bounty hunter. In 1881, with the Santa Fe railroad finally crossing New Mexico, Walter could tell that the old ways were coming to an end. He still held on for another decade, finally settling down to a small farm near Deming, New Mexico in 1891. He married a beautiful half-Navajo in 1895, and in 1898, at the age of 53, Walter Richmodn had his first and only child, a son he named Kit in honor of Carson, his old mentor.

Kit spent his childhood with his father, learning to ride and hunt and shoot. Walter Richmond died on Jan 13, 1912, one week after New Mexico was admitted to the Union. His dying words to Kit were, "Richmond's don't belong on no farm, son." Kit took the words to heart and left home shortly thereafter. He tried to emulate his father's ways, but the 20th century had less need of cowboys than the 19th did. Kit held a variety of jobs, including a brief stint in the army, most notable for his participation with the 13th Cavalry in repelling Pancho Villa's raid in 1916.

After leaving the army later in 1916, Kit made his way west to San Diego. There he met a group of men who had just returned from an expedition to Africa. They spoke of the opportunity for adventure there. Interested, Kit took their advice. Thu said there were sponsors in London funding expeditions and told Kit to go there. Richmond hopped the next train east and made his way to New York and then onto a steamship bound for London.
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"He is Level 20," said Sylvia. "He is Level Thousand. He is Level Million. It does not matter."

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Ahdaj Dhamaveer Surkett <- C-Sheet

Role: Porter and strong back.

Ahdaj, or just Daj to his employers, is a gentle giant. His family hails from the northern Indian town of Mandi Gobindgarh, where his father was a mill foreman and his mother a housekeeper. Ahdaj finished the first 2 grades of primary school in India before an accident at the steel mill claimed his father's life. His mother, being harried with debt and unsure of any other option, accepted a position as a live-in maid to the mill's owner.

The mill's owner was a man of luxury, spending most of his time lazing about the house and sucking down crate after crate of port. He had very little respect for his workers, but Ahdaj's mother didn't pay it much attention. She just kept working hard

The owner's wife, Elda, was a different story. She was a kind and caring woman, whom often spent time with Ahdaj when his mother was too busy cleaning. She helped with the young boy's English, often letting him read the novels that she'd imported from London. It sparked the Ahdaj's interest with the wide world around him, giving him a bit of wanderlust.

After 6 years of service to the mill owner, the mill owner announced that he was selling the mill and returning to London. Much to Ahdaj's surprise, they extended the offer for his mother to come with and tend to their estate. Though she was wary of leaving the safety of her homeland, she accepted, knowing well that Ahdaj would be better suited to British education.
Once in England, Ahdaj thrived, his Sikh heritage often serving as an exotic fantasy to his schoolmates. He grew strong and noble among the British, and before long, grew to a fine man. His interest in foreign culture was only confounded by one minor detail. He never had enough funds for post secondary education. Instead, he employed himself as a porter and handyman to anthropologists. It was this such service that finds him where he is today.

Concept inspiration: Hajji (Adv. of Johnny Quest), Sallah (Though non-sikh: Indiana Jones)
PC: PF: MoonZar-The Obsidian Champions MoonZar-Starfall

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Character Sheet

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applicationAxelle Koenigswarter was born in France in the mid 1890's, but when she was very little moved with her parents to be missionaries near the Sahara. A few months afterward raiders invaded the village, killing both her parents, and taking her to be sold and/or used as a sex object. She killed them all with a rock, seven sticks, two machetes, a kukari knife, half a revolver, a black mamba, and two deviled eggs. She was what most adults had always awkwardly called 'different.'

Now sh's grown up to be the legendary La Folie Implacable. Not as legendary as she deserves to be, but it could be worse. Most people when they hear of her and chuckle at the thought of a relentless band of mercenaries being led by a woman. Those who've met her, for the most part call her a 'Terrifying formidable psychopath of a lunatic.' With good reason. Covering yourself from the shame of being beat in combat by a woman's a good reason, right? Right? Well, to be fair, she actually is, arguably, crazy. Morals are somewhat gray before her, and she'll draw the line of 'wrong' in a place that is out of many people's line of sight, and even other mercs and raiders will tell you she doesn't know when to stop. However, if your someone she deems to be a friend, your life is in good hands. Another argument of her lack her of sanity can be attributed to her fickleness. Let's just say, if you're her hostage, your life is not in good hands. Axelle is known to change major decisions on the spur of a moment without blinking. The main reason for this, however, is because she, unlike many lives her life to the fullest. This third reason is, in all honesty, the biggest evidence of her insanity. Lets be honest, heading into the deeps swamps of central Africa to try to find and domesticate Mokele-mbembe isn't exactly...normal. However, neither is the amount of happiness she's derived from her manic, adventurous lifestyle.
left-aligned image

I can't find a period appropriate picture that fits, so imagine her with a mix of cloth, Aso Oki, leather, sword/knives in place of tools, a revolver, and atop one of these badboys instead of that shiny old thing.

Also much more sweaty and filthy, and a lot less made up and pretty. You don't live your whole life in and out of the Sahara and end up with flawless skin.


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Shira Walters - Age: 26, Height: 5'9'', Dirty Blonde Hair and Blue/Gray Eyes

She comes from the slums of New York, and was raised by her widowed mother. She had to teach herself how to scrounge for money and food, and how to defend herself against some of the more unruly characters inhabiting the streets. Her mother died of sickness when she was 19, after battling with it for two years. Shira decided that she wanted to get far away from there, and stowed away on a barge going to South Africa. For seven years, she's been game hunting, leading small expeditions, and exploring the African plains.

Psychology: She's very strong headed, but knows when to run and when to fight. She doesn't trust men, especially those her own age, but will go on about New York to almost anyone.
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James Corbin - 26 Med-length Black Hair, Deep Brown eyes
Born in Louisiana, works as a (less than successful) bounty hunter.
With his lucky duster and a Calvary saber passed down from his grandfather, James has amounted to little more than a drifter.
James just wants to go where it's still wild and dangerous, where a man like him can have some adventure and maybe make a name.
James is a bit vain, he has written and illustrated several dime novels depicting his "exploits".
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Here's hoping its not late...

Curran Henry O’Brien

Character Sheet

Through his London connections, Curran has heard of the expedition, and is hoping that his political and social influences will be sufficient to curry favour with Sir Luther Pinnard and secure him a lucrative spot on the team…



Early Life

Military Life

Post WW1

Potential Background Spoiler:

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