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Old 08-27-2013, 01:02 PM
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Chapter 1: Adventure Anew

March 22, 1920

It was the turn of the century, the "War to end All Wars" had ushered in the beginning of the 20th century and a certain level of uncertainty. And with it, a newer and more modern era. Nearly gone were the days of the adventurer, those brave wanderers who yearned to discover places not yet visited by man, places nearly forgotten to time and the ages. The Dark Continent itself left little else to discovery, with the exception of the Congo.

The Congo represented the last great discovery of the 19th century and still, in the burgeoning 20th century, posed a dark ominous figure yet to have it's many secrets discovered, it's many riches uncovered. It was this that drew Sir Luther Pinnard to fund his expedition, perhaps the last great expedition mankind would see in this newer, modern time. And so, with that, the last great hurrah was planned and the stage set. What secrets would they find in the darkest deepest reaches of the Congo?

So they came from around the world, some from the states, others from London itself and some from other points around the globe. They came with one reason in mind, an expedition that would prove to be a most ambitious undertaking. Their reasons for taking on such an endeavor were known only to them; be it money, adventure or recognition, they came.

London was still damp and cold as winter begrudgingly gave up it's hold and the spring season neared. On this day the temperatures hovered around the upper thirties and a light drizzle fell, creating a misty dew on all that was exposed. They made their way to the estate of Sir Luther Pinnard, either by personal car, taxi or limo, to be greeted at the front door by an aging butler. A thin man, with silver hair and a steel demeanor. As each member arrived he took their coats, hats and umbrellas and ushered them into the downstairs study, the largest of four study's that occupied other parts of the mansion. Inside the study they were greeted by two men already present, both gathered around a large fireplace, a roaring fire filling the room with a comforting warmth.

The older of the two is a broad, barreled chested man, standing about six foot two, and in his forties. Considered a handsome man, his hair was neat and parted on the left, black but edged with gray, a full mustache, waxed and curled at the ends, was also black, edged with gray. His dark brown eyes are intense and always dancing about, eyes that had grown accustomed to searching out the details and beauty in the world. Standing next to the monstrous hearth that borders the equally monstrous fireplace, he leans on a cane as he speaks with another gentleman. A younger man, in his late twenties, is talking intently with the older gentleman. He is a man of youth yet his eyes belie a hidden wisdom, an older man hidden within that defies his young years. He, like the older man, is dressed like a gentleman, hair neat and trimmed, parted, but unlike the older man, he is clean shaven.

Both take notice as the visitors enter the study, their conversation cut short as the older of the two approach the visitors, hand outstretched, "Welcome to my estate. I am Luther Pinnard. Please, make yourselves comfortable." he says as he greets each visitor upon arrival.


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