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Old 06-02-2010, 02:24 PM
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Mourning Alia, and the birth of Zaranos
(Written by Gleeful Nihilism!)
Mourning Alia isn't part of the five per se, but she is deeply associated with them. After all- one of them is her father, another is one of her sons, and still a third is the father of that son. She probably could be one of the Circle if she wished but she seems to think her duties are too important for that.

In the time before civilization and most of the races were created, there was life but there was no death. Moloch however wandered the planes, begetting the monster races as they are known. As such, there was no death- but there was pain and suffering. Then called Alia, she could only watch as the mothers and children she protected so much would suffer without release with the attention of such monsters.

And Moloch would not rest or allow the suffering to end. Finally unable to watch the pain and misery on the mortal plane no longer, Alia begged Moloch for some way in which the suffering could end. And it's what is considered the act that would get Moloch cast out of the circle he told her his price.

From this death as an end of suffering was allowed onto the mortal plane, and Alia would have her first son Zaranos.

Changing her name to Mourning Alia, her regret over her choice would lead to the tears that would become the seas.

But the other gods were not unsympathetic. At the hearing among the other gods oversaw by her father, Mencius, Facil would take up her defense. Giving perhaps his most passionate production up to that point, he showed that with the introduction of death into the physical plane she had done more to give life purpose then all other acts by the other gods combined. Life had become something to cling to passionately instead of something to be suffered through, enjoyed and embraced rather then feared.

Mourning Alia would be offered a seat among the great circle, but she turned it down. She did not however turn down Facil's attentions- the two are said to be lovers to this day, and from them the god Armon was born.

When Armon grew up he would become the creater god of humans and is considered the first Paladin. Viewing Moloch as his mother's defiler, even to the point he's said to refer to Moloch as a rapist, and his half-brother Zaranos the Lich-God as a murderer, Armon has vowed their utter destruction to be his life's goal and as such is considered a God of War, Justice, Light, Good, and Law.
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