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Old 09-07-2014, 04:19 PM
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Character Sheet

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Name: Remika Roux, Knickname/Callsign - “Eureka”, or “Rika”

Description: Remika is a small, petite, young woman who is cute, more than pretty some say. She looks to be around 20 yrs old, but is actually 29. She is almost always smiling, or has a pleasant look on her face. She’s fast with a joke, and sometimes unnerves those close to her by how she speaks to her Drone like it’s alive and can understand her.

Background: Remika grew up on Illat, in a large family she was a middle child. They fought almost all the time, and martial arts was their weapon of choice. She was forced to learn how to fight with what she had, her body and quickly became the one they didn’t want to tangle with.
All of her siblings either joined the alliance in the war, or worked in munitions factories. She opted to go for the Alliance Flight Academy, but wasn’t chosen. Her scores were noticed, and she was recruited by a Browncoat Agent to keep their ships in the air. She was something of a prodigy and got all their toys, mostly stolen, to play with. A natural pilot, she took to enhancing the things she worked with, like her ship’s computer, navigation systems, communications and Signals warfare devices. Looking like a child, she was 21 when she joined up. She flew everything from bombers, to Electronics Warfare ships during the war. Afterwards, she was able to transition somewhat to flying blackmarket ships for whomever would take her, and soon she became a well known name.

ATTRIBUTES: Mental - 10 Physical - 8 Social - 6

Craft 8,
Drive 6
Fight 6
Fix 8 (Shipboard Computers/Consoles)
Fly 12
Focus 6
Influence 6
Know 6
Labor 4
Move 4
Notice 6
Operate 10 (Shipboard Computers)
Perform 4
Shoot 4
Sneak 4
Survive 4
Throw 8 (Knives)
Treat 4
Trick 4

Distinctions: Ships Pilot – d8, Born Behind the Wheel: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your ship’s Engines Attribute for your next roll. Highlighted Skills: Fly, Notice, Operate
Wudang Style d8 - Dangerous without a weapon, One-Two Punch: Step up a complication when taking out a Minor Game-Master character to take out an additional minor character. Highlight Skills: Focus, Influence, Know

Signature Asset: Experimental Drone d8
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