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Old 09-08-2014, 06:14 PM
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Ava Yang

Ava Yang
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Ava was born on Paquin, a rollicking carnival of a planet, filled with artists and performers of every type. It was a heck of a place to grow up, lawless and always on the verge of becoming a lively riot. She thrived on the chaos and the tension between circus and frenzy, using her pretty face and glib lies to get whatever her little heart desired. Her whole childhood was a study in lying, acting, and gentle persuasion; unfortunately lying and manipulating tends to come back around eventually. Ava told a few too many lies to the wrong criminals, and, at 18 years old enlisted in the Alliance military to outrun the pay back.

It was her luck that halfway through basic training the Unification War kicked off. She served the whole war, catching her share of bullets in the process. Ava and her other squaddies had a reputation for tackling every problem head on, using whatever tools they had to hurt the other side. Often enough, the solution they decided on would involve explosives and bullets. Sure, it wasn't pretty, but the job got done every time. Wartime taught her a few skills, not in the least was how to shoot the other guy without getting shot in the process. Every squad and unit has a nickname, Ava's was called the "Bomb Squad" and she herself got the name Havoc. During relocation after a battle she got it permanently inked in her skin, along with the rest of the Bomb Squad.

The war ended, as it had to eventually, and Ava dreaded going home to Paquin. Instead she headed for the Rim and Border worlds, offering her services as a gun hand. On the job she learned how much of a blessing growing up on Paquin was, because the only way to be dealt with fairly was to be an expert in lying and persuasion. She batted her eyelashes, set the terms, and then did the job without a second thought. If you wanted Ava to stay loyal however, you'd have to pay extra, because she wasn't about to miss out on bigger profits just to make you feel better. Eventually her employers figured out she was more than a pistol with legs which lead to Ava getting a steady stream of black mail jobs and luring marks into very well prepared assaults.

No matter how much she moved, trouble chased after her. At the moment she's on the far end of the Rim, looking for the sort of paying work she favored so strongly.

Stats:Signature Assets:
Mental D8Seven Thunder Pistol: D8
Physical: D8High caliber, compact and worn on her hip proudly
Social: D8 
Alliance Ink: D6
Craft: D4 Every soldier loves a good tattoo, this one is in Alliance style and in big bold letters brags: "Bomb Squad" and "Havoc"
Drive: D4  
Fight: D8 Dressed to Kill: D6
Fix: D4 Not all dresses are made the same. Some, like this one, are made to turn heads, and hide the explosives.
Fly: D4 
Focus D4 
Influence: D8 (Seduction) 
Know: D6 (Explosives) 
Labor: D4 
Move: D6 
Notice: D6 
Operate: D4 
Perform: D6 
Shoot: D10 
Sneak: D6 
Survive: D4 
Throw: D4 
Treat: D4 
Trick: D8 
DistinctionsMercenary D8
[] Gain 1 pp when using this as a D4 instead of a D8
[] Highest Bidder: Gain 1 PP when you try to get a better deal than your current contract from the side you’re not currently fightin’ for.
[] Time for Some Thrillin’ Heroics: Spend 1 PP to go first in any battle or combat scene. On your first Action, you may reroll any dice that come up 1 instead of accepting a Plot Point.

Veteran of the Unification War D8
[] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
[] Fightin’ Type: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your Shoot or Fight when you’re outnumbered.
[] War Stories: When you create an Asset or take a Complication related to a wartime flashback, step it up.

Smooth Talker D8
[] Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
[] Gift of Gab: Spend 1 PP to double your Influence die for your next roll.
[] Start Fresh: Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a scene to step back all of your social or mental-based Complications.
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