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Old 09-09-2014, 06:11 PM
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Drake Collins

Sammy Liu watched the bar from his private booth, sipping Chinese Rice WineBijiǔ while he waited. The old triad boss glanced down at his stack of files, ruffling through them to check the one on his newest gun for hire. An old war photo of a 20-something man dressed in the clothes of the rebellion. His face was youthful and clean, betraying his fine upbringing. His long, brown hair was tied back into a ponytail with a ribbon. A gentry fashion, to be sure. There was no way in The UnderworldDy this boy'd been raised outside the Core. Sammy had to wonder what this dandy had been thinking when he'd signed up to fight the Alliance.

The bar door opened and Sammy looked up. There was the new gun. His face had aged up a bit, and there was a certain hardness that had been lacking in the photo, but Sammy knew this was the same guy.

Drake had grown out a beard since the war, hoping to mask his appearance somewhat just in case he came across anyone that knew him from before the war. He kept it well-groomed however. Spotting Liu, he headed for the booth.

"Nice to meet youHěn gāoxng rnsh nǐ" Drake addressed the triad leader.

"LikewiseYīyng," Sammy replied. "Still wearing the brown, I see?"

"War does not determine who is right, Mr. Liu. Only who is left."

The triad leader huffed. "Says here you were quite the shot during the war, though. Dozens of high-profile targets. I've got use for men like that. Care to take on a hit for me?" Sammy eyed him.

"The good book says murder is forbidden, and I'm not one to go against what it has to say."

Sammy had to check himself to keep his jaw from dropping. "You loopy in the head?Nǐ fēng le ma? What do you think a Marksman, snipershn qiāng shǒu is good for, anyway? You've does this before and you can do it again!"

"That was different. When you're at war, you're fightin' for a cause, not yourself. So murderin' was okay then. But that's not who I am anymore."

"Killin' is killin'! It don't make no difference why you do it!"

"Sorry, but I'm not gonna be your assassin. Got any other work for me?"

Sammy was angrier than a hornet, but he needed this guy something fierce. After a pause, he said, "Right now, I need another man on a shipment run to Kuan Lo. I'll pay you decent creds for it, though not what I would have for the hit."

"You've got a deal."
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