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Old Feb 6th, 2024, 03:50 PM
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Round 0 - D&D 5e Applications

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PrologueIn the annals of magic, there existed a wizard whose mastery over the arcane arts was unparalleled. While those who knew him called him Tim, most only knew him as the Sage of Shadows. His power surpassed even that of the revered Circle of the Nine, leaving whispers of envy in their wake. Yet, as swiftly as he had ascended to prominence, the Sage vanished from the world, his arcane sanctum disappearing with him into the mists of mystery.

Now, a call for aid echoes across the realms, carried on ethereal winds that stir the hearts of adventurers far and wide. Sir Ethan, now the elderly, stalwart leader of the esteemed Crossing Companions Adventurers Guild, has issued a summons to all who would heed the call of duty. The Sage of Shadows, in his wisdom, has found a way to pierce the veil of oblivion and send forth a plea for salvation.

Gathered under the banner of courage and camaraderie, you, esteemed members of the Crossing Companions, are called upon to embark on a perilous quest. Together, you must delve into the depths of a cursed labyrinth, where the Sage's sanctum once stood, now inverted into the earth itself—a maze of danger and wonder, one to compare to the dreaded Zanakazu's Labyrinth.

As you stand at the threshold of adventure, the fate of the Sage and the balance of magic itself hang in the balance. Will you answer the call and brave the trials ahead, or will the secrets of the Sage remain forever shrouded in darkness? The choice is yours, brave adventurers, for destiny beckons, and the journey awaits.

Application rules
  • This year we are starting at Level 6.
  • Abilities are determined by 27 point buy (remembering that the Standard Array is one option under 27 point buy)
  • Use max hit points at first level and roll each level after that (rolls are to be in your character application post)
  • For character creation we will only be using the D&D Basic Rules - Please note this is different than the SRD. We are not using content from the PHB, or other published sourcebooks.
  • Use the RPGX official character sheet when building your character, and provide a link in your application. Be as clear as you can within that sheet about all calculations, including ability scores, skill ratings, and gold spending. Because ware are limited to a small selection of classes and races, it is highly encouraged to make use of the 'Customizing a Background' option on page 38 of the basic rules.
    - We will be using the rules for APPENDIX 1: CUSTOMIZING YOUR ORIGIN IN D&D to allow for more variation with the limited races
  • As a Saftey Tool, if you have any Lines & Veils, they should be included with part of your application and will not count against your wordcount for either section. You can choose to make these public or private to the DM. If made private to the DM, we will work to ensure that they are honored during play, without disclosing who they came from.
  • In addition to standard starting equipment granted by your class and background, you have an additional 500 gp, and may be used to purchase Equipment found in Chapter 5 of the Basic Rules. Wizards may also use this gold to add spells to their spellbooks. Later in the adventure, you will have the opportunity to obtain treasure and purchase more gear.
  • Your application should be anonymized. When you post your application, please put it under BOTH a spoiler tag AND a secret tag

  • Images are not required, but may be included. Please keep them to a reasonable size, if you include any. Musical selections will likely not be considered by the judges.
  • Applications will have two separate sections, each to be in their own fieldset. First is the Character Write-up. The second is the Stat Block, which should be appended to all game posts. The Character Write-up has a limit of 1000 This excludes any BBcode mark-up, but DOES include any and all visible text in the application for both sectionswords. The judges will be relying on this website to count your words, so it is recommended you do the same.
    Your character write-up should provide:
    • A backstory
    • Tell us why your character joined the Crossing Companions, and perhaps list a few of your accomplishments while among their ranks.
    • Include at least 1 Flag, which will be used by other players to help know how to interact with your character in-game. Example Flags: "talk to me about gear", "play silly word games with me", "collaborate with me in combat"
    The Stat Block can be of your own creation, but should include a link to your character sheet, basic information the DM will need to know about your character to resolve interactions, and track any resources you have such as HP, spell slots, and so forth. Again, this should be appended to all of your in-game posts, so make it useful, but not distracting.
  • Mechanics for how you build your character will not count against your word count and can be put in a spoiler at the end of your application. This includes mechanics used for 'Customizing a Background' if you choose to go that route.
  • Applications close on May 27th at 10 PM EST. . You may freely edit your submission up to that due date. Any edits after that time will result in disqualification.
Outplay 2024 is now Open!, Applications opening May 6th

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Old May 17th, 2024, 09:43 AM
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I still haven't read any of the rules but I'm reserving my spot because first post feels lucky
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Old May 19th, 2024, 01:02 PM
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