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Old Jun 16th, 2022, 03:11 AM
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I'm Broken! What Now?

When an attribute score reaches zero, you are Broken. This means that you are put out of action in one way or another. Exactly what it means to be Broken depends on what attribute has been depleted:

STRENGTH: Youíre knocked senseless. Roll for a critical injury for the type of damage you suffered (see page 196). If youíre not dead, you can only CRAWL and mumble through the pain. You canít perform any other actions and you canít roll for any skills.

AGILITY: You collapse from exhaustion. You can only CRAWL and wheeze. You canít perform any other actions and you canít roll for any skills.

Youíre paralyzed by fear or confusion. Roll for a critical injury on the horror table (see page 200) Ė except if you Broke yourself by pushing a roll. If you remain conscious, you can RUN to a safe place, but you canít perform any other actions or roll for any skills.

EMPATHY: You break down in despair or selfpity. You must either explode in a violent outburst, kicking and breaking everything around you, or withdraw from everyone around you. In either case, youíre uncommunicative until youíve recovered a point of Empathy.
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