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Old Dec 21st, 2011, 08:31 PM
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Astrid Kleimarr

Here's your character thread.
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Old Dec 27th, 2011, 04:06 AM
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Name: "You rang?"
Astrid Kleimarr
Race: "Like everyone else in these parts."
Class: "This is Skieyl. Say hi, Skieyl." *stab*
Monk(Weapon Adept)
Alignment: "Where 'government business' meets spleen removal."
Lawful Neutral
Gender: "Not with pickup lines like that, you're not."
Age: "I'm not your kid. Go peace and love somewhere else."
Physical Description: *glares from under her cloak*
Astrid is a young, if slightly battle-worn, human, standing an average 5'6". She has red wavy hair cropped short, and the light complexion common to the peoples of the area. While toned, she's lacking in bulky muscle, which leads others to believe that her strength behind a sword comes from some metaphysical source, rather than raw might. She doesn't cut a very developed figure, presumably due to nutrition rather than genetics.

Astrid is commonly seen in a grey sleeved traveling cloak, with warm(if loose) clothing underneath. She's never seen without her blade, a blue-tinted longsword on her left hip. If prodded, she'll insist the weapon was a gift from her order, and refuse to go further. She dislikes traveling with heavy loads, and often carries the bare minimum of supplies on her, in a bag that can be easily dropped at the first sign of combat.

Personality: "Yes, it would kill me to smile. You should cut it out too."
Astrid has a strong tendency to be blunt, and barring that, withdrawn. She's incredibly socially awkward, and compensates by trying to avoid all the little dances and practices most people put into their conversation(which only makes things worse). People who force her to be the center of attention or try to make her have a good time can easily throw her off her game, with much amusement for those present.

She's very blase about her work. It's her job to kill people, and while she doesn't see any reason to run around parading that fact, she isn't one to shy away from it. If you want Peace and Love, you send for a kindly old cleric. If you want the oppressing nomarch six feet under, you ask for Astrid. And for the sake of all involved, you hope you didn't mix up the two requests in the mail.

Background: *blushing* "Who told you that? Lies, all of it!"
Astrid never really got a happy childhood. Her parents were clergy in the service of Iomedae, which did not help them when bandits came to town, demanding goods from the townsfolk and skulls from those who resisted. The rest of her childhood being spent in a snowy monastery under the strict guidance of rather martial priests did not help matters, and left her a rather dark and troubled individual. Depending on who you ask, she is either the "problem-solver" for the local churches of Iomedae, or by her own admission a "broad-daylight assassin". When matters either need a swift touch, or are too remote to send out a proper troop of guards, she gets sent in to ensure someone dies in a way that benefits the local populace. This time around, she seems to be burdened with her worst nightmare: being forced to work in a team. With people who want to talk with her, and make her smile and such. Morbid Shenanigans are likely to ensue.

Random Trivia: Astrid butts heads with the more Good aligned members of her order, being that she fits the Vengeance and War parts of her religion and almost nothing else.
She loves cranberries. Wasting them is a terrible crime.
She swings both ways, though given how guarded she is about admitting anything like that, you're not likely to notice unless the subject is pushed(at which point horrible blushing and death threats are likely).
Were she a mage, she'd totally favor Ice and Lightning spells centered around brutal murder. But she's not. She just stabs people. And smashes faces.
Astrid mains in Constitution, with Strength/Dexterity/Wisdom second. She's slightly below average intelligence, and very lacking in Charisma.
Her sword has a minor enchantment to minimize blood splatter. She doesn't like getting people on her, you see.
Astrid's sword is a blue-tinted curved longsword, given to her by her order. It's actually normal steel, just made to shine blue(the trace amounts of crystal used enchanting it helped). Its "proper" name is Skarl, but she calls it Skieyl, after a kid she knew from the monastery. In terms of murdering potential, it's a longsword with lightning enchantments, which she uses to gut people if they're not paying attention, or lop their abdomens open if they are. Such a charming person, she is.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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