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Old Aug 4th, 2023, 03:52 AM
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LancerLancer Mech Posting Template

I got...really bored. And decided to make a 'pretty' posting template for my new Lancer character. Right now, I just have the mech template since that's the one with the most moving part. I might make a 'blank' version at some point later on. Note that this template was made with very basic knowledge of Lancer, using only the 'Everest' and what was provided in the free version of the game. I imagine later levels will require a bit more customization, in which case, I will refine and update this one as needed, though as the game I am in is a shorter one, I don't imagine I will get really high LL.

As per the usual with any of my sheets, make sure you always edit and post in 'Advanced' mode. Otherwise you will most likely break a few things. Namely emoticons and text symbols. Also, yes, there is a lot of repetitive code, namely font styles. They make things line up nice and neat.

Hit Points
Structure Gauge
Repair Cap🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠
Heat Gauge
Stress Gauge
Free Actions
Issue Order

Exemplar's Mark (after attacking an enemy)

Boost (only while HY-FI is active)
Deploy Type-3 Projected Shield
Quick Actions
Deploy Pattern-A Jericho Deployable Cover
Full Actions
Stabilize (Reload, Clear Heat, Repair, etc.)
Special Defenses
Custom Paint Job (1/Full Repair): Roll 1d6 when taking structure damage. On a 6, return to 1 HP.
Weapon Systems
MAIN"Kitsune"Thermal Rifle・R5・1d3+2 ⚡️・Armor-Piercing・ONLINE

INTR"Tsukuyomi"Prototype Blade・M・1d6+2 💥・Limited, Overkill・ONLINE

HEAVYCyclone Pulse Rifle

C.P.R.・R15・3d6+3 💫・Accurate, Loading, Reliable 5・ONLINE
Initiative1/scene, the Everest may take any quick action as a free action.
Hyperspec Fuel InjectorsCORE SYSTEM・For the rest of this scene, you gain +1 Accuracy on all attacks, checks, and saves; additionally, 1/turn, you can Boost as a free action.
Pattern-A Jericho Deployable CoverSYSTEMQuick Action・Deploy two sections of Size 1 hard cover in free spaces adjacent to you and to each other. Each section is an object with 5 Evasion and 10 HP that can be targeted and destroyed individually. Sections of cover can be picked up again as a full action. Repairing the system restores both sections.
Type-3 Projected ShieldSYSTEMProtocolHEAT 1・Nominate a character within line of sight: all ranged or melee attacks that they make against you or that you make against them gain +2 Difficulty until the start of your next turn.
Honorable Challenge (Exemplar)TALENT・The first time on your turn that you attack a hostile character within Range 3, hit or miss, you may give them the Exemplar’s Mark as a free action. Characters can only have one Exemplar’s Mark at a time – new marks from any character replace existing marks. The character has the Exemplar’s Mark until the start of your next turn, and while they have it, you gain the Valiant Aid Reaction.

Special Reaction "Valiant Aid": 1/round, when an ally who targets an enemy who is under your Exemplar's Mark and misses, they can choose to reroll their attack. However, they must keep the new attack, even if it is worse.
Field Commander (Leader)TALENT・Gain 3 Leadership Dice, which are d6s, and gain the Issue Order Free Action. You can’t use Leadership Dice from other characters as long as you have any remaining. If you have none, you regain 1 Leadership Die when you rest or regain all when you perform a Full Repair. Leadership dice are consumed when expended.

Special Free Action: Issue Order: 1/turn, on your turn as a free action, you may issue an order to an allied PC you can communicate with, describing a course of action, and give them a Leadership Die. They may either expend the Leadership Die to gain +1 Accuracy on any action that directly follows from that order, or they may return it to you as a free action. Allies can have one Leadership Die at a time, which lasts until used or until the end of the current scene.
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