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Old Sep 15th, 2021, 12:51 PM
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ToraName: Tora

Gender: (Trans)female
Orientation: Ace/aro

Background: Urchin
-Personality Traits: I think anyone nice to me is hiding evil intent. I hide scraps of food and trinkets in my pockets.
-Ideal: Vengeance. Those that hurt others deserve to be hurt in return.
-Bond: I know an artist who has some influential clients, and I owe my survival on the streets to him.
-Flaw: I never fully trust anyone other than myself.

Short Term Goal: Find some new friends.
Long Term Goal: Get revenge on Edward Coates and stop his slavery operations.

Appearance: Tora is short, skinny, and somewhat feminine in her appearance. She doesn't have the curves of most women, but can still pass as one without much effort. The most difficult thing is having to shave her face constantly and wearing plenty of makeup. Her ears are pierced (only once in each ear, but she plans on expanding that) and bear small, clear gemstone studs. She has segmental heterochromia, with a green patch in her otherwise brown right eye. Her hair is also a deep brown, very soft, and wavy.

She wears a distinctive shirt with a tiger on it, created by an artist she once lived with. She wears asymmetrical skirts beneath this. Otherwise, her clothing is unremarkable. This is simultaneously by design and because she can't afford more gaudy fashion. However, she does wear a very exquisite, ornate, compartmented ring that would stand out more if it didn't appear to be made of polished marble.

Backstory: Tora was born Célestin Beauchene. A boy. Physically, at least. This had been a major part of her life she'd rather forget, as was the event that sealed her new identity.

She had been sold as a slave when she was eight by a man named Edward Coates, auctioned off in a fancy dress. The man saw potential in her when he passed her on the street one day. Her unusually feminine features made her easy to disguise as a young girl for a much larger profit. The seller had little to do with the actual dressing of Tora, and only saw her once afterward; just as she was being sold across the ocean in More or less Colonial U.S.A., but with more indigenous influence.Selelio. Tora continued to dress as a girl since then so she wouldn't be found as easily by Edward once the buyer refused to pay. Of course, the look was going to stay anyway.

One day, Tora wishes to see her family again, even if she has to see them with her new identity and never reveal to them who she is. For now, however, she is willing to ignore them and get her revenge on those who kidnapped and sold her.

Having no way of getting home, no form of identification, and no money, Tora had been living in the streets of the city. She's gotten some assistance, and even stayed with an artist for a while (until they were evicted), where she got her distinctive shirt. Being young, it wasn't too hard for her to get food or money from people who felt sorry for her, especially when she told her story to them. Combined with an adorable New Hanaan. Picture France if Islam was a more major cultural influence than Christianity.Hanaanite accent, she could get almost anything from anyone who cared at all. Wanting to be self-sufficient, she almost always refuses to live with anyone.

She was approached by a hooded figure who seemed to know too much about her, identified only as Saccharissa. This entity swore to have Tora's best interests in heart, even promising powers to help achieve all of her goals, or rather, allow her to grant her own desires. The figure's skin, if it could be called that, was of smokeless fire, and their voice crackled like an open flame as they spoke their promises. Tora felt compelled to agree.

She has since traveled elsewhere, roaming the land in search of allies to take down the man who sold her.

Race: Martial Adept feat (Commanding Presence and Evasive Footwork maneuvers)Variant Human, 18 years old, 5'7", 140 lbs
Class: Warlock, ideally level 3 to 5, but will play higher or lower.
Patron: Efreeti (Genie) - Saccharissa
Boon: Pact of the Chain, pseudodragon familiar ("Noaf")
Invocations: Beguiling Influence, Mask of Many Faces at 2nd. Voice of the Chain Master at 5th. Bewitching Whispers at 7th. Whispers of the Grave at 9th. Sculptor of Flesh at 12th. Master of Myriad Forms at 15th. Chains of Carceri at 18th.
Feats: Wizard spells: Green-Flame Blade, Booming Blade, and Mage ArmorMagic Initiate at 4th, Eldritch Adept (Beast Speech) at 8th, Resilient (Constitution) at 12th, ASI (Constitution+2) at 16th, ASI (Charisma+2) at 19th
OOCPosting Rate: I can commit to 1-2 per week.

I'd prefer it if this were for a game where the world is designed during character creation and anything left over is the DM's call, instead of a predefined world. Or just a local setting can be premade, with players being able to define foreign settings.

I won't play in a game that allows Mystics, no matter how cool they are. They're too powerful and too versatile.
OtherI actually found a game for her!

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