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Old Jul 1st, 2021, 04:10 AM
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July PotM

left-aligned image

<--- a Dutch acre, a picture taking at the start of July in the Netherlands, showing the promises of a summer sun but still you can see the damp of the rain. The start of a new day, a new Moth, and now used to set up a new thread for the July post of the Month thread.

Where we start the Summer holiday over here, school years are ending and trying to save what was ruined this year thanks to the huge pandemic and carefully setting up the parameters for a new school year starting end of August.
What I wonder; would this be the month of many entries?
Would there be more time to read posts and nominate them because they made you laugh, wonder, be amazed? Please think of this: why would you NOT nominate that post that stood out, giving recognition and support to the RPG-member who write it, give the author a stage over here so we can all share the post that stood out.

Go ahead, nominate! Looking forward to read everything :-)
Old Jul 13th, 2021, 12:44 PM
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NominationPlayer: Strangemund
Game: The Coils of Veles
System: D&D 5e
GM: 4eyedBadger
Post: The Big Lie

Reason for Nomination: Strangemund's Kazimir is a new addition to this game. It is always a slightly odd experience to add a new character to a game in process, one that often requires no small amount of stretched credulity. "I know we just met you, but would you like to step into this dungeon with us." But we often accept it because we want to get on with the rest of the game.

4eyedBadger was still figuring out how to introduce a new character to a party of paranoid xenophobes, but just had Kaz tooling around the city with us for the moment. The rest of us continued on with our own lives (causing drama and trouble for each other). A botched deception roll gave an opening for a hero, a legend, someone to step in and save the day. Kazimir the not-quite-elven is not that man. But he's the savior we deserved. In a single post, Strangemund managed to introduce and ingratiate her character into the party without any DM assistance, and at the same time, completely change the dynamic of the power-play that was busy tearing the rest of the group apart. Truly a game-changing event.


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Old Jul 17th, 2021, 10:35 AM
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NominationPlayer: HotsuSama
Game: After the Quake
System: DnD 5e
GM: Therru
Post: Turushno‘s Tale

Reason for Nomination: Therru‘s world of „Tenka“, a fantasy version of feudal Japan, is a living, breathing world, full of interesting characters and a ton of small details that add to the overall „flair“ and realism of the setting. I am a late addition to the game, having been fascinated so much by the first chapter of the adventure, that I had to apply as soon as applications were reopened.

Turushno, HotsuSama‘s character, is an important part of a divided Tenka. Having been born an elf, or „Mae-Nichi“ as the elves are called in the setting, he has to deal with the mistrust or even direct hostility of the traditionally human population of the land almost every day. His brethren are nomads, exiles, vagabonds, often people without roots other than a powerful oral tradition that ensures that they always remain part of the whole. At this point in the adventure Turushno met another Mae-Nichi by chance, a younger woman called Uomi, who decided to join the main group. This has brought up memories he had suppressed for a long time. After a successful fight against an oni and a small group of magically enslaved goblins („bakemono“), the pain and the memories resurface and he finally tells his story to Uomi. The tale is told masterfully and I was so touched by it that I immediately thought of sharing it with the community. I hope you enjoy it.

He/Him - I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Old Jul 28th, 2021, 09:56 AM
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NominationPlayer: Huhart
Game: Tyranny of Dragons
System: D&D 5e
GM: Sassafrass
Post: Of Firewine and Hangovers

Reason for Nomination: I have loved interacting with this character since I joined the game a couple chapters ago. My druid showed up in wildshape and snuck in, so once he reverted to human form and introduced himself, this elven wizard hasn't trusted him since. He's high-handed, demanding, hypocritical, and hilarious. I should be nominating him more often, but this post really stood out (and made me laugh hysterically).

In the game, the party has just arrived in Elturel, following leads to get information from a tavern keeper. Visverax has gotten himself into a bit of a funk at the bar, ordering some of the best wine, which happened to be firewine (literally making him belch fire). He's joined by a kobold NPC (Meepo), who has attracted the attention of the gnome bartender in a less than positive fashion. And so, without further ado...

Old Jul 31st, 2021, 12:51 AM
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Player: LostCheerio
Game: Outplay 2021
System: Outplay 2021 custom system
GM: Bhelogan
Post: He's Thinking of Getting a Tattoo

Background: There are several PotM-worthy nominations from Outplay, and this post is undoubtedly among the tops from the contest so far. After suffering a Treant-induced knee injury, Rammariel (Rammar between us dwarfs) valiantly continues with a diversion to save a crowd from danger, hype up his fellow companions and—most importantly—win over a fuzz-faced beauty by dropping an instant-classic dwarf pickup line: "I'm Rammar. An unrepentant ruffian, madam. And I'm thinking of getting a tattoo."

Reason: Within the context of the game, this is a post that continues and furthers the plot line with shout-outs to community members and hooks for fellow team members. It makes clever, logical use of abilities and gear, and it wonderfully plays off a setback (the injury imposed from the results of the previous round). Most importantly—this post is a beautiful swan song by a player who, seeing the all-important dice roll results come up failures, knows they are going to take a hit, but continues with grace, humor and wit. Give that dwarf a beer (and a knuckle tattoo that reads: #PotM).


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Old Aug 1st, 2021, 12:02 PM
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Player: ekidnu
Game: Outplay 2021
System: Outplay the System
GM: Imveros
Post: Rocky's star studded debut

Reason for Nomination: Characters outside their comfort zones make for some excellent drama. Not only is the post justified in character, with an associated entertaining flashback, but it ties into the GM post while also giving all his fellow players something to work with. Add to that some excellent formatting, expertly labeled mechanics, an interesting use of mechanics, and that thud Thud THUD intro is just *chef's kiss*

Posts like this are what Outplay is all about!

Join the RPGX caption contest! *Your witty text here*
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Old Aug 1st, 2021, 09:21 PM
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Player: AnotherDragoon
Game: Ghosts of Saltmarsh
System: D&D5E
GM: Fillyjonk
Post: Scorpion in the Stars

This is a traveling post, and takes place in the fey-soaked swamps outside Saltmarsh, as our characters hike from our starter village through some strange encounters toward our main adventure. Our PCs are just getting to know each other, and we are a talky bunch. In this post, AnotherDragoon reveals a lot about his character, Falco, and opens up great hooks for other players.

His halfling is a sailor. In the previous post, he started pointing out constellations while we walked, which prompted a conversation about what we call the different star clusters in our different cultures. In this post that I'm nominating for POTM, in addition to keeping that ball rolling, he introduces the story of the scorpion and the turtle. This helped us to understand his character, but it also bounced into other posts, as an impetus for us to tell our own versions of the fable.

When we reached our destination, a fey market where we were offered dreams and deals in exchange for memories and blood, this simple story of AnotherDragoon's druid Falco spooled out into all kinds of mayhem and twisted trajectories, in imagery and plot elements -- it really spiraled in a crazy way. Apes, bees, bottomless pits, ghosts, and more. But when I looked back, I realized that it started here in this post, where Falco tells his tale and points us to the stars.

AnotherDragoon is an invaluable player -- he's so connected and generous and responsive, with such great ideas and such a game spirit. I'm lucky to have played in three games with him now, and I'm always grateful for his posts, but this one in particular really stands out!

Link to post so you can see it in context.


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