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Old 04-02-2017, 08:25 PM
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The Easter Bunny returns in TWO weeks

2017 Easter Egg Hunt!

In just TWO weeks, the RPGX Easter Bunny returns, bringing joy and fun to everyone.

The bunny will be delivering eggs, each egg with a clue attached that can lead to the identity of the Easter Bunny. The bunny will hide images of painted eggs (like the one in the header of this post) throughout the forums in locations that any member can access. Each of the eggs contain a clue to the identity of the 2017 Easter Bunny. Find the eggs, mouse over it to collect the clues, and figure out who the Bunny is this year!

The bunny will never hide an egg in a private thread or a game thread, and the bunny tends to leave the eggs in plain sight, and not hidden past the first (sometimes second) page of any open thread.

So, put on your Bunnystalker hats, fire up your clue-sniffing machine, and be ready for the return of the 2017 RPGX Easter Bunny!

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