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Old Apr 29th, 2024, 03:44 AM
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PotM March

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We still have a Post of the Month winner to announce! Time flies and it was hard to catch up, but I did not want to start a new month without celebrating RossN has an incredible impression with this post; 'Zendra's Nightmare'. CONGRATZZZZZ!!!!
To quote Elanir's nomination reasons:

Zendra is in pain and RossN, taking inspiration from the characterís past and her many traumatic experiences, is able to present this pain in an incredibly realistic and emotional way. So, read RossNís latest post, praise them for their mastery of the written word and pray that things will improve for Zendra, who definitely deserves a break!
Please show some RPXP love by clicking those scales at the top right of the post, they deserve it. And if you are into clicking those scales; feel welcome to show the other two nominees some appreciation as well:
  • Lazer's post has been nominated as well: Lazer's development of Corr's character even over this short Episode 0 has been fascinating to watch. Everything Corr thought he knew about his little corner of space has been uprooted, and he's struggling to cope with it. His friends and the elders are soon able to talk him back from wanting to destroy this place, but what will Corr do now that they've discovered a secret that could mean the end of Giaca?

    You will only know the answer by reading this post ;-)
  • Boss Nadar's post is over here, also worth your time and energy -> This is a nomination for a GM that has been balancing a lot of moving parts, multiple NPCs and multiple characters, in a complex and weaving story across several different threads, with interconnecting and crisscrossing interactions

    Curious and intrigued? Click that link and start reading.

We want to encourage nominating posts, it's a way to show your appreciation, engage with other writers, let someone be seen. You can post your admiration/nomination over here, we would like to read loads of posts
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