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Old 06-24-2019, 02:05 PM
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Having all of my friends give up on the hobby with getting older, I had to resort to play online with strangers to have my weekly fix (roll20, Fantasy Grounds). The experience has been excruciating for me as a DM: lot of work and pressure, having to constantly mediate dramas, prevent people from disappearing, little to no recognition, and an overall mediocre in game experience. It reached a point where just thinking about anything D&D gave me serious anxiety, I felt depleted physically and morally. I learnt my lesson that pushing it isn't worth the trouble, better to feel frustrated than burnt out. So now I'm slowly rekindling my passion for the game as a player.

Are there any other DMs and/or players that have suffered from a burnout ? How has you experience been ? How did you recover ?

What's you're experience been with playing online overall ?
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Old 06-27-2019, 09:39 PM
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I started DMing for a group of friends who were looking to play. Had a nice idea for a homebrew setting, some open sandbox style quests. After a few months I was absolutely exhausted. Trying to fit in all prep alongside the rest of life was proving so difficult with the result that my enthusiasm waned and the quality of the games went of a cliff. I wrapped the active quest up as qickly as possible, which didnt seem to bother any of the players and took a break from DMing.
During the break I played as a PC and slowly regained some storytelling spark. After about 6 months I went back to the campaign and picked it up. Started off much slower, incorporating prexisting modules into my setting. This freed me up from having to plan out combat encounters and design NPCs from scratch. Honestly, taking away some of the heavier burdens helped me so much and the campaign is still running today, a mixture of carefully prepared homebrew content and reskinned modules.

TLDR: Bit off too much as a newbie DM, burned out. Returned after a break mixing modules and homebrew.
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Old 07-11-2019, 10:26 PM
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Just started DM'ing a game for the first time here on RPG Crossing about six months ago. I've DMed before in a Table Top setting, so I figured why not. My mistake was in DMing a game that I didn't quite have a full grasp of the game mechanics And Shadowrun 5th Edition is much more complicated than your average game.in. I've felt frazzled and stupid as I keep forgetting things and have to reread the book almost every round of combat or whenever a player does an action. The slow pace of one post a week is also a cause for some stress on my part as I don't have the best of memories and there is no telling what I will forget since my last post.

While I wouldn't say I am burned out, or even close to burning out, I realize that the potential is there. I am really glad to have started the game with a Module and not something homebrew. So far, my players and I have been having fun, and there are no complaints as of yet. But I have this worry in the back of my mind that maybe one day, it'll be too much.

Just my experience as a DM so far.

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Old 07-16-2019, 03:48 PM
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My experience there, Silk, has been that it gets easier with time (probably obvious) and it's very helpful to have players who are willing to help out and be forgiving (also probably obvious). Stick with it! I think it gets better! And I'm sure the players are happy as heck to have a DM willing to run a game in a less popular system.
Caught up in IronDM, then conference until the 12th. I'll try to keep up!
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